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Published on September 24, 2016 (Updated on September 24, 2016)

Vladu11's Guns Mod

Please make a .mcpack download
I was able to download this with another Addon app xd
Could you make it into a resource zip and a behavior zip so I can use it on my Xbox?
how do i install?
How to install it on minecraft by es file explorer?
Guys! This is actually a ADDON! NOT A MOD! (i think I havent downloaded yet)
There are a lot of folders about this mod I I don't know which is texture or behavior.
good but a little bad because a skeleton can kill you instantly
is not mod is addon idiot
Why do u use zip I hate zip u ugly u don’t have any mustache
Chill the f*** out
Yo fam chill dawg
make this a .mcpack please I can't use it on my phone
Hey I was curious about a lot of things plz help me understand small things like mod design and changeing the download process

Email:[email protected]
this work in minecraft 1.2.1
I found this available for iOS download on MCPE planet. Sorry if this offended you.