Waifus Addon (1.16+) V2! Brand New Waifus and More!

Do you like anime? Or anime girls? then this addon is great for you!

This addon adds 30 different waifus (Anime girls) in to your Minecraft world.

This addon will get an update! Join my discord server for updates, and for you to make a suggestion

Do you like anime? Or anime girls? then this addon is great for you!

This addon adds 30 different waifus (Anime girls) in to your Minecraft world. Such as Aoi asashina, Annie, Aqua, Asuka, Asuna, Bronya, Chika, Elizabeth, Emilia, Ene, Hinata, Ikaros, Kirie, Kyoko Kirigiri, liliruca, Megumin, Mikasa, Nezuko, Ochako, Ram, Rem, Rei, Rikka, Rukia, Sagiri, Senko, Yae Sakura, Speedwagon, Zero Two

Most of the skins is made by Sowoh make sure to check @cutesthetic on skinseed

There is 1 waifu called Rachel, she will shoot using her pistol . The others will use melee attack. (I will add more stuff soon).

You can tame the waifus using “poppy”

After you tame the waifus, they will attack other mobs that you attack!

Changelog View more
  • Fixed behavior pack link doesnt workj
  • Oh yeah i will make husbando addon

-added credits for Sowoh, thank you for the amazing skins!

1. Added 10 new waifus

2. Added Spawn egg textures

3. Changed some of the waifus texture

4. Removed the annoying oni chan voice  

-fixed the download link thats it :(

-If you have any problem dm me on twitter or discord


  1. FIRST OF ALL I'm sorry for the ad links its not mine it's for my team
  2. Download from Team Infinite Minds Website
  3. Download the resource pack and the behavior pack
  4. Skip the ads then adfly will say "Allow Notification"  press block, if it shows up again press block again.
  5. Go to the behavior pack download, then read the articles about 11 seconds then watch the video for 1 minute, you should be redirected to another ad link then skip the ad and block the notifications.
  6. ENJOY!


Supported Minecraft versions


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196 Responses

4.38 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. Klains says:

    Where is rem I cannot find her?is she rare?

  2. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    Add a video game waifu

  3. Kara _Abrahams says:

    Add Flandre Scarlet plz

  4. Ender_Philip says:

    Well finally downloaded thx

  5. Ukaim09 says:

    Please Add Monika, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki from DDLC, My Waifu is Monika, and i love him

  6. Klains says:

    After trying 10 times I managed to download file,but there are so many waifu make them rare (not so much)

  7. Klains says:

    Not working for me,I cannot find anyone them I summoned some but I cannot see any of them and resources pack where is resources pack link is not working plzz fix and I want it plz

  8. SkeppysYummyBurgers says:

    Add tohru from miss Kobayashi pls

  9. DankGekouga says:


  10. KaiKukumetsu says:

    Amazing addon, absolutely beautiful! (Love speed wagon by the way)

  11. KhalMika says:

    Ambos links, de Resource y Behavior me redirigen a la pagina principal de adfly y no puedo descargar.

  12. Ender_Philip says:

    I’m having a bad time in the links 3 stars

  13. Treborn1 says:

    May I suggest adding Himiko Toga plssss

  14. Treborn1 says:

    Lmao this is beautiful

  15. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:


  16. Guest-5959767752 says:

    Moshi moshi polico?

  17. Guest-5897661454 says:

    Speedwagon is going into my jojo world

  18. Guest-4571861200 says:

    Can you add saber from Fate stay night or ais walenstein

  19. Guest-6238791188 says:

    is that armin arlert? lol

  20. Blue Fox says:

    ok i just came across this and i was like wtf (im not hating on it) but when i scrolled down on the pictures you can TAME THEM? WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK

  21. Guest-9624484057 says:

    I cant download it plss help me

  22. Warrior56YT says:

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

  23. AspyxhtiA says:

    Add BB, Nightgale, yunyun, saber and darknes please, i love this add-on

  24. Guest-9227410463 says:

    I instal fot spedwagon, but you cant add to BB and Saber from Fate/GO sorry for my English i’m from México

  25. WrittenConcept says:

    Would there ever be a male version of the mod out? It’d be cool if you could download both = )

  26. WrittenConcept says:

    Would there ever be a male version of the mod out? It’d be cool if you could download both ^^

  27. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    The Waifu’s Outer Hair layer ( Their Bangs ) [WHY NOT SHOWING]

  28. Anti-Anime-Alliance says:

    Why Must Speedwagon 😭😭😫😫😱😱😑

  29. Guest-5117926425 says:


  30. Guest-3592432625 says:

    The addon was nice…. But it will add a little quality if you make the spawn rate even more rare… And make the taming process a bit trickier. It just makes this girls “easy to get” Which looses their cool factors in their characters… And the reason why we love them in Animes

  31. Guest-4100772915 says:

    Okay sooo there is a Little problem…
    Am klicking download… Nothing happen
    Am waiting and waiting nothing happen.
    Even i spaming download nothing happen.
    Explian why 😢

  32. Guest-2034928776 says:

    Even Speedwagon is afraid!

