Fireworks Addon (Only!)

The Fireworks Addon replaces some of the items in-game with fireworks. It’s really the perfect addition to the game during times of celebration no matter whether you want to celebrate the new year or something else. The fireworks consist of awesome custom sounds and beautiful visual effects.

Creator: Vladu11, Twitter Account
Updated: 2 March, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Fireworks can be obtained for free from Firework Makers (who replace villagers). You can also use the creative inventory to access the items.

  • Basic Firework (Snowball)
  • Rainbow Bomb (Egg)
  • Wobbly Firework Launcher (Bow)
  • Wobble Firework (Arrow)
  • Firework Launcher (Dispenser)

Let’s have a look at a few of the different items. Here’s the Wobbly Firework Launcher (bow and arrow). You don’t want to use full power because then the rocket will go too far. It needs to collide with something, e.g. the ground or a mountain wall, to explode.

The Rainbow Bomb got a slow fireworks fuse. It takes somewhere around 5-10 seconds to explode but it’s most definitely the most amazing fireworks of them all.

But since it explodes on the ground you need to make sure to stay far away as it causes a whole lot of damage also!

The regular firework rocket causes some basic explosions. But it’s great to combine with the other ones mentioned in case you want to create an epic fireworks show.

You can either use each individual firework or you can combine all of them in one epic fireworks show as I did in the video down below.

Please share maps and videos in case you create some even greater fireworks shows!


  • Added Rainbow Bomb (Egg)
  • Added Wobbly Firework Launcher (Bow)
  • Added Wobbly Firework (Arrow)
  • Added Firework Launcher (Dispenser)
  • Custom block/item names (you won’t need to restart the game for this to work)
    • Supports English US, English UK, Spanish
  • New pack icon and description
  • Zombies no longer attack firework makers (villagers)
  • Firework Makers walk slower and won’t run away if you hit the


Important note: This addon requires beta version Android users can sign up for the beta here!

  1. Download .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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55 Responses

4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Xylo Snyder says:

    Hay just go on a mobile device like a iPad or iPhone 😡

  2. Xylo Snyder says:


  3. Nobody says:

    It looks way better then real fireworks tbh. But i probbably wont try it…

  4. Enchantedstar22 says:


  5. Omar says:

    This is a really cool Add-Ons but when I try to use the rocket launcher when it causes the explosion it crashes

  6. sonichero206 says:

    Cool but is this add on work in mcpe 1.1 update

  7. Sheep says:

    Omg dat sheep got inhailated 🐑💨😱😵 oh and the dinging sound after the bomb blows
    Up 😰 And could you fix the launcher?

  8. Kristian says:

    LOVE IS monkey <3 o_0

  9. Kristian says:

    But Vladu11 is awesome 😀 even JackFrostMiner

  10. Kristian says:

    PLEASE ADD A TEEN TITANS GO ADDON! 🙁 I Really want that

  11. Entity_21Savage says:

    In the picture for the rainbow bomb, is it an in game picture because when I throw it,it just does a tiny boom and little blue particles appear. Please fix it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i like this addon

  13. Isack Gonzales says:

    Wish it didn’t blow up!

  14. J&P 2007 says:

    Oh Man!cool addon

  15. Dale says:

    I want this is so awsome

    • pom6universe says:

      YOU CAN GET IT!!! press download. It will Bering you to add fly and wait for timmer to run out. Press skip and download file.GO ON YOUTUBE ON HOW TO DO THE REST

  16. Dale says:

    I want to get this so bad

  17. Ethan says:

    Can you port the Minecraft pc Villager Sounds resource pack, because it would be awsome and funny for my worlds.

  18. Maker of the realistic bows addon. says:

    Typo-Firework makers will not run away if you hit the

    It is meant to be then.
    Just trying to help!

  19. Gamerdude333 says:

    Create a flash mod

  20. Jesse Ehrenreich says:

    Download does not work. When I click on the addon it loads up the game but the addon is not installed in the behaviour and resource pack folder.

    • pom6universe says:

      Cuz you HAVE to download ES FILES then sertch download and put the behavior file in the behavior pack file and same for texture packs just put that into the resource pack folder

  21. Lightningbolt says:

    that’s too beautiful!

  22. Nurul Aini says:

    Wait if this is for does it mean it’s for android?

  23. pom6universe says:

    I mean I helped on the server. So could you do at least one of these plz?

  24. pom6universe says:

    Hey vladu11 its me pom6universe and I wanna request a few mods..so how about the original morph mod (kill mods to transform into them and have same health and ability as they do) and the minimal texture pack (recommended) or mod (at the vary least) or how about some backpacks or even the texture packs that bend your world right before your eyes (interseption’ animal crossing) and the only reason I ask is that we don’t have many mods like these in mcpe… Just TONS of DINO and CARS mods BORING!!!!

  25. NFGamerMC says:

    VLadu, remember the modelling video

  26. Sasquach says:

    YESS. This is cool

  27. Jeremy says:

    I like this better than the real fireworks

  28. Boboo says:

    Look down
    (Sorry weird pace glitch)

    Entry No.1

    I blew up a butter stick so now I’m sad. Anyone who reads this message will suffer a fate of butter sticks in a happy or sad ending within 100 years. Also if you read this message I hope that you have enjoyed wasting about 2 minutes of your life.

  29. Giovannymedina says:

    Can you plz make The fireworks sound like real fireworks?? Plz pretty plz

  30. Please help me! says:

    When I throw the fire work is doesn’t do anything! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  31. Diana says:

    Thank you Vladu11 for making this awesome addon! Happy New Year!

  32. Hakan says:

    Where s elytra boost

  33. Leo says:

    Great one 😊😊😊😊

  34. Nick says:

    love it im doing it for a roleplay happy new year everyone 🎉

  35. Slayingcow75651 says:

    Wow this is amazing

  36. frostaczek says:

    Can they boost your ELYTRA up?

    • Vladu11 says:

      No, but I have a different Addon for that, also made by me. It’s called “Elytra Booster Addon” It’s here on MCPEDL!

      • Matti says:

        Vlad The Bow and The other Fireworks when I put the fire works on the launcher and explode it crashes and the bow to

  37. NeonPainter says:

    Wow! This add-on is great! Now, I can really feel the way of celebrating New Year!

  38. DaroDaKng says:

    Next can u make a addon that replace bows to sniper rifles, and egg to ak-47, and snowballs to machinegun, and tnt to landmines, and last but not least, iron golems replaced with tanks, i know it sounds hard but ist worth to try.

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