[Make Your Own Map] Void World Lobby!

This is the Void World Lobby by CatAstrophe7777! This is a complete void map where any chunks loaded will be air at any distance. There is a small spawning area on a floating island which has a spawnpoint and a welcome wall for you to introduce your creations!

This void map is free to use! No crediting is needed. Have fun making the wildest of maps in the middle of the sky!

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New Update: The world settings have been changed so using commands is easier!

New Update: Bugs have been fixed and the spawn light has been improved.

New Update: The light under the spawn has been brightened to make it more suitable for night time maps!

New Update: The page has a fancy Gif file and more decorations have been added to the grass.

New Update: Bug fixes, the generation of air chunks is less glitchy.

New Update: The lobby has been fixed, and the spawnpoint is now right on the gold block in the middle.

New Update: Now has different texture packs you could use for it!

New Update! The GameRule settings have been changed to match a "work in progress" map more accurately. This will cause less hassle when creating the map!


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12 Responses

4.14 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Guest-8891852885 says:

    Is there is a map with void nether

  2. Guest-3469050608 says:

    This is good

  3. ScreamingEarBear says:

    can you make a Other one but it has a hidden stuff Please

  4. Blackwilfy says:

    Just change it

  5. Random says:

    there’s no daylight cycle?

  6. Brotaraft says:

    What shader did you use in the screenshot?


    If people think it is a scam, all you need to do is click Deny when it asks for notifications, wait about 1 minute, then click Skip Ads.

  8. Yeeterboy123 says:

    Very useful map and I can’t wait to finally make something without the flat world under!

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