Vladu 11’s Custom NPC Addon

This is addon lets you add NPC (non-player characters) to your worlds. Maybe you want to add mobs to your worlds but don’t want them to ever get hurt or move around. It could be useful if you are creating a storyline for a map and need NPCs for it.

Creator: Vladu11, Twitter Account
Updated: 29 December, 2016 (read changelog)

How does it work in-game?

The NPC (non-player characters) replaces the villagers. They can be spawned by using the villager spawn and and are useful if you are creating an adventure map (or basically anywhere else) and you want to add an invincible mob which can act as part of a story.

The only customization which you can add to it in-game is its name tag. For that you will need a name tag item and an anvil block.

It’s immune to fire, lava, TNT, attack damage, void and commands. Once an NPC has been spawned there is no way to remove it. At the same time this can be useful it also means that you have to be careful on deciding where to place them.


  • Remove a villager with a nether star
  • 5 different NPCs

How to customize the skin for the NPC?

It is possible to customize the skin of the NPC but it’s only possible if you’ve got a computer or an Android device. It’s a little bit more tricky for iOS users as they will need access to the file system for their device and that is only possible by using a computer and a program such as iFunbox.

  1. Find the following folder: /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/Custom (or something a folder of similar name)/textures/entity/villager
  2. Replace the farmer.png skin with a skin of your choice. You can go to our skins section to find and download a new one.
  3. Make sure that the name of the skin is farmer.png and nothing else
  4. Restart Minecraft PE


  • Remove with nether star
  • 5 NPCs
  • Name tags for naming
  • Invincible


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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214 Responses

4.26 / 5 (39 votes)
  1. Guest-3328701800 says:

    This looks like a great addon! However, it is broken. Plz update! Everyone is asking.


  2. Lotus says:

    Please update this, Does not work for the latest minecraft.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s not working in the latest miencraft, please update.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please make it work for the latest versions of minecraft.

  5. さなたの謎チャンネル says:

    It doesn’t work if it is the latest minecraft, but what should I do? I’m glad if you make it for non-compliant case. By the way, I’m using google translation, so I’m sorry if I make a mistake

  6. Jacky says:

    For changing the skins, is it possible to change it on my Android or laptop then add it onto my IOS Minecraft somehow?

  7. MasterG says:

    Why doesn’t the overlay work when I change the skins?

  8. MasterG says:

    Love the addon, but when I modified the NPCs to different skins, I realized that the overlay feature doesn’t work. The new skin showed up fine, but the overlay wasn’t displayed. Any ideas why?

  9. ANYONONUZ says:

    Uhhhggg! Can u remove hitbox? If I touch it, it moves back. Please fix at least!

  10. Jhon Vincent P.Mira says:

    What Can You Do With The NPC

  11. ItzLandoPlayz says:

    Just Wanted to know How to Change the Textures on PC Because you said you can. But now how… How exactly?

  12. Thomas says:

    They hold bows why?

  13. Eshal says:

    What do you mean destroy a villager with a nether star?

  14. MrManagement says:

    You should make it do custom trades that would be so fun!

  15. Jack says:

    You should make it so we can create custom trades!

  16. Mumana says:

    Why cant I name it? Is there a way to make them say things?

  17. Benjamin says:

    Can you make a tutorial for how to change the npcs’ skins?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hey i have a mindless computer or regular

  19. Duck_bubu says:

    When i replaced my own skin with the farmer skin and rename it farmer.png but when i enter the game it is still the farmer skin

  20. SpookedCow says:

    This is amazing but you should add always show tag for the custom nametag we put on it!

  21. softandneat says:

    I really need this mod, but I don’t understand how to change the skins? Can you provide more in-depth instructions, because I truly want to know how to do this! One for computer, Android, and iOS please!

  22. Phil says:

    Really cool addon!

  23. DiamondTNT says:

    How do i make it walk? I need some answers pls..

  24. Ezekiel Staggs says:

    can you make them sit please get back to me soon

  25. Gabi says:

    Could you make a update where you can change there skins? I don’t have computer to change the skins on

  26. Angie says:

    Hey I really love your addon but can you make it possible for IOS users to customize the skin without jailbreak?

    • Guest-9171567265 says:

      im not the creator of the addon but I have a solution for ios users
      go in the files app that comes with your ios, go in the file browser thing, go in Minecraft app folder, find the “com.mojang” folder, go in resource packs folder, find the folder for this addon, go in textures and then entities, find the villager texture, and then replace it with the texture you want

  27. MineiMan says:

    PLEASE TELL! HOW TO DO A BABY NPC!!!!!!?!!?!??!?!?!?!1

  28. Alyssa says:

    This pretty cool so all of your addons so there was no point in saying that <

  29. Anonymous says:

    how do you edit the npc’s chat if you can? thanks

  30. Kay bay says:

    Do the NPCs talk like an interactive chat

  31. Elise says:

    Can you make a video on how to change the mob’s skin using the rescoure.mcpack and behavior.mcpack? Because i can’t download the zip file i don’t know why.

