War Plane Add-on

This is an addon which is really useful for anyone who want to rule the skies in Minecraft. It replaces the chicken with an awesome airplane. It is based on the famous Spitfire which was a fighter aircraft used by the British Royal Air Force during World War II. Besides flying it also has the ability to eliminate long range targets.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How does it work?

War planes can be found spawning mostly everywhere since they replace chickens. But you can obviously use a chicken spawn egg as well to more easily spawn one. The airplane has a couple of different uses but it’s main feature is flying. However, it got seats for just one player.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the airplane and press the Ride button
  • Windows 10: Right-click the vehicle to ride it

To start the airplane engine you will simply need to use some fuel cans (snowballs). Throw them at the vehicle to use them.

Use the airplane inventory (sneak and long press OR right-click) to store some fuel cans or whatever else you might need on your trip.

To control the airplane you will need a joystick (carrot on a stick) equipped in your hand. If you run out of fuel then you will need to throw some more fuel cans at the airplane.

The fighter aircraft carries two machine guns which are mounted in the wings. As soon as a hostile mob (e.g. spiders or zombies) are detected within a 48 blocks radius it will instantly start shooting.

General Features:

  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Shoots arrows (48 blocks range)
  • 5 chest slots
  • Rideable (hold a carrot on a stick (joystick) to control it)
  • Throw snowballs (fuel cans) at the airplane to make it start flying

There are three different colors for the airplane. You can only use one color at the time since they require different resource packs.





  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download one of the following resource packs:
    1. Yellow .McPack
    2. Blue .McPack
    3. Green .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

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162 Responses

3.01 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd says:

    god its ww2 all over again

  2. joe says:

    the link doesnt work

  3. Liam says:

    Can you change it from chickens to like shulkers or endermites

  4. MilKop963 says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m using iPad and when I throw gas tanks at the plane it just goes up and when I don’t it stays on the ground

  6. Allie Venwic says:

    The download link don’t work plz fix this

  7. Andri says:

    Please repair link download

  8. Brady says:

    Dosen’t fly just stays on the ground.You make it look so easy but it is not easy.Plz fix this thx


    I have 1 question what happens if we add the plane addon (created by Gona) and this add-on ?

  10. Z says:

    The download link doesn work

  11. Codgs says:

    Ww2 add-on plz

  12. Codgs says:

    Ww2 add-on with everything plz

  13. Kenzie says:

    The air plane just goes up and down

  14. Anonymous says:

    What is ip with this add on every add on I install works but this one brings me to Adfly
    And says six viruses are attacking my ipad

  15. Jason says:

    Every time I throw the fuel can at the plane, it won’t let me fly

  16. Dread says:

    I can’t control myself with the plane

  17. inspectorgaming123 says:

    When I first saw this I felt happy because none of the plane addons I’ve tried have not worked but this 1 is just like the others.i cannot make it fly.Please help!

  18. R23 says:

    I can’t fly it just stays on the floor help please

  19. BannerCraftGame says:

    Can you make a media fire link for this, im in a endless loopif dead links

  20. Blue_voi32 says:

    Uh how do I actually fly it?

  21. Powerfighter076 says:

    By the way, you have throw the gas canisters at the plane

  22. Powerfighter076 says:

    How do you shoot???🧐

  23. Idk says:

    I can’t find the gas cans can someone help?

  24. Foxieplayz says:

    I don’t get how u fly up up in the air I just won’t fly even tho I try and try

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi do you gain altitude

  26. Sam black says:

    The ride button doesn’t pop up for me I have tried everything plz help

  27. SAmuel says:

    It doesn’t fly and I downloaded the behaviour pack

  28. Lachlan says:

    Can you make it midafire

  29. Bob says:

    I just fly straight up, can someone help?

  30. Not important says:

    It’s not working it just flys straight up even holding a carrot on a stick

  31. Asterix says:

    AWESOME mod

  32. Anonymous says:

    Umm does it direct you to that infected ad thing like me too?

  33. Mahmoud says:

    In every add-on i download idon’t see the mount buttom what should i do plz !!!!!!!!!!