  33. Guest-2880082925 says:

    Theres speedwagon xD

  34. THE_BLUE says:

    Nice add-on lol now i can have my waifu, Zero Two, in Minecraft

  35. Guest-5341796665 says:


  36. Guest-2408713152 says:

    add tamako plz

  37. sowoh says:

    Hello, I want to contact the creator of the addon for a problem. The textures of the “waifus” mostly don’t belong to you, and one of them is my skin. I would like you to be able to put the links of the original skins and before having done so, ask for permission. Because even if they are free skins, it does not mean that the creators do not have the right to ask for our part. Thank you. My discord is: sowoh#2903 xbox: sowohh and skinseed accounts: sowoh /cutesthetic.

  38. SwirlC says:

    *smh* weebs y does this exists?

  39. Guest-2916062014 says:

    Can I request nanachi from made in abyss ad an addition? :3

  40. Guest-3405437675 says:

    Can u add Sasha Braus?

  41. Guest-6856058166 says:

    add tequilla joseph and Bucciarati

  42. Guest-2526113688 says:

    What is this

  43. Guest-7896482022 says:

    godly tier waifu speedwagon is here omg

  44. Foxxesboy187 says:

    #req historia reiss

  45. ABARE-MAX says:

    Add Miclas, Windom, and Agira from kaiju girls pls

  46. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    If you added Speedwagon and able to make custom models that means you can add Meta Knight also He should get added so he can represented Video game waifus

  47. Guest-6118737545 says:

    Why is speed wagon there he’s not a wifu hed be a husbondo

  48. Guest-7025510777 says:

    God why? Otakus are ruining Minecraft with anime

  49. Guest-2973790503 says:

    There a few that are underaged, so if you do ‘that’ I gives me a reason to call the FBI or the police. But you added speedwagon so 𝕱𝖎𝖛𝖊 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖘

  50. Guest-9201030841 says:

    Yo add an option to remove onii chan noises. I don’t want 15 years old explosion girl call me onii chan.

  51. SuperSnuggy2009 says:

    Link not working on the team page just takes me to website to shorten links with nothing else there

  52. Guest-4973026575 says:

    Add momo yaoyorozu and otchaca uraraka😉

  53. if not a problem could you add tsuyu asui? if uwu can be clear, and another idea would be hatsune miku

  54. Add Infinite Stratos and Monster Musume 😀

  55. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    Add anime traps for 5 star rating. The lack of anime traps has persuaded me to give it a 4 star rating sorry.

  56. Guest-2521914798 says:

    hi bro where is the resoures pack version 1 (RE) v1
    please add a link to download it

  57. Guest-2521914798 says:

    hi bro where is the resoures pack version 1 (RE) v1

  58. Guest-4781408620 says:

    You are pretty
    Eres un Diossss
    Está increíble el mod
    Sería genial que cada Loli p waifu tenga su propia voz como la de sus animes

  59. Guest-6195579116 says:

    (Me looks for anime addons. Almost gives up finds one AYY YOO WTF)

  60. Guest-4634055906 says:

    pls add raphtalia

  61. Guest-3926532058 says:

    The link Is not available it says 404 not found pls make an adfly or MediaFire link. Plz

  62. Guest-6491557834 says:

    Why not add some waifu on the game Girl Frontline or Azur Lane, that’s a good idea i think.

  63. Guest-3827969850 says:

    “Do you think god stays in heaven because he’s scared of what he created?”

  64. Hololilyfoxwolf says:

    Please add Holo/Horo from spice and wolf because shes best wolf girl

  65. Guest-8942337506 says:

    Warning! This addon contains a virus detected by Avast Antivirus : Corrupted generic file
    In Day next I look there 4 apk download Himself
    2.Camera Super Pro.apk

    I DELETED this addon and virus Died
    ANTIVIRUS Avast: You Are safe

  66. EddyAftermath says:

    PLZ add more anime girls…

  67. Guest-3772657444 says:

    I think it would be cool to have a no noise option of the mod,cus it gets really annoying with time

  68. Guest-2458159256 says:

    COMEEEE I HATE ADS, Please I need Link To MediaFire?

  69. Guest-5649751706 says:

    Please add Senko San!

  70. Bernkastel Wannabe says:

    Can you add Bernkastel and Lambdadelta from Umineko too?

  71. Guest-9562739920 says:

    Funciona en Realms?

  72. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Oh, and main girls from Keyon, please

  73. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Please, add Albedo, Chokola and Vanilla from Nekopara, Maika and Kaho from Blend S, Mei Misaki from Another, traps like Felix, Astolfo and Hideri Kanzaki😍

  74. Guest-1403319599 says:


  75. Guest-2592560697 says:

    can you make them a little smaller? pls?

