Walking Particles (Addon + FunctionPack)

This addon adds particles when walking there are different colors so you can create your own combinations!

Ideal for maps and Realms In which you want to give special particles to players! :O

Create your own color themes using several at the same time, what? red with green? blue with pink? OF COURSE YOU CAN!

There are also some party particles, these have random colors: O

Types of Particles:

– White

– Party

– Black

– Net

– Orange

– Yellow

– Cyan

– Blue

– Lime

– Pink

How to use?:

To use the particles you will need to use the / function command, here is an example:

/ function red_particles

Here is the list of functions:

– white_particles

– black_particles

– party_particles

– red_particles

– orange_particles

– yellow_particles

– blue_particles

– cyan_particles

– lime_particles

– pink_particles

Functions to remove the particles:

– white_particles_remove

– black_particles_remove

– party_particles_remove

– red_particles_remove

– orange_particles_remove

– yellow_particles_remove

– blue_particles_remove

– cyan_particles_remove

– lime_particles_remove

– pink_particles_remove



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  1. pls add footprints particle.. idk how.. and make it only place the particles if player is walking

  2. Leader Scroller says:

    Update it to 1.16 Beta please…

  3. Dye Brando says:

    Oops i commented alot:/ my bad

  4. Dye Brando says:

    Alright its very very cool

  5. Guest-8343437118 says:

    Dl link is not working

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