Villagers Come Alive Addon

This addon aims to make villager seem more alive and actually useful and have similar abilities to humans in real life. By giving them cake you can make them start relationships between one another and even have babies. You can pay villagers with gold ingots to hire them as your guards and fire them once you don’t need them.

Villagers really become a whole lot more interesting as you will be able to gain a social (and monetary) advantage bu interacting with the people.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 28 December, 2016 (read changelog)


Villagers love cakes. If you hold one in your hand they will immediately start following you.

You can even spark love between two villagers by giving each of them a cake. Soon after they are done with their love dance a baby villager will come to life.

  • Female villagers
    • Replaces normal villagers
    • Female attributes (breasts), a few pixels shorter
  • Male villagers
    • Replaces zombie villagers
    • Taller than females
    • You can only hire males as guards
  • You can use the villager spawn egg to spawn both sexes


There are two types of villagers: normal ones and guards. If you can’t find any guards then you can train a normal villager by giving him an iron chestplate. A guard will by default protect the village from monsters.

You can only train a male villager to become a guard.

Hiring a Guard

Heading out on an adventure? Hire a male villager to be your guard in exchange for 1 – 6 gold ingot. When you see some heart particles you will know it’s hired.

Both guard types will follow you around and protect you. You can command them to stay or follow (similar to a wolf).

  • Archer: Give bow
  • Swordsman: Give iron sword



  • When you don’t need your guard anymore you can fire him in exchange for a gold ingot
  • Villagers and guards can be healed with almost any type of food item
  • No villager sounds


  • Zombie villagers are male villagers, slightly taller than males ones
  • Normal villagers are female villagers, smaller, female attributes (breasts)
  • To breed villager babies you will need one male and one female
  • Only males can be trained to become guards
  • If villagers are killed by a zombie then they will turn into a normal zombie


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Add packs for a world in-game

Click here to download a .ZIP file (optional)!

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408 Responses

3.12 / 5 (97 votes)
  1. Abdal02 says:

    bro y arent u updating??It would be great if you updated….often tamed guards fail to defend themselves when attacked by other players in multiplayer…hope ull fix the issue!TIA

  2. Guest-5786577516 says:

    this mod sucks

  3. Guest-2159586435 says:

    So the link it gave me it said “Safari cannot open this page.”so fix it and maybe I say 4 stars

  4. Guest-8078944646 says:

    Please take this down, it is no longer available for down load. the links just take us to adfly giving you money without giving us the content.

  5. Us airways 001 says:

    The link is unreachable , do not waste your time trying to download it.

  6. InvalidBeast456 says:

    I Can’t Get To That Stupid Website!!

  7. Guest-5897016094 says:

    Download link ( is unreachable

  8. Guest-2693397243 says:

    i rate this 5 STAR’s you did really good but can you add dif villager’s? like a butcher and stuff

  9. Guest-3103126039 says:

    When I tried to download it it was in some type of different language and I couldn’t understand

  10. Guest-9385880749 says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    this addon wont work make direct download !!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    it wont work it says the site not loading

  13. Anonymous says:

    make it a direct download

  14. ano says:

    I can’t download the link, my antivirus detects that is a malicious url, can’t you use another shortener? or put the direct link?

  15. eruhfvhbritgh says:

    can you make this a direct download because i have minecraft education edition

  16. Mr nobody says:

    You should make a horse rider version of the guards.

  17. you still don't need to know my name says:

    so, whenever I try to download it always says “This site can’t be reached”, why? also, I’m not getting stuck on site, so don’t tell me how to get unstuck.

  18. SeranaXx says:

    Please make this for xbox one!

  19. steve1234594 says:

    come on! The adfly dosent send me to the download only a pop up with a notification

  20. Herobrine says:

    This doesn’t work anymore @Creator of this Addon

  21. Anonymous says:

    You are not the creator of this mod nor do you have permission to port it over too PE.

    • Guest-2791845864 says:

      Okay although this reply was made last year, it still annoys me. He/she did not take the mod, and port it. He/she had to recreate it in c++ which is actually hard. There was effort here, although the ideas are similar, 2 people can have a similar idea and one can base their work on someone else’s for a different audience. For example: every battle royale game. Don’t be mad about it, because it was not stolen.

  22. Angry says:

    I’m angry the link doesn’t work 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I’m sad I wAnt that mod.

  23. Moonsunthing says:

    Link doesn’t work. I skip the ad on adfly and then it says it can’t connect to the server or something. Tried everything, VPN etc, still not working. Please fix it =(

  24. Olivia says:

    The link works but the buz website sends me to a page telling me click to continue after I skip the ad, but theres no continue button. Not sure if you can control that, I just wanted some advice. Thank you ^~^

  25. Water vs Fire says:

    I know that this is NOT the mod creator’s fault, but THE links for the mods and others have been destroyed by this RIDICULOUS AD-FLY WEBSITE. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING. I really need to have add-ons to make my Minecraft better.