  32. CuteNarwhal says:

    If i take away the addon and add it back into the game will the npcs be gone?

  33. Watergirl2017 yt says:

    Its ok but it is really hard to download and costomize them on android

  34. Sinobutt says:

    I have the mod, and I do like it, but my only complaint is you can’t change the skin without having to download something. There is a mod similar to this (no longer available for download, but search Costum NPC on MCPEDL search) that can change the appearance in-game. Can you attempt that in the future?

  35. Janie says:

    I REALLY wanted this, but it’s unfortunately not working. Can you please tell me why?

  36. GamerBoy says:

    This add on is so cool

  37. TemmiePlay_MC says:

    Can they speak like they can on computer versions of the mod? If not, can you make it so they can by clicking on them with a stick or sign and view their settings?

    • TemmiePlay_MC says:

      Also, can they trade and stuff? It’d be cool if they could! Also, can you make it so they can give ‘Quests’ like computers version of the mod/add-on!?

  38. Ooowl says:

    nvm I searched the name of the file and it didn’t get up I need help

  39. Ooowl says:

    I need help, I got ifunbox and all, but how do I get the folder to change the skin?

  40. Pooop says:

    I really love this add on

  41. coolio says:

    This addon is great but can you make it so that we can wear armour on them? Thanks 🙂

  42. Koari says:

    It’s a great addon but can it’s have multiple npc skins? Pls reply… and four stars for now

  43. Belle Castro says:

    Can you add custom trading NPC so its… umm… sorry I dunno what to say next.

  44. AngelSenpai says:

    Can you add more skins to the Addon?

  45. AngelSenpai says:

    Can you add more skins?

  46. Kimmy says:

    I love it, you should add something, where you can make it talk! Like in Minecraft roleplays, where you click on tbe villager and it says something
    Bobby: I love your shirt
    And you can add options. To click on to countiue the story line. Ya know what i mean?

  47. MeriPlays says:

    Wow, really cool addon!!! Works great, really simple. But, i did have issues with replacing the texture. I have E S file explorer, and I closely followed the instructions, renaming the skin I selected from a different folder and transferring it to the correct one, but when I restarted minecraft, the skin had not changed. (I have an android device, by the way,) Still a really cool addon, especially for maps. Great job!

  48. a_human_ says:

    I would enjoy it if there were different ways to change the skin!!
    Other than that, great addon!!

  49. EliTheLatios says:

    Do they show skin overlay

  50. Jop says:

    Mine doesn’t have the custom folder I have mcpe version

  51. Anonymous says:

    cant there be an easier way t apply new skins

  52. Anonymous Minecraft player says:

    I have placed the villager but I can’t see anything I can hear the villager/ Npc but i can’t see it
    Please help because this mod looks really awesome

  53. Legoleader139 says:

    Just a little thing, I tried to go into games/com.mojang/resource_packs and it was an empty folder for me. I am on Android and I really wanna try this custom skin feature. If you fix this I would be greatful in return.

  54. Kc says:

    HELLO this is awesome i have i i uh im speechless but the problem is i dont know how to change its skin please i keep putting the skin and i delete the old one and then i put farmer.png to the new skin
    And when i restart the game is still the same green farmer boy plz read rhis help me ?

  55. LOL_LP says:

    Nice! Thank you! It’s really easy to build adventure maps with it… But after I have spawned somebody I can’t kill him if it is the false skin and he stands there forever ): But its really a good idea 😀

  56. Trashweeb says:

    do the NPCs move around or do they just sit there internally staring at you

  57. jefdf says:

    We could have just used /kill @e[type=villager]

  58. Harley says:

    Hey! I love this add-on , it’s amazing! I’m using it for a build and they definitely make the game better!

    Harley ,

  59. Ben Paulsen says:

    Can you make them tameable pls

  60. CoolAwesomeGamergirl says:

    Do The charcters Have Dialogue Like in the PC version? If not can you please add it?

  61. FC says:

    Can you pls make them like they can like say something like in the PC pls

  62. Christian Nieuwveld says:


  63. LloydTheZorua says:

    Can you make it to where you can have multiple layers to the skin? If only someone could adapt the geometry.huamoid.custom data to work with this addon…

  64. Claire says:

    I want my skin for the villager

  65. LloydTheZorua says:

    It isn’t showing the second layer. What do I need to do for the second layer to show?

