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Published on May 16, 2015 (Updated on May 16, 2015)

VoxelSniper Mod

The VoxelSniper Mod lets you effeciently create structures of all kinds of different shapes by the simply use of a bow and arrows. It provides a great settings interface where you can toggle and set several kinds of parameters, such as diameter, block ID and much more. The mod also comes with a painting function which allows you to paint structures with a set block ID.

Creator: wilco375

VoxelSniper Settings

Tap on the bottom-right V button to access the VoxelSniper settings. Here you can change the following settings:

  • Mode: Sphere, Hollow Sphere, Disk, Cube, Hollow Cube, Platform
  • Replace Mode: Add and Replace, Replace Only, Add Only
  • Diameter
  • Block ID
  • Block Data

In the example below you can see how we use the mod to spawn a large chunk of blocks with a diameter of 10 TNT blocks by simply firing an arrow.

The funny thing is that the structure can be massively expanded on to create all kinds of different shapes.

Painting Settings

Tap on the bottom-right P button to access the Painting Settings. If you want to add specific blocks to a newly created structured you can use this function.

It allows you to set the block ID which you want to use and within with radius reach (whereas you are the center) the painting should occure.

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Is this for PE? The download link just leads to a coding page and I don’t see a link for iOS downlaod
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The mod doesn't work for minecraft 1.0.6 can you please fix this ?
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I like trains are this mod
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TheMinecrafterGuy113484 May 25, 2015 at 9:41 am
Great mod, nice WorldEdit clone forPE, very productive.
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Amazing mod! But, whenever I type in let's say 7 and set shape as a platform, it sets a 9x9 area. Bug perhaps?
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