  26. Deadalien124 says:

    the link has been compromised1

  27. ooflolpls says:

    It takes me to the weird ad site, and then it say something that the site isn’t s secure. I can’t get the Add-Ons like this. Fix it, please.

  28. MsBlocksworth says:

    i got this but when i got in and activate it nothing happens ..then i dont get that egg things to create a village ? ,What am i doing wrong or is it a bug

  29. Noneof says:

    Can you please fix the link!!!!!

  30. Fix the link says:

    Can you please fix your link? Thanks!

  31. NekoNii says:

    Plz… Fix the link…


  32. Lazer says:

    It would be a pleasure if you make it compatible to the new Village And Pillage update and when the villager gets it’s profession the texture for the villager changes as well but still looks like the same NPC spawned in the addon

  33. Popcorn says:


  34. NYANCAT364 says:


  35. Arshil says:

    Please update and modernize this addon so it makes the villagers and soldiers their own entities, this addon works amazingly but you can do so much with it, in its current state its incompatible with other addons!

  36. Aniyah says:

    I can’t do it pls make it on adfly

  37. Werthesiu says:

    There are some bugs in this game and you need to fix this editor. Bug 1: when a villager is killed by a zombie, the infected villager is supersonic very fast and it’s very hard to kill him. Bug 2: the “open” button doensent work. Bug 3: It says that you can interact with villagers but you cant interact. Bug 4: The male villagers can’t open doors since they replace zombie Villagers. Please fix all of this Editor. And it was cool if we could marry a villager, I want a child

  38. Trix says:

    Mcaddon can you fix and update this addon, please

  39. Hello says:

    The link doesn’t work. Fix it.

  40. Nicholas says:

    Whenever I try to download it for my iPhone it takes me to a website and says it can’t connect

  41. person says:


  42. Temmie says:

    I can’t install the mod! The link doesn’t work!

  43. Jihad says:

    Link doesn’t work

  44. Emiliano says:

    The links do not woek

  45. Anonymous says:

    link doesnt work

  46. Craftergirl101 says:

    And I don’t like it cuz they need to UPDATE IT so ya Ansley they should make it you can have baby’s with the villager

  47. Xenon says:

    I can’t open the link to the website, it says i have no connection.

  48. lydia says:

    please help the mcpack link doesn’t work it says it can’t be reached after you click skip add i tried the zip one too and it isn’t working.

  49. NekoRSK says:

    Download link does’t work………

  50. Anonymous says:

    I liked the old guard skins better and i cant even talk to the villagers there’s an option that said open i pressed it nothing happend i pressed it a lot of times hope you cand fix this oh and please ruturn the old guard skins so i can know which is a female and which is a male

  51. Yuri says:

    Please make an add-on for helpfull villager in mcpe vr. plz it will help to improve the game.

  52. ......... says:

    When I skip the add it doesn’t work with the mcpeup site please fix it😕👍🏻👍

  53. J.Davino_Chineza says:

    I cant download it… I tried to use VPN or change my apn or restart my internet but it still said that the server cant be connected or server refuse to be conected, help me

  54. Justar Nappalitano says:

    The Download Link Doesn’t Work Can You please Fix It Soon If Possible!

  55. Davidarc says:

    The download link doesn’t work please fix if possible

  56. Zekyll says:

    The Link isn’t working anymore, sadly.

  57. Thomas says:

    Mine just says site can’t be reached when I click skip what do I do

  58. Anonymous says:


  59. Cristian Hawley says:

    When directed to mcpeup it says that the page doesn’t exist

  60. AlieyGirl2004 says:

    Yeah I think the link is broken because it’s not working…. and I really want this but I can’t get it 😭

  61. RedstoneLover says:

    Download link is broken 🙁

  62. Pixel says:

    It’s really good but I can’t interact with the villagers and I can’t open their inventory to give them stuff….but the cake works. I play on iPhone

  63. Sorrowmaker says:

    Editor, creator, or someone who can, give the mediafire link, or even the link to the second MCPEUP doesn’t work on some devices, as many previous comments have said. For me, it says ‘Safari can’t establish a secure connection’.

  64. Anonymous says:

    It won’t download….

  65. vinsensius says:

    is available on addon for mcpe

  66. vinsensius says:

    the open button is not work how to open pls fix it

  67. Anonymous says:

    it does not work!