  66. QueenBrynn says:

    Is it like the PC mod? Were you can like have a full conversation with then?

  67. EleMentaL_Mosher says:

    Hey Vladdu11 Idk if it’s possible but it would be amazing if you could click on them and it brings up a screen wth editable text so you can make your NPC’s Somewhat be able to talk

  68. Hey can I ask please can I have permission to put this in a map that I am uploading cause right now they won’t let me. Pllllllleeeeassse

  69. Person who wants to know how to get baby mobs says:

    Umm by any chance can I make them have dialogue?

  70. MinecraftGeek22227 says:

    Could You Make It So That You Can Make It Wear Something You Want? E.g If You Want To Put A Diamond Helmet On You Tap A Button Called ‘Wear’ And It Wears The Helmet.

  71. MeWicked says:

    Help!! How do u get rid of them i threw the nether star and clicking them with it and it still dont work plzzz help me addon creator!!!!??

  72. Enderfire03 says:

    I use kindle fire and I cant change the npcs name. Please Help! ????

  73. BlueFoxKidd says:

    Thanks for making the addon. I used it in my map check out small olympics

  74. Anonymous says:

    Mine keeps on moving and it’s getting really annoying. Is there anything you can make it stop moving? Please. Thanks.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Hi Vladu! I’m an IOS user and I would appreciate it very much if you could find any other way to change skins! Please let me know if there’s another way!

  76. Megan says:


  77. Dr.Dray says:

    What will make this Addon better is where you can get them to hold items

  78. iiGalaxyTemmie says:

    I’m confused.. also, sorry for wasting your time on this comment.. but I can’t find the folder or something that has a name somewhat similar to the one mentioned in #1 ..

  79. iCeceDuck33 says:

    Hey! Love this mod but I need some help! I want to do the custom skins, but there isn’t a file for it that I can find! I’m using Windows 10 File Explorer but there is no files in the Minecraft bit. Hope you can help 🙂

  80. Jeshire says:

    Hey Vladu can u let the npc take crits? it’d be and helpful to me as im starting a resource pack channel so thsi addon would be great! Please do! Thanks!

  81. FantasyCraft says:

    please, so that we may follow the NPC, and can attack the other mob. as much venom please make this add-on like NPC mod on the pc

  82. Jeshire says:

    Help! I installed it and when I used the add onthee was the textures but they won’t stay still and be invincible! I’m on 1.0

  83. Jake says:

    Hello. How Can you remove this npc with nether star?

  84. Panda_Gamer says:

    Can you make it easier to customize skins in iOS?

  85. Cheeriodude says:

    Can you please send the skin links to me 🙂

  86. Anonymous says:

    Make it so u can make custom drops hold weapons

  87. _ivy1313_ says:

    Hey can they talk? I’m thinking to do a story line

  88. Tillece says:

    This is amazing!! Well done, but I have a couple tips:
    1: you could make baby versions for smaller name tags
    2: you could many get trendier skins for them
    3:many u could even make a map to showcase them?
    You’ve done an awesome job well done!!

  89. Nerd craft says:

    You should make it to where you drop something near them and they will pick it up. It would add a more interesting way to make adventure maps.

  90. Sage Smith says:

    Well this is an excellent addon. What would be cool is if you could make a Star Wars addon. Something like Republic Commando. Ah, never mind. Nice addon though.

  91. JakePlayzMC says:

    Hey vladu11 nice addon i love your makings and btw whats the npcs other uses do it just stands can it talk or have inventory pls add that in your next update pls i would shoutout you if u do it and thanks too (just an idea)

  92. ZenmathoKW says:

    Can the npc’s follow me?

  93. the taco two says:

    Can you make them talk by using files from the original npc so you can make it talk by the way I can spawn more the 5 and I have the behaviors cause I can remove it with a nether star don’t remove this just telling you

  94. nellipotpot says:

    Can I add two or more skins in different NPCs?

  95. Sh4d0w177 says:

    Does it have to be 64×64 skins

  96. Idunno says:

    Good add on ever

  97. HerobrinesBro17 says:

    You CAN get rid of them i just put them in the end or nether then they are stuck it works better to put them in the end

  98. Gamer girl says:

    Can you get them to talk in the next update

  99. Hannah says:

    I just placed one thinking I could give it a girl skin but I can’t and there is no way of removing it. This sucks ???

  100. Hannah says:

    Please reply! How do you change the skin I need a girl 🙁

  101. xiZumiex says:

    Sadly it doesn’t have text I can’t write a what they saying

  102. SpartanProXD says:

    Dude could you fix the other add on of Vladu11, the lucky block one, it says failed to import I have 1.0.0 BTW this add on is awesome

  103. SpartanProXD says:

    Editor, could you fix the other Vladu11’s add on, the lucky block one it always says failed to import. BTW this add on is awesome

  104. MackDaPooh says:

    Can the NPC move around? And also, can you push it? Do you go through it?

