VSCO Paintings Pack

New Aesthetic or “VSCO” themed painting textures, a pack that will only change the look of paintings. Note, does not include featured of the mod, it is simply a texture change for paintings.   

Creator: MWCubed

TikTok: vsco.mod.minecraft   ♥   Youtube: MWCubed    ♥     Instagram: mwcubed


includes: wall mandalas, neon sign inspired textures, photographs, and various other VSCO or Aesthetic themed room decor. I made this for the newest version of Bedrock, but it should work with others.

Examples in-game (not all paintings are shown)

Image Credits

Free to use images with attribution: Mandala Vectors by Vecteezy Yantra Vectors by Vecteezy

Free to use images, no attribution required: wave image sky palmtrees sunset palm trees and sunset monstera hibiscus sunflower

All other images designed by MWCubed

Changelog View more

the download link is now monetized with linkvertise instead of with adfocus

fixed the download link to have a working link now

  • updated download link because of link change on my website

Version 2.0

  • Remade resource pack with images I have the rights to use
  • Page now contains image attributions


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16 1.16.200



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  1. Tyvan Congo says:


  2. Tyvan Congo says:

    I’m making a romantic world and I was looking for some romantic paintings!
    These are so lovely.

  3. Bunmine says:

    Um- would you mind if you fixed the download link? It’s not working for some reason TT

  4. スミオ says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! ! ! !!!

  5. Mizumi official says:

    Can someone tell me how to vote? XD I’m new here and I rate this 5 stars ❤️

  6. Guest-2076008941 says:

    Can you please add the vsco mod on bedrock instead it adds new entities that’s from your vsco mod that you created ❤️

  7. Guest-9316902245 says:

    Please add an vsco mod bedrock edition it adds new entity that’s fron your minecraft vsco mod

  8. Guest-2840568270 says:

    Please can you make a vsco texture pack??

  9. Guest-8017280267 says:

    Upload vsco mod

  10. Guest-3850398066 says:

    You are encouraging lower IQ levels for the poor people that actually enjoy this stuff.

  11. Guest-2720158145 says:

    How do i download this on a fire kindle?

  12. Guest-3291250249 says:

    This is so bad…and useless. This ‘vScO’ pack makes Minecraft pictures look terrible. Ew.

  13. ThePikaFan64 says:

    Very Good. But… Can you upload VSCO mod Please???

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