  68. Rafael says:

    I want to download it but it says i cant reach the website of i don’t know why!please help me!😭😭😭

  69. Jayden says:

    everytime I go to download either of the download links of .McPack it sends me to ad fly and I press skip and after that it closes the link and says it’s unavailable

  70. Anonymous says:

    Its not letting me download it im on a windows 10 does it work or not plus i dont know if my mum will let me get minecraft on my ipad or on her tablet :/

  71. MINECRAFT says:

    Make the breast bigger plz

  72. MinecraftGirl says:

    PLEASE make it so it canbe downloadable off media fire because i can never download stuff since im ios user😒

  73. I can’t download it. When I press the McWorld file, it takes me to another site and then it says error!
    Please help me. 😩

  74. Rustelk2930 says:

    Awesome addon, but the download links need to be updated, its no longer downloadable. Also, the old trading system needs to be removed, and use the default minecraft trading system, or edit the default.
    All in all, amazing addon!

  75. Teamhair says:

    Link does not lead to a download.

  76. BonnieTester0 says:

    I cant dl it said it didn’t respond

  77. TheMaverick says:

    Can We Trade With The Addon Now?

  78. Whatever says:

    Hey how come when I open the packs it says it can’open it

  79. Leah little says:

    This is the best but you should make it to where you can have baby’s with them too I know it seems like Minecraft comes alive mod but I can’t download it and this is the closest thing

  80. Jovan says:

    This always happen when I try to download it.
    ( took too long to respond.) and nothing is wrong with my browser i have ultra speed internet and yet I’m here wondering why this error is happening

  81. MinecrafterBro5 says:

    Download not loading MCPEUP isn’t loading

  82. Xcomm says:

    I was looking at mods then I got sent to a dating site I’m 14 thats just not right man I’m offended.

  83. Chloe says:

    Hey, THIS IS PRETTY NASTY and GROSS and all that stuff but I may like it…

  84. Idk says:

    Fix the downloas link

  85. Jaylen says:

    Links aren’t working

  86. B says:

    This add on isn’t letting me get it
    so how do I download it?

  87. Vegeta says:

    Can we marry with any female villager

  88. Anonymous says:

    Still cant download it, pls give it in mediafire, not a fcking mcpeup

  89. Anonymous says:

    Please make the download link is mediafire and not mcpeup

  90. Piki_plays says:

    It won’t let me download it at all and I’m trying to get it but still not working and then it’s assisting me to this iMap configuration website

  91. CreatorKiller98 says:

    It is work but when there is open button and i press it,there is nothing happen.what happen?please help me!

  92. Some random person commenting on this lololo says:

    When try downloading it it won’t let me

  93. ShioTH says:

    Uhm, when i go to it doesn’t show up. It could just be my ipad but i don’t know,,,,

  94. Brooke says:

    Um…. why can you only turn a male into a guard please change

  95. MC GA123 says:

    This mod will not download.

  96. softandneat says:

    I feel like this mod has the potential to be fun, but it doesn’t really work :/…
    First of all, it says you can ‘interact’ with the Villagers, when you can’t at all. I can also not hire guards??? I am kind of disappointed, because I was looking forward to playing this? All my villagers do is walk around like regular villagers. If I wanted this, I would have gotten a texture pack…

  97. CrossFiresForea says:

    You people are not smart. The addon has limits. Not everything in minecraft comes alive can be achieved in this addon.

  98. DennisMCPEDL says:

    The Zombievillagers Just Kill The Villagers And They Won’t Follow Me With Cake And I Can Just Trade Them Like Normal Villagers, I Donwloaded The Mcworld. AnY Help Plz.

  99. Brianne Pang says:

    Help please…. There’s a problem I pretty sure it’s not the mod that’s buggy but I can’t find the download for MCWorld because I tried all the other download methods and they just don’t work and I read some comments about this but if I look at the bottom of MCpack I can’t find the download if you can can you give me the link for the downloads? Thanks!

  100. Anonymous says:

    They can’t open doors? 🙁

  101. Buzz799 says:

    Why there was just a ‘’, can tell me how to download

  102. عبدالله عبدالله says:

    What !?

  103. عبدالله عبدالله says:


  104. LlamaLover1717 says:

    Uhh why can’t I open the villagers inventory’s? Please help!! I’m pressing on “open” but nothing is happening!! Please help me!!

  105. Sydney says:

    I love it but I can’t interact with them 😭

  106. Anonymous says:

    Man love this but can you make healer and necromancer

  107. DEW Minecraft says:

    Maybe put difficulty on hard?

  108. Ooive says:

    Hey I tried to hire a guard because I was going to look for a doge 😂 But he won’t let me hire him and I tried on others, why is that?

  109. Minecrafter says:

    Is there ANY possible way to change the wither skeleteon skin in this addon from the blue soldiers to something else?