  34. Vexusminecraft129 says:

    Stop! Why Always Chicken For Flying/Underground!? Is So Annoying I Hate Using Chicken for Addon!.

  35. Sam says:

    I don’t know wether any one elce is having this problem but when I throw the fuel at it instead of it only going up a bit it just keeps going up and up and up and up……… PLS GIVE ME ANSWERS I THINK THIS IS REALLY COOL AND JUST WANT IT TO WORK!!! Pls help me Editor or someone!!!

  36. Binse03 says:

    I like it!! You Can make a Drones Addon? I wish me it 😉 …

  37. RageSkill18 says:

    I Have A Problem Why The Plane Doesn’t Fly And The Chicken Has Just Changed The Color To Blue

  38. Anonymous says:

    I Cant use this addon beacause it logging
    Plz do another war plane tgat is replace any mod (except chikens)

  39. Dave says:

    I cant ride it

    • Vexusminecraft129 says:

      Thanks Yes Bro Please Gona Exept Chickens
      I Want the Honorable P-51 Mustang And the lengendary A6m Mitsubishi Zero/Reisen and You can Dye Anything Color You Want P-51(Replace Zombie)
      A6m Reisen(Replace Husk)

    • Vexusminecraft129 says:

      Thanks Yes Bro Please Gona Exept Chickens
      I Want the Honorable P-51 Mustang And the lengendary A6m Mitsubishi Zero/Reisen and You can Dye Anything Color You Want P-51(Replace Zombie)
      A6m Reisen(Replace Husk) For All Please

  40. Aardon says:

    Could you make a ferrari addon

  41. BuggyPig says:

    I want it to replace blazes instead

  42. Francisco stadthagen says:

    Gona please make a mini cooper add or control remote toy addon.

  43. Ali says:

    it say s download behavior pack,my minecraft version dosen’t have it.🙁☹️

  44. RockbenMC says:

    It dosen’t work when i spawn a chicken it spawns an actual chicken

  45. Anonymous says:

    Mine was still moving and I couldn’t ride it

  46. Isack Gonzales says:

    Disappointment honestly. I love all of your addons and they all are the best for me! But this one is not good. First, I can’t fly it. It doesn’t go up, and the only way I could make it “fly” is to make it fall of a cliff. And still is really bad. You’ve said to other commenters to look at the post. But there is nothing their. Do I need to go in 3rd person, look up, press on the phone?! What!

    • PolygonForLife says:

      It’s an addon dude,just calm down dude.Addons can’t do such a thing and did you read the description? You must use snowball (fuel can)and throw to it.

      • Isack Gonzales says:

        Uh. Hello? I’m doing that. Also this is a serious deal. It’s basically lying to us. They do get credit if people download the addon. And we can’t give people credit for an addon that doesn’t work.

  47. GhostCesare says:


  48. Lucas says:

    Hi I love this but it would be great if you could make another but change the the chickens to another animal


  49. Dodo bird says:

    Gona is my favorite addon creator. He/she does these INSANE MODELS!

  50. DAEPICBOSSS says:

    Can you attack other players with this

  51. SanMedia says:

    This is sweet

  52. Sabby says:

    It looks cool

  53. ChocoPerryRG says:

    I really want an addon where you can control the War Plane with a Fishing Rod. When you look up, it will rise and when you look down, it will go lower and make it go left and right. When you Tap on Fish, It will Fire the Machine Guns

  54. Minecraftguytnt says:

    I can’t even figure out how to fly #sad life…

  55. William says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    It won’t work. For some reason it won’t fly. I throw the gas at the plane and everything. But it still won’t fly.

  57. James says:

    It can’t fly it just descends

  58. Krazyhorse234 says:

    Won’t work…….. I’m on IPad and it won’t let me get on the airplane. I have tried this add on so many times, and I still can’t get in the stinking airplane. I’m really mad……😟

  59. Can it fight bosses like the enderdragon

  60. MinecraftPro747 says:

    Could you make an addon that’s like a F-22 Raptor please? I would love that!