  105. xiZumiex says:

    Please help it tells me that it failed to import I downloaded it many time and it keeps saying that am on iOS

  106. FloBoi says:

    Can they trade items? That would be the bomb!

  107. Childerboyz says:

    The colored names in addons and resource packs like these ones don’t work! Can you fix this?

  108. Jack says:

    It’s say failed to import when trying to download

  109. HamsterGirl says:

    Love it I’m trying to use a different skin now works very well

  110. GoldenFlower says:

    It’s not working 🙁

  111. Pete says:

    I got this add on hoping it would work but it failed. Please fix this bug. Otherwise, it’s an awesome add-on! Thank you Valdu 77 and Editor!

  112. Stavinair says:

    There is most definitely a way to get rid of them. Drop them into the void.

  113. DaroDaKng says:

    It only said fail to import

  114. DuckoffThissucksssss says:

    This sucks, I don’t have a computer >:| Won’t let me download it says failed unknown

  115. DuckoffThissucksssss says:

    This sucks, I don’t have a computer >:|

  116. mumz says:

    There is a app named ‘Addon Creator’ for iOS. There you can make both packs easily. Sadly, it’s not for free, but it’s a good app. It even gives you access to the .json files.

  117. Leona says:

    Awesome!! it’s good for my yo channel in MC pe!!

  118. Ellla says:

    This add on doesn’t work for me. It would start importing the texture pack and the behaviour pack but it would say “failed to import” and I would click it then it would say unknown behaviour/texture pack. Can you guys please fix this but thx

  119. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    Vladu11, i have an idea for an addon i think u should make. do a star wars addon with bb-8 as a cat, R2D2 as the dog(R2D2 can shoot projectiles), a landspeeder that replaces pigs( you can ride it and control it), clone troopers replace skeletons, villagers become jawas, zombies become boba fett, endermen become darth vader, husks become yoda, sheep become something and allow it to change textures, lightsabers, blasters, and i think you can think of more

  120. Ryu says:

    Useful im my Realms haha thanks..whoever made this addon

  121. Mr Lava says:

    Can you please make the NPC to walk and move freely.

  122. nightmareLJT says:

    Thank you for this addon min I liked it. I’ m gonna make an adventure map with this addons thanx…..?????

  123. iOS users says:

    iOS users download filemaster and then download the resource and then rename it
    (Name).mcpack into (name).zip (just change it to mcpack to zip rename it ) and then unzip it then go to the entities then retexture the npc and then delete the skin of villager and replace it with a new one and name it villager.png,smith.png etc. and then go back where the pack icon is and press where there is no files and select “select all” then it should be blue then press and hold one file and press “zip” then rename it into NPC.mcpack (does not matter what you name it) then press and hold and press “open with” and choose mcpe. That is how
    That took me long.

  124. Livlox says:

    Good addon you should make more

  125. Anonymous says:

    Can we costumize him??

  126. DinoDNA says:

    Will you ever make a easier way to change the skins for IOS? Pls respond since I’m not so good with computer stuff Thanks!

  127. ArisZeo says:

    Its Working Thanks

  128. _Ivy1313_ says:

    Hey editor why can’t I download this cos I do roleplays and I need this I use iOS thank you ???❤❤

    • Vladu11 says:

      Now you can! I upated the links! You need to download both the behavior pack and the resource pack

      • Estelliouse says:

        Mine keeps on crashing whenever I try to place a npc down ? Plz help

        • Jessie says:

          It happens with my brother’s iPad too, Not for mine, Mine is just completely fine. I think it has something to do with how much storage your device has left, Maybe delete some apps you don’t need to use anymore or remove some photos in your photo album, Re-download the app, and try again, That’s what I did with my brother’s device.

  129. xxxxAnonymousxxxx says:

    It keeps failing to import into my Minecraft. Help please?

  130. Wintah Mastah says:

    Why i cant download it helpppp

  131. Hype says:

    Doe is it have skins already when you download the addon resource pack?

  132. Anonymous says:

    I want to have this addon but I am a iOS user please make it so iOS pleople can use it with out computer

  133. Vladu11 says:

    I will make an update that will contain:
    -fix text position (make it lower)
    -add multiple NPCs! (random NPC per spawn)
    -easy way to remove them! (Make them disappear with a Nether Star

    I am the Creator Vladu11, ignore my icon, I am going to change it 🙂

  134. ne ??? says:

    I tried downloading it and it failed I have lots of space left so it’s not that can you please fix this

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