    I tried to rename my own custom skin to “wither_skeleton.png” and replace it with the original file in the resource pack folder to change its appearance, but I kept getting the blue soldier skin again. And I really wanted my soldiers to look like Lannister knights :'(

    Any reply will be appreciated.

  110. Tabata says:

    NotcH lo creres

  111. Buniipun says:

    I have been having some trouble with the mod. I can’t really do anything with the villagers except just trade, and whenever I spawn the male villagers. They act like normal zombies, and burn in the fire. It said I had already downloaded the behavior pack, but it won’t show up, and it seems to have not been fully installed. Any way I can fix this?

  112. DinoLoverKeko66 says:

    Link not working…. Plzzz give a direct mediafire link. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………..

  113. K says:


  114. Anonymous says:

    Can you pls update it?

    A suggestion is to make them stay still pls.

  115. Vanessa says:

    Notch is cool those things are cool please update this mod!

  116. PiXeLmAnIaC says:

    I really like this add-on. HOWEVER, I think that it would be better if the guards replaced something other than wither skeletons, because so many other add-ons do the same. But besides that, it is pretty much perfect.

  117. Sam says:

    I can’t get to the download page, and it’s not just with this one it’s for all of them. Because it sends me to ad fly and when I press skip it sends me to a page saying protect your IP address and there’s no skip button. so please help I’m stuck!!

  118. VenumBoii says:

    I’m pressing download Behaviour and Resource but it’s taking me to for a iPhone but I don’t want that!

  119. ARondomPerson says:

    Editor, You should make villager trading possible since it just says open and if I click nothing happens,and can you make more guard variants like healer, mage, etc.

  120. FrozenLuna18 says:

    This looks like a really cool addon! But there are still so many bugs. They make the villagers noises, it shows open but I can open anything, also he/she doesn’t say that the guards turn into skeletons they do i didn’t know that and killed 1 or 2. Please ER these fixed it looks like it be an amazing addon!

  121. Erik says:

    I like this add on. It can be something great. But please update it.

  122. HeroBrin says:

    Update it please add new classes will b nice

  123. madison collier says:

    the male is unable to open doors for some reason can you fix it

  124. McpeFan says:

    Really cool addon! But sadly it doesn’t work for me, I mean, the models… Villagers don’t have legs…

  125. Mujin says:

    I hope we still able to trade with villager (not guard)

  126. TumblrWolfiie says:

    Please Fix This Editor! My Problem Is Everytime I Get Something That’s Not MediaFire, It Brings Me To Adfly And I Do Everything It Says, But When I Come Back, I Can’t Get It! Please Make This MediaFire!

  127. Regiceus says:

    BTW I love your other addons. <3

  128. Regiceus says:

    EDITOR I need you to hear this. So basically I was feeding my guards because a creeper exploded. I spammed fed them with cooked porkchop. Suddenly, one of the guards die. I thought it was a glitch. So I spammed fed the other guard and HE DIED TOO. Please fix this, everytime I feed them, It just kills them. I would really like this addon if this were to be fixed ASAP.

  129. FuzzyButton8325 says:

    I can not get any boy villagers AT ALL!? I have spawned about 100 of them and I did not get even 1 boy villager! Could you please check this Addon again youself?

  130. FuzzyButton8325 says:

    I can not get any boy villagers AT ALL!? I have spawned about 100 of them and I did not get even 1 boy villager! Could you please check this Addon again youself?

  131. Zarzie2 says:

    Can you marry the villagers in this mod


    Would be nice if you update this addon.Imma gonna post pictures of it it’s so AWSOME.Currently making walls and towers in my world for this.

  133. ExaltedHerobrine says:

    Thank you gona for such a amazing addon I love it so much.I hope you can update this addon later.

  134. RandomKid101 says:

    This is a really great addon the only problem is that it needs an update.
    I hope that you can update this and add tons of new features and fix the broken ones

  135. irksomedolphin says:


  136. irksomedolphin says:

    i want to download this ,but i go to the site and it stops on please wait….,it doesnt show “”please wait 5 seconds”” plz help…amd reply

  137. CoolAwesomeGamergirl says:

    Can The creator Please Update the mod and maybe add Dialogue? If its to much its ok.

