Walking Armor Stands Addon (1.2 Beta Only)

This add-on changes two features in regards to the armor stand which is another new feature in version 1.2. First off it makes them move around similar to other mobs but they can be controlled by holding a stick in your hand. The second change is that some armor stands will spawn as “babies”. Meaning, they will be much smaller the normal ones.

Creator: MitchellDawud03Twitter AccountYouTube

How does it work?

Tap on the ground with an armor stand item to spawn an armor stand. A normal armor stand would stand completely still. But this isn’t a normal stand! This add-on will make it move around similar to any other mob. However, you can hold a stick in your hand to make them stand still or follow you.


Important: This requires the 1.2 beta which is currently limited to Windows 10 and Android users only! Find out how to join the beta by clicking here!

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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28 Responses

4.07 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Guest-9159011987 says:

    i love it but can u make it to where you can ride it that be so cool and derpy

  2. LivingWithGaming says:


  3. GoggleFace says:

    Maybe you could add a resource pack that makes the armor stands look like Steve?

  4. TemmiePlay_MC says:

    how exactly do you spawn the in??!Do you need both a resource pack and stuff??

  5. BigGiantBlastosie says:

    Armour stands aren’t even in the game.. so this addon is a lie

  6. Kat Kelly says:

    Uh.. This does not need Beta it just worked for me in the 1.1.5 version of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition… So… Yeah.. ‘-‘ Still like it though! No viruses like the Alex’s Hoverbike Addon!

  7. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    Wait… do the PE armor stands have arms by DEFAULT?!

  8. Hyper venom says:

    Even though Iam on iOS and I can’t have this yet Iam happy to see banners and armor stands finally coming to mcpe

  9. RainBowGamer9 says:

    Cool addon 🙂

  10. flotie9839 says:

    I have a problem in MCPE 1.2
    I can’t get the beta but im in the beta program for some reason.
    My only choice is to download at Aptotide but i have a problem parsing the package.

    • MackDaPooh says:

      If your in the program but you still dont have the Beta version just wait. The same thing happended to me. The next day I got the Beta. So just wait and eventually you should get it.

  11. Cecil says:


  12. ClashandCraft says:

    Well this was nice
    Thats all

  13. EaterComputer says:

    You Should Update This Page Because It Will Be Compatible With Digitally Purchased Xbox One Copies Next Week.

  14. EvilBloxBoss says:

    I CANT GET THIS! my Minecraft is still 1.1.4. Thoughts?

  15. Crimsonsun says:

    I hate it when a beta update comes out because I can never play on it since I’m on iOS then I can’t download anything on here because it’s all for beta

  16. iOS/bluestacks user says:

    Really cool!

  17. AlienCraft says:

    I don’t know what the point to this is (maybe so you can carry your armor around?) 🙂 but this is pretty cool

  18. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    Would be nice if someone just made the baby Armor stand as a different Addon. Because I want to have smaller armor stands, but I don’t exactly want them walking around. Thanks.

  19. ClashandCraftYT says:

    Nice Loved it
    We need more of this too!

  20. Cadthegreat says:

    Cool, I never knew someone would think of something as useful as this

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