VOLCANOISLAND [Custom Terrain]

Welcome to MEGA VOLCAN AND ITS MAGNIFICENT VIEWS on this map you can find many minerals and caves where materials abound like mobs but beware !! Be very careful with the volcano that wants to erupt




Mountains with magnificent reliefs and lava lakes that descend from the volcano.

The height of the volcano is 220 blocks high and 1400 blocks wide

map created and imported by: MarcoGamer and InfiniteMinds

Changelog View more

New description for map and new pictures for the map


Download mapa
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Minecraft open
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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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    The Link Was Infected With HTML:EvilCursor-B [Trj] Lovely!

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    Its there a stronghold for survival?

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    What app on iPad is it on?

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    Is This Made By World Painter

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    Is this unlimited?
    Unlimited custom terain?

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