Visible Ores

Save your torches and never miss your emeralds, diamonds or other ores!

This pack would help you to see ores better at darkness or ones behind lava! Colored Colored border in the edge helps you to recognize ores easier!

Visible Ores:

Coal, Iron, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Redstone, Diamond, Emerald and Nether Gold ores are outlined

Ancient Debris, Gilded Blackstone are also outlined

Nether Ore is now has black texture (this is also visible in nether)

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14 Responses

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  1. ZekeGaming07 says:

    Hey! Your Texture pack is Very good! May u ask a question? How did u do those textures for ores? Because i wanna do my own for my monster egg blocks.

  2. TFK says:

    This is really great, I can be rather blind with ores and such so this is really helpful!

    I didn’t see anything saying that I have to ask for permission to use this in some youtube videos but just in case may I use it in my videos?
    I will of course put the link to this exact page in the description

  3. Guest-6079810507 says:

    good texture pack by the looks of it but the link takes you to an endless loop of ads

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love It!

  5. Star737 says:

    doesnt work 4 me make an direct link please

  6. Guest-5661656096 says:

    Please can you make a 16x 32x 64x and128x for this

  7. Guest-2440757293 says:

    i see mixels. dont use mixels.

  8. Guest-3969822480 says:

    i love it and i think it’s cool but can u make it glow so we can see it better?

  9. Guest-1506975951 says:

    Could u do a 32×32 version to fit to multipixel?

  10. Guest-9499277392 says:

    Do you have the mediafire download link or any else where to download

  11. Guest-1424902778 says:

    Can you please make the colored frame a little bigger?

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