Void Loop Add-On

Falling in the void would no longer be your fear in survival… Instead of dying, you would just fall back from the sky, But just make sure that you know how you will land safely.

Explanation Video:

This add-on simply makes you fall back to the sky when you fall in the void giving you a chance to be still alive, not only that! You can also go to the void by just going up to the sky! That’s why the add-on is called “void loop”. Because images help that much in giving information about this add-on, I made an explanation video that will detailedly inform you..

CREATOR’S NOTE: If you want to put this add-on in your youtube videos then please put the proper link in your description!


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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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9 Responses

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  1. free thinker says:

    this addon is a great idea man! I love it

  2. MRwoop says:

    Hey! I really like this addon and am curious if I could make a map with it (where I give credit)

  3. blood eye says:

    yup it’s just a tp command its impossible to make it in the Nether go to other dimensions this would be a mod if it does that

  4. blood eye says:

    how is this possible?!! cuz Everytime i go this website daily alot of same thing coming in so bruh this is new

  5. Jermst says:

    Have when you fall into the void at the end, you return to the normal world.

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