  138. Eman says:

    You need to fix a glitch the the guards are holding up the weapons bit to hire.
    Than they use to be please fix it😎😎

  139. Comes alive lover says:

    Please Update this add-on!!! I have been waiting patiently for like 6 months or something like that and still no update!? I’m getting fed up of waiting! Please Update it!!! If you think it’s a unpopular add-on your wrong it’s amazing just please update it a famous youtuber called OMG-Craft made a video on this add-on UPDATE!!!!! Thank You…

  140. Herobrine says:

    So when is this gonna be updated
    It’s my most favorite addon
    I have an army of 275 of these guys
    I hope you add different classes
    Like Axeman and maybe a king
    Is it possible to make them assassians that would be sweet
    Make some of the mobs different too it would be sweet
    I think I wrote this too long
    Oh well
    Just plz reply whether you are gonna update this or not

  141. CinnamonCorgi says:

    Hey i was wondering if you can get a villager to like your character so u have a family of your own

  142. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    “Zombie villagers are male villager, slightly taller than MALES ones”
    Did you make a typo?

  143. Bellecc04 says:

    When I hover over the villager it says “open” but when I press it, it does nothing…. HELP! ANYONE?!?

  144. Herobrine says:

    So when is the update for this gonna come out would be nice if there were spearmen and a king for them plus make em able to ride horses would be AWSOME!Thx

  145. Christina Tran says:

    I have minecraft 1.0.6 and it doesn’t work:(((
    Please when I click open it doesn’t work please reply

  146. RedStar says:

    This addon is GREAT!!!

  147. Anonymous says:

    Hey this add on is awesome but I have a tiny complaint, when I train the guards their weapons stick through there chests, there’s nothing wrong with them but it’s annoying to look at

  148. KawaiiChloe999 says:

    How will i let the addon stay in it’s place?

  149. Herobrine says:

    Yo editor when are ya gonna update this addon cause I love it I have currently an army of 55 of these guys I would love it if there were different classes

  150. Ella says:

    The add-on interferes with trading, how do I fix it???

  151. Will says:

    Hey Gona I have been a fan of your Addons for a long time! But this is by far my favourite one by you can’t wait for the next update!😄But you haven’t updated it in a long time ☹️ I know it’s a lot to ask but can you please add in a feature to interact with the villagers like chat,joke,tell story,high five,gift,set home,trade,follow me,stay that would be amazing!!! Oh and so you can get married and have kids that would just be amazing!😄 And you would be the best ever!! But you don’t have to update all that at once but i hope to see them in the future keep up the good work! And I’m so excited for the next update!

  152. Zaydi says:

    And for some reason on my iPad, the villagers are all girls. But they’re from the “Villager Come to Life PE” add-on.

  153. ljat says:

    In version mcpe 1.0.6 I cant trade vilager

  154. pipupiropi says:

    Can’t download, links are taking me to adfly and even by clickinh skip ad, it redirects me to another page.

  155. Derpay says:

    M8 you are going to update it? cus in 1.0.4 its doesnt work correctly pls ;-;

  156. CC1000 says:

    This is an amazing addon which really brings life to villages across minecraft.Just one thing:
    Is it possible that the creator of this mod add more to the. ‘villager guard’ aspect of the addon? Thanks!

  157. PvYuiii says:

    There’s a problem with the villagers that when the zombies turn a villager to a zombie the newly made zombie is extremely fast, doesn’t seem to burn in the sunlight, and spins in circles making it impossible to kill them and they kill every villager around within thirty seconds. I don’t know what’s happening but can you fix it?

  158. Winter_YT says:

    Hey, nice add on, but idk why when i spawn a villarger the villagers are all women no guys

  159. FantasticTrinityjh07 says:

    What is wrong with this?So I get the behavior and resource packs.I don’t get the crystal ball.I push that aside and try to open the villager.NOTHING HAPPENS.
    I’m really disappointed about this

  160. Anonymous says:

    Cant spawn Male villagers..pls fix nd upadate thank you.

  161. GalacticNerd says:

    I have a slight problem, I can only spawn in female and I can not interact with them at all. Please send help.

  162. Phoebe says:

    Thank you i love it i always wanted woman villigers and i always hated them because there ugly this one is so cool

  163. Joe says:

    Hey, I just downloaded this add-on, and I must say I’m very happy so far. The only thing that seems off to me is that for some reason zombies run extremely fast now. Like a blur type of fast. One moment it’s there on the horizon, the next it’s in your face and hitting so fast you can hardly react. No, I’m not exaggerating. I have no other mods, so it’s not something strange going on there. It could make for a very interesting minecraft experience, but so far interesting is not the same as pleasant…

  164. Natte0708 says:

    Guys if your having trouble downloading mods your in the right spot!

