Voxelation Mod

This mod adds 17 furniture blocks which can be used to decorate your creations in Minecraft. One thing which makes this mod stand out is that they are all 3D blocks. This is especially noticable for the furnace and tables. It’s still in its early stages of development and as a result it’s a quite basic mod and doesn’t provide much use beyond just looking really cool.

Creator: ThunderModPE, Twitter Account

How to get the 3D furniture blocks?

All of the new blocks have crafting recipes but they can also be accessed through the creative inventory. You can see recipes further down on this page. One downside is that they can only be placed in one facing direction, meaning, it’s not possible to rotate them.


Even though the furnace can’t be used it’s probably one of the most cool blocks in the mod. Here you can really see that it’s 3D as it is shallow on the inside.


IDs & Recipes

  • Bin (2100) – 7 iron ingots + 1 stone
  • Furnace (2101) – smelt 1 furnace in a furnace
  • Bench (2102) – smelt 1 crafting table in a furnace
  • Bird (2103) – 5 stone blocks
  • Computer (2104) – 7 iron blocks + 1 glass pane + 1 redstone
  • Bath (2105) – 5 quartz blocks
  • Grand Chair (2106) – 4 red wool + 2 oak wood planks
  • Bar Stool (2107) – 3 gray wool + 3 cyan stained clay + 2 quartz blocks
  • Lamp (2108) – 5 white wool + 1 glowstone + 1 obsidian block
  • Basin (2109) – 2 stone button + 1 iron ingot + 4 quartz blocks
  • Toilet (2110) – 5 quartz blocks + 1 stone button
  • Candle (2111) – 3 white stained clay + 4 cobblestones
  • Printer (2112) – 5 stone blocks + 1 paper + 2 iron blocks + 1 redstone
  • Wooden Chair (2113) – 6 oak wood planks
  • Stone Chair (2114) – 6 stone blocks
  • Wooden Table (2115) – 4 oak wood planks
  • Stone Table (2116) – 4 stone blocks


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  1. (Insert name here) says:

    Great.. can’t get it to work.

  2. Mac says:

    Can you just send me the download link….. Cause the given download link is not working in my smartphone

  3. Why do you care says:

    Fix the link PLEASE!!!!!!! Its not working

  4. heydon lee says:

    I can’t download it. It’s all advertising. One ad after another.

  5. Ellen swink says:

    Can you please add a fridge

  6. Amelie says:

    This mod is sooooo cool

  7. Amelie says:

    This mod is so cool

  8. Julie says:

    Can u make this for an iOS plsssssss

  9. Anonymous says:

    Help Me I Can’t Put It

  10. Betonio says:

    Plss Help Me
    I Can’t Put It On The Grounds

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can u get on iOS

  12. LlamaLover171 says:

    How do I install this?

  13. Ms.Cat says:

    Hi.I would love this but it’s not working plz help me 🙁

  14. Brownney says:

    Wow it works!!

  15. Enderbender710 says:

    Can you actaully sit down in the chairs?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It keeps going saying congratulations you have been selected to win a iPhone 6s

    • Katelyn Eckhardt says:

      That’s just an add it should load up on the top right side of your screen “skip add”, sorry f that doesn’t work💩😔

  17. KnightWolf07 says:

    I’ve tried to download the mod yet it keeps saying to go on a computer and download it to iTunes, what the heck😡

  18. MineCrafter says:

    What ver. Of minecraft is this for?

  19. hihihihihihihihi says:

    howto you add it

  20. malika says:

    i was wondering it u could add a mc. Pack?????pls!!!

  21. Doaa nassir says:

    Can someone please make a decoration mod for ios seriously this is not fair, first thing blocklaucher is for android then toolbox is for freaking android then this freaking web?!?!!? Like 80% is for android and 20% for ios
    Like please…
    I can’t afford for a samsong or android phone so i can download avery thing in this web!…

  22. Erick says:

    You need a computer to download!

  23. BRooek says:

    Hi emmm can u please make loads of IOS downloads Like toolbox
    And PLEASE make a fumicure mod for IOS iPad please

  24. TheOneWho'sFeelingLucky says:

    Does this work on 0.17.0 beta? Or… 0.16.0?

  25. Jessy says:

    These Moods don’t work every time I try to download them it takes me to you have won a three iPhone 7 or something silly like that it doesn’t work

  26. Kristinajoy125 says:

    This is my best addon yet!

  27. Desiree says:

    Does this work on v0.16.0

  28. Bruh_Itz_AnnieBannanie says:

    Can this work on v0.15.9?

  29. JY GamingMC says:

    Does this mod work with v0.15.90??

  30. Prince says:

    Hi , I’m using MCPE 0.15.7 and some of the items doesn’t work.
    For what version is this compatible with?

  31. AdiSeptiana says:

    Its use blocklauncher or vanilla mcpe?

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