  76. Guest-5528807909 says:

    The Waifu’s Outer Hair layer ( Their Bangs ) Are not showing…(。•́︿•̀。)

  77. add holo from spice and wolf and my life will be complete

  78. Guest-2332563167 says:

    in the behavior download it shows me that i have an ad blocker on and i dont know how to turn it on and off, cant you just copy the diract link for this one and put in this page? DO IT FOR THE WAIFUS!

  79. SabakiSabaku says:

    A decent mod. But can you add Erina Pendleton from JoJo,Chiaki from danganronpa 2 and (even though she isn’t really anime) Kasane Teto (UTAU)? We need at least one jojo waifu. Also can more waifus get unique voices besides Zero Two? The Onii-chan line can get very annoying

  80. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    A lot of people are commenting how Stupid men characters such as Speedwagon, Shrek, and Thanos. No! If your adding a male character it should be Meta Knight from the Kirby series

  81. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    Can you add Meta Knight he is my profile picture. also ignore everyone who says Speedwagon because he is a ugly man.

  82. TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

    This addon is incomplete without Speedwagon and Thanos

  83. Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  84. Guest-5924643266 says:

    Bruh where is Yumeko Jabami???

  85. Guest-7711120320 says:

    Character hair texture doesn’t come out correctly and characters come out too much on the map

  86. Guest-2791405395 says:

    I can’t download the behaviour pack, it goes to linkverse

  87. Guest-5281753111 says:

    yo what have you done to this community

  88. Leader Scroller says:

    Whoa, hold on a second, this ad is not yours! For real!

  89. Leader Scroller says:

    I wonder what i’m gonna use for?

  90. KarmaBOY says:

    God forgive me for what I’m about to do to these girls.

  91. CannedBeans says:

    Hehe boii, I need this

  92. Guest-4319305405 says:

    Add Futaba Sakura please 😁

  93. Guest-6294346656 says:

    I was able to download the texture pack but not the addon as I do?

  94. Mr.Valentine says:

    Plz add The Best waifu in ZA WARUDO, speedwagon 😉

  95. Dye Brando says:

    Guys calm down……. The FBI is coming.

  96. Guest-5305217201 says:

    Stop right there you violated the law

  97. Mcfl0wer says:

    Jojo community is already here lmao

  98. Iprobablyhatethis says:

    Though i do not find aqua attractive but can you add yun yun and wiz and add a chest its hard to look at only flat waifus

  99. Guest-8023421206 says:

    Dude can i change the skin

  100. FlossingWig250 says:

    It’s good, but where is Speedwagon

  101. ItzLizzyduh says:

    Yae Kasumi and Yae Sakura are the same person

  102. Guest-6893615634 says:

    Where’s speedwagon why are there only unworthy thots

  103. Guest-7241586853 says:

    Guys death animation is getting added in next update

  104. Guest-8068934273 says:

    Can You add Meta Knight

  105. Guest-3599508238 says:


  106. FBI, this kid right here.

  107. Guest-8978038446 says:

    Why does this exist lmao

  108. SpikedCthulhu says:

    Okay I think this addon is pretty decent! I mean by the comments…… it’s seems people like it… now I’m a Weeaboo just to be clear here so yes I do like the addon what I don’t like is the variety of comments on this asking for a 18+ addition! WTF?! Unless it was a mod I highly doubt there would be any NSFW versions because it might not get posted on MCPEDL and I and a couple others wouldn’t like to see that next time they enter MCPEDL. Now this is just my opinion but I just really don’t like the comments asking for that!

  109. Guest-1072655388 says:

    Imagine it’s not a pixel model like a 4d model no cubes or pixel

  110. Guest-3993933012 says:

    Where’s Speedwagon

  111. Guest-8807984605 says:

    Hi I would really appreciate it if could make the chests for some of the waifus bigger. Make them accurate to their actual proportions. Also please add yunyun, wiz, darkness, rias gremory, raphtalia, torhu etc.(also make wiz’s chest enormous, waay bigger than even others who have big chests

  112. Guest-6803265671 says:

    add speedwagon and shrek pls

  113. Guest-9048333784 says:

    Yes officer this one right here

  114. Guest-9125135642 says:

    I’m going to call the FBI

  115. Are there any custom animations do their attacks, their walking and sprinting? Please, reply to me. Also, don’t reply to me saying that I should try this Addon first.. That’ll be cheap.. Also, you should’ve added Miku too…

  116. Guest-8028707425 says:

    Omg, the link make me confusing😫

  117. Guest-3589290610 says:

    Add Jeanne d’arc from Fate/Apocrypha

  118. KMTrager says:

    I’ll give you 5 stars because you added rei and asuka btw. Finally I gotta see rei and asuka ❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎

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