    1.there will be a link for to download the behaivor pack and resource pack and download both download then press the link and it will take u to a website and on the right top corner there will be a think saying skip add in 5,4,3,2,1 secs whichever then when it says skip add it will take u this page
    3.wait then it will take u to another page and it say download um for example keep mod for um 12.4MB (but it really isn’t idk)and press that and it takes u to another page saying open Minecraft PE and another link that I forgot!!
    Reply if there is a problem or it works and if it works your welcome!💙😊

  165. Mmmm says:

    Mine only has girls I have deleted the game and downloaded it again and got the addon again and it still only spawns girls

  166. Anoynomous says:

    Hey, it won’t let me spawn any boys in I just use the villager spawn egg but it never spawns boys. And the village spawned with no villagers In it pls help

  167. M.A.Z Gaming says:

    Hey man the mod is good and everything but can you please add the feature where you can change the skin of the villager.I tried Vladu11 custom npc addons but the npcs keep moving and the texture messed up

  168. Kate says:

    It’s does not work the zombie kills a girl the girl turned in to a boy and the boy is a zombie and it kills the girls pllsss help

  169. Lele says:

    It won’t let me press open on the villagers. I’m using an iPad mini 2.

  170. No Name says:

    This Is A Cool Addon!

  171. Raza says:

    can’t spawn males using egg can’t give cake to girls ,zombies run fast as baby zombies
    But it is really good makes it hard to make guard in creative if can’t spawn then with out getting a zombie to attack it. Please fix this

  172. Anonymous says:

    I got it but they still looked like normal villagers and zombie villagers. What do I do???

  173. REDZ says:

    Hi.. I’m having difficulty with the guards. Whenever I train one male villager it immediately attacks me.. Please help.. I tried giving cake to a male villager before training it hoping that would make them not attack me.. But it seems it is not working quite well.. Please help.. I dont want the guards killing me instead of monsters..

  174. REDZ says:

    Hi.. I’m having difficulty with the guards. Whenever I train one male villager it immediately attacks me.. Please help.. I tried giving cake to a male villager before training it hoping that would make them not attack me.. But it seems it is not working quite well..

  175. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a mod where you have a girlfriend and go on dates and when she goes in the water or he/she go in the water they put on a swimsuit and can u get married and have a baby with them and the can sleep with u and u can change there cloths they can also talk

  176. Pwulhip says:

    I can’t spawn any villagers, but girls. Is there anyway I could fix this?

  177. Notch says:

    Please update adn add new guard

  178. Catness says:

    Also it would be great if you could make male villagers spawn in peaceful. Although that might not be possible. If it isn’t, it’s ok.

  179. Catness says:

    “Open” button doesn’t work, I’m in iOS with Minecraft version 1.0. Can you fix this please?

  180. Charlotte says:

    I have got the skins and everything and I think I’ve downloaded everything but I can’t talk to them it just says open when I’m near them and it won’t let me click it and it seems to only spawn 3 girl villager skins that it please help I’ve been wanting this for ages

  181. Thewoodpuncher says:

    This is one of the greatest mcpe add on website I have been able to find!

  182. Cecily says:

    I got the addon the villagers are different but I can’t interact with them it says open above the hot bar I click it and nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this or something?

  183. Ellie brennan says:

    Hi is rheee anything else you can do?? Like can I have a relationship or children?? Help??

  184. DarthSack says:

    Is it just me, or do zombies run as fast as baby zombies?

  185. Lolcat says:

    It’s been my dream since I first saw it, TYSM

  186. tom says:

    everytime i tap on the “download resource .mcpack or behavior .mcpack,” it just opens up ads. please help 🙁

    • NervousPotato99 says:

      Well if you are brought to adfly then you need to look at the top right corner of that adfly screen. There, you will either see ‘wait 5 seconds’ or if you have already waited five seconds you will see ‘skip add’. Click on ‘skip add’ to get to the download page.

  187. Brie says:

    Why have they not been able to talk like in pc

  188. Sharon S says:

    I”m so sad now because I really REALLY want this addon but I can’t download it. I keep getting an error message. 🙁

    • Sharon S says:

      Nevermind, I got it to work. But unfortunately I don’t know how to install this pack. But I’m wondering why is this mod not updated for the other Minecraft for PC. I don’t have Minecraft PE for Windows 10 because I already bought it from a long time ago. Can this mod be updated for those who have that Minecraft version instead?

  189. Robert says:

    My daughter and I love this add-on. A few things I have noticed.

    1. Male Villagers cannot be spawned in Peaceful. Assuming this is because they replaced the Zombie Villagers. Have had them despawn when spawned in Easy or above then switched to Peaceful.

    2. You cannot sleep when a male Villager is nearby. Again assuming this is because they replaced the Zombie Villagers. Receive the message, “You cannot sleep while monsters are nearby.”

    3. This one is amusing. Found a Zombie Spawner in a closed off cavern. The cavern had one entry point and no village nearby. While fighting a couple Zombies from the Spawner, I saw the rest of the Zombies grouped in the corner attacking a lone male Villager. They were so focused on the male Villager, they allowed me to throw down torches without interference and then kill them without them attacking me. Again, I must assume that since the male Villagers replaced Zombie Villagers that the Zombie Spawner generated the male Villager.

