Vipul R30 TEXTURES 456X

Vipul R30 TEXTURES 456x is a Texture Pack for Bedrock platforms it will makes your world  Ultra Realistic. It works for both Minecraft pocket edition as well as Windows 10. You don’t need any high end device to run it  will run perfectly fine on all devices. 

This is Photorealstic Texture Pack created by Indian Creator  “Vipul Maheshwari” The main purpose of this texture pack is to make your minecraft as realistic as possible. This Texture Pack is 456X and It also have Some 3D block            



                                                                 [My Survival Base] 

These are some comparison of VANILA TEXTURES And VIPUL R30 TEXTURES 456x :

                                                               NETHER PORTAL 

                                                                  DIAMOND BLOCK 

                                                                    GOLD BLOCK 

                                                                       IRON BLOCK 

                                                                 REDSTONE BLOCK 

                                                             LAPIS LAZULI BLOCK 



                                                                      SAND VILLAGE 

                                                      THE LAST KINGDOM MAP



1. You cannot re-share or modify this texture pack without permission. 

2. You cannot create your own download links 

3. You can modify this texture pack for only personal use

Changelog View more

Re-textured all Ores 

Re-textured all doors 

Re-textured all Quartz Blocks 

New Grass & Grass side texture 

Updated double plant grass texture 

Added New fern texture 

New Pickaxe textures

Updated carved stone texture 

Added New Sand and Red Sand carved sandstone textures 

Added New Cracked stone brick texture 

New stone texture 

Added Bedrock Texture

New Vine texture 

Updated Brick Textures 

Added Beacon texture 

Re-textured Ice & packed Ice texture 

Added New Blue Ice texture 

New snow texture 

Updated Clay texture 

Added New coal block texture 

Removed old leaves shape 

And much more. 

And most important - Optimized Texture Pack for Low-end devices 

Re-scale some textures for better gameplay on mobile 

Optimized overall pack 

New grass and grass path texture 

New sand texture 

New obsidian texture 

Re-textured all concrete block 

Updated swords texture 

New Villagers bell texture 

Updated old cobblestone texture 

Added new bamboo and sugarcane textures

Added new smoker and furnaces textures

And much more. 

NETHER textures are still in progress 

1. Improve the performance in game 

2. Fixed some bugs 

3. Repaired all the download links 


Open Minecraft PE, go to Settings > Global resources > Apply pack

Please remove the older version of texture pack before installing new version of it 

Minimum Requirement :




Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


128x 256x 512x

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50 Responses

3.6 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Bjakkzzz says:

    original MC looks better.
    This texture looks like photoshop paintbrush game.

  2. Ashley_Bae says:

    Gave up trying to download, there were to many inappropriate adds,.

  3. THUNDERMAN says:

    Oh man i dont want to see that porn
    Im not see that in many years and i dont wan to see again but you break that

  4. SmarterBoy2019 says:

    I love it but not working in 3g ram can you fix it? Im trying this addon in older version and newest version Of Minecraft but it is not working

  5. cosmicspark says:

    Te a quedado perfecto este pack de texturas, mis respetos 😀

  6. xDAVEx says:

    It won’t load world!
    Phone: Realme X3

  7. Billy Bob Joe says:

    the shaders didn’t work 🙁

  8. whutwasidooing says:

    I have the older version, would REALLY like to update, but not able to, because of the damned pop-ups. I understand getting something for your time, but do I really need to be shown adult sites in order to do so?

  9. clutchbottle says:

    Texture takes forever to load. So I sit…..
    And I wait……..

  10. Carpalname99816 says:

    Ngl this actually looks pretty good, love the amount of detail put into the shader but I do kinda have mixed opinions about the swords textures, apart from that this is really good!

  11. RainWhatsup says:

    This is pretty cool, thanks.

  12. MemeMan says:

    cool and good

  13. R U K I M I says:

    Hi VIPUL after seeing this texture pack, i felt impressed like its so realistic and i have suggestion can you make the grass stick together? Thx alot for creating this texture pack

  14. MC Clout says:

    What shader did you use and I think the ores the emerald and the leaves are weird can you Fix that

  15. le1131313 says:

    i’m still losing brain cells by just reading your reply, then how ppl can download it? i dont have rtx i- btw whats your discord so you can help me ? mine is MTZ#6754

    • Vipul says:

      Sorry I miss read gtx with rtx… 🙏
      I’m working on some textures like grass, sand, Obsidian etc. I will update this texture pack pretty soon and as you were saying that diamond doesn’t reflect that is because in minecraft bedrock if you want to make any block reflect you need two things first PBR mapping and second RTX graphic card

  16. Roxtro says:

    “You don’t need any high end device to run it will run perfectly fine on all devices.”

    It does work, it crash my game, I try to used only that texture pack active, any Shaders and Other Resources Pack was Off.
    My Minecraft crash.

    • Vipul says:

      Bro I understand how it feels when you download some resources pack and it doesn’t work on your devices.
      But I have tested this texture pack on my REDMI NOTE 7 PRO which have 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM and it is running pretty smooth on that with shaders and if you have less RAM than that it will be really difficult for these texture pack to run I suggest you to free up some storage or if want you can remove some textures which aren’t important for you

  17. le1131313 says:

    i have an gtx 1650 i5 16gb ram and 256 mb and when i downloaded this and put it on the diamond doesnt refect aND grass and everything looks disgusting. please help

  18. Will this be getting PBR support (ray-tracing) at some point?

    • Vipul says:

      It depends, Because currently I don’t have RTX compatible device. When I get i will surely gonna make pbr support texture pack and my next project will be VIPUL R10 TEXTURES 1024X with PBR support.

  19. Hehe Boi says:

    I get Black texture when I load it please help

  20. ItsEystreem641 says:


  21. DigitalTrance says:

    Is this texture pack alpha/pre-release, or only focused on certain elements? I see a lot of world textures missing.

  22. orphanmeatman says:

    its a virus, or its just the site you used, use linkverse without enable notifications on, those notifications you are forced to enable are viruses.

  23. l_lRyanl_l says:

    Amazing! This is the first texture pack I’ve seen that has 480 pixels in it!

  24. Vipul says:

    Most of the textures are in 480x but some the texture like grass, sand, dirt are in 360x so that it run smoothly

  25. Uhhhh 456x? Do you mean 256?

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