  190. sweddish says:

    when I click the skip button it takes me to the App Store or to a page that says item not found.

  191. Vernon says:

    Why I can’t hire the guard with the gold ingot

  192. The_great_luisa says:

    Do you need a texture pack because when I feed the villagers cakes they don’t want to open!!!😡😡😱😱😫😫😖😖

  193. Piper says:

    I really wish that I could marry/procreate with/date a villager. You can only marry two villagers together. I’m on iOS mcpe 1.0.0

  194. Audrey says:

    It would be cool if they are like the sims and like a girlfriend mod but I want different skins for both sexs

  195. Eman says:

    It is amazing I would highly recommend it

  196. Max says:


  197. Andres says:

    AWESOME, I’ve always love your add-ons, and would like you to make more. And can I borrow this for my first add-on, Ender Craft? It’s an add-on that changes a lot of the game, and I think this would make it more awesome.

  198. Madison says:

    Hi Editor.. Is it ok if I only downloaded the behaviour pack and not the resource? Can it sill work?? Because the resource pack doesent work for me when I try downloading it except for behaviour.

  199. Blah says:

    My boy villagers are killing my girl villagers and I can’t make them a guard I have listened to all the comments can you please help me

  200. ASDgames says:

    And i can’t spawn male villagers

  201. ASDgames says:

    What does open button do in PE.

    Plus it doesn’t work

  202. Chewstur says:

    Don’t forget different skin colors

  203. BSW says:

    Nice work. I was wanting to do something like this, no reason to do it now. A few questions however.
    1. Was anything done to the moving speed of regular zombies? For some reason they are very fast. Even faster than baby zombies. I assume not as I see nothing in the add-on to change regular Zombie Behavior.
    2. Since Zombie Villagers were used to make the female villagers ( or so I conjecture ) will they not be attacked by regular Zombies? I had a zombie incursion and all the male villagers were killed and none of the female villagers were killed. I’m not running any other add-on.

  204. Jacob says:

    Cool Addon but the zombies are super fast

  205. some human says:

    Can you make the villagers tame-able

  206. Total Legitneas says:

    They move faster when fighting, but only then

  207. Total Legitneas says:

    My guards move extremely slow. Why?

  208. Sydney says:

    How do I download it? I’m only 8 years old and can you make it not require

  209. Brooke says:

    Can you have a relationship with villagers or does it have to be villager with villager?

  210. Fastjds says:

    I LOVE this addon, but the similarities to the mod it’s based on is quite low. If you could add relationships between players and AIs that would be cool. (you could make it so you purpose with a diamond, emerald, etc.) procreation! give your wife an egg, or cookie and she makes a baby villager that has the choice to follow you or something. you need more interaction. just being able to talk to each other would be an epic feature to this addon. overall, GREAT addon, Gona. I’m a huge fan of your work.

  211. KaidenismeeYT says:

    I’m trying to get male

  212. Kate says:

    Umm my boy is killing the girl and how do I make it a Guard

  213. JazzyCat49 says:

    It won’t let me “breed” them…

  214. Anonymous says:

    Um……I can’t breed, bc the boys kill the girls. Also, I cannot tame the boys to be guards. I was so excited for this add on, but now it seems pretty much useless to me. I have tried re loading mine craft, and changing my game mode. NOTHING WORKS!!!!!! Please fix!

  215. Sunain2004 says:

    Please make Minecraft comes alive for mcpe mc.pack

  216. Saturn668 says:

    Here’s an idea. Maybe you could make the guards be able to ride on horses (Like the behavior of Spider Jockeys).

  217. Brian says:

    Hey amazing addon but could you please have a better skin for the females? The male ones look awesome and i feel like the female skin looks a little unrealistic 🙁

  218. StarWarsCentral says:

    I’m making my own map and was wondering how I paste the download link for my world onto the submission. Could you help?

  219. Cool guy says:

    Can we make babies with villagers or can villagers only make babies with villagers.i want a child!

  220. Nolan says:

    in the previous “update” so to speak, it wouldnt let me turn a male into a gaurd, in this update, now I can’t even spawn a single male! what am I doing wrong? is it meant for certain platforms??

  221. MATTHEW TULL says:

    Won’t work. After import of the asset packs it gives two error messages and I have to uninstall it. Samsung galaxy A tab 2016 using Minecraft

  222. Boom_MLG says:

    I’m on Windows 10 and I got both downloads everything works except for guards when I spawn one it instantly is gone when I train a villager to a guard with the chest plate it disappears also. Other than that everything worked. Is there anyway to fix this?

  223. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    What sounds do the people make?

  224. Trevelyan says:

    Its not a .mcworld link, its adfly and mediafire.MAKE IT .mcworld

  225. Mrslope says:

    Also the villagers cannot be trained and hired difficulty set to normal used iron chestplate

  226. Mrslope says:

    How do I use this addon. It didn’t give an Mcpack FILE that has codings in it

  227. Extreme says:

    You should be able to marry the villagers! Plz add!

  228. Lolz says:

    Best addon 2016-2017 tip:when giving the gaurds an iron chestplate you have to wait a little while then they’l turn int a guard.

  229. Chirayu says:

    When I give them an iron chestplate they suddenly vanish btw I have an iOS device

  230. Lacie says:

    Look, I have an Apple iPad and for some reason training the villager to a guard isn’t working. I tried to long tap and nothing happens

  231. Fracture says:

    For some reason, I can’t train any villagers to become guards. I’m on creative mode but I have tried it in survival. I used an iron chestplate too. Any help?

  232. DoodlePip says:

    For some reason the villagers won’t follow me or breed when I hold cake, and I can’t seem to hire the guards. I don’t know why, I’m in creative mode if that helps. If you could tell me, I’d love it. Thanks! 🙂

  233. Sanaa says:

    They like go away!

  234. Josh says:

    Great add on, but the only problem is that you can’t train a guard if when you’re on peaceful mode can you fix that

  235. Xsniper says:

    Pls make a it so villagers guards don’t de spawn when you set it to peaceful

  236. Mcpe player says:

    Could you fix the bug where after you fire them they change looks: e.g. If you train a man then fire him he might turn into a woman XD

  237. Lynx says:

    this is the BEST ADDON I EVER COME ACCROSS, i would love if iron golem can be hired too 😀 keep up the great word modder!!!

  238. xXDarumaXx says:

    Uhmmm help?? The sword wielding guard becomes slow mo at night and don’t fight other mobs… But the archer is doing fine… Is that a bug or something??

  239. CookieCrumbbz says:

    Really cool.. but their skins are a bit dull. I think it would be SOO much better if there were a lot more skins.. Like for Girl and boys.

  240. Justin says:

    I’m having an issue on iOS where the guards are invisible.

  241. Moo says:

    When I train my guards, and then they disappeared!
    Can I get them back?

  242. Liberty says:

    I got the add on but in game the villagers weren’t different. The only thing that happened were that there were wither skeletons in some of the houses.

  243. TheRabster1428 says:

    Well, training villagers with iron chest plates doesn’t work, they just disappear, to test, I killed all mobs and spawned 1 villager then trained it, it disappeared and /tp @e @p showed that no villagers teleported to me. Please fix it, and even when I spawn some in, some randomly disappear too.

  244. Javier says:

    How do you get the villagers family mod

  245. Flame says:

    What mob it replaces because when I train it it disappears so I can’t do it in peaceful?

  246. Anonymous says:

    Great addon, but is there a way to talk to them like pc? I want to make a series and that would be useful

  247. RJ Deadpool says:

    Minecraft is cool i love minecraft

  248. Abbi says:

    Wont transport the addon it will say ”import failed” plz fix this!!

  249. RetroGirlNikkia says:

    You should be able to talk to them

  250. Abbi says:

    About to try the addon so excited

  251. LunaCoolwolf says:

    How exactly do I give them an iron chest plate, a cake, and bows and arrows??? It won’t work!!

  252. FamedMouse97623 says:

    Very nice, this will help me improve my maps

  253. Ashandm2700_ says:

    Awesome Addon make more 🙂

  254. Hamdrew says:

    I asked for this thank you!!

  255. TheGrassySceptile says:

    There’s no .mcworld file…

  256. Dpack22 says:

    I found a glitch were if a village guard gets hurt and you keep feeding it, it eventually dies but you don’t know if their fully healed because they just drop dead if you feed them to much

  257. Shaz says:

    Wow, this addon is amazing! I highly recommend downloading it. However, can you make it more like the ‘Minecraft comes alive’ mod on MC:PC, or is it not possible?

  258. Swag4life says:

    Lovely addon/mod umm but I was wondering if you could make a maid mod like the one they have on the pc and can u make sure iOS can get. If you can’t I understand but thanks anyway

  259. Mynameizjose says:

    This is AWESOME!!

  260. Prince says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.
    Thanks creator and thanks mcpedl.
    This mcpe website is far the most neatest of all 👍.

  261. Moreno says:

    I installed but training villagers 2 guards ain’t wirking

  262. Rebinkul says:

    Can you make a soccer addon pls

  263. Western32 says:

    this addon is really cool and i recommend having it 😄

  264. BuggyPig says:

    Wow amazing addon

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