  61. Michael says:

    Also just wondering does the plane take damage since it’s a mob, if so you should re texture the potion of healing to a wrench so you can “repair” your plane ✈️

  62. Michael says:

    If you are looking for a cool idea of an addon it is a backpack 🎒 that takes place of armor and holds extra items in your inventory. Just a sugggeastion and you don’t need to take word for word

  63. JinKai says:

    Can i have skin you use

  64. John Cena says:

    Woah this is almost as good as WWE

  65. Dakota says:

    Hey gona the plane keeps going up up and up please help get to a certain height so we can actually “fly”

  66. colejackett says:

    Dude this is awesome. I think you should make a boat/yacht. That would be amazing. Also could be awesome if you made a big Addon file with all of the vehicle Addons you have made.

  67. Reece says:

    Hey editor my ad fly does not work for some reason so if you could give me a different link that will be great and if you know how to get ad fly working again please tell me thx.

  68. Bobjohns says:

    Can you make a emirates airline Addon? Can it replace the cow?please???

  69. Anonymous says:

    good mod looks cool

  70. Ali says:

    AWESOME but how do we make it faster

  71. Boboo says:

    How long does it stay in the air and why can’t you desend or ascend manually?

  72. Callum says:

    Love the textures but I can’t make it to fly. I’m using IOS 10.2 and Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0.3
    PLZ help it looks like a epic mod

  73. Dedeq says:

    This Add-on can’t work on my minecraft.But,would you make the submarine Add-on that replace elder guardian.Please!!!It would be awesome!!!!

  74. X_TheIceDragon_X says:

    Can you make fighter jet add-on and it was realistic not like mine truck.

  75. NavyDinoRanger says:

    So You Make A War Plane Right,Gona,Next Update the Spinosaurus Add on With New Texture And New Models

  76. Minecraft says:

    It doesn’t work

  77. MCPEMasterHQ says:

    Nice work, I could use this on my city.

    Pls subscribe to my channel


  78. AnugrahArya82 says:

    Cool!! I really like it !!!

  79. Bawar says:

    It run away and hunts mobs (propably a bug) and it doesnt fly even if i throw fuel cans on it. Am i doing it wrong or is it a bug.

  80. Agent 19292929282882727 says:

    This Addon is so Cool

  81. Daniel says:

    WOHHOOO!! I knew that gona made this Cuz of the model it’s awesome But I miss Dino’s soooo bad!!!!

  82. master janinosaurus says:

    first comment ♡♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  83. faiz says:

    please make german and japan airplane too 🙂

  84. Syg says:

    Best addon ever im going to make a war

  85. DanielPlays says:

    Why the airplane don’t fly!?

  86. PhantomBro95 says:

    Wow!, I Know Gona Will Make This! 😀

    P.S I Saw Gona Is Making This Addon On Twitter


  87. Anonymous says:

    For some reason when ever I Swicht my joystick out of my hand it stops working once I use it

  88. ??? says:

    How does it lift off I fuel it and move the joy stick

  89. Brian says:

    This is awesome!! Could you make some more military related addons?

  90. HypedHuzky says:

    The Plane Doesn’t Stop Going Up 0-0

  91. NainaKun096 says:

    Good addon

  92. KidBobsWorld says:

    Awesome plane gona I love the blue. I wonder if you could make a submarine? Or some kinda water craft

  93. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Awesome addon especially because someone finally created one that can be used in peaceful mode

  94. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Ok, Textures are cool but no matter how much I throw fuel at it it won’t fly. Why?

  95. Endernbrine says:

    A fighter jet. You are just the best man. Keep up the great work!

  96. captainfour4 says:

    Wow hrelicopter addon vs Airplane addon. Which addon do you like more? I like the helicopter addon (Blackhawk) more.

  97. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    And thanks for the gravatar Editor! Thanks so much!

  98. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Make a .mcaddon file so we couldn’t get tired for installing a lot of Addons

  99. Kkhachie says:

    It doesnt work 🙁

  100. Eman says:


  101. PickPlzCreeper says:

    That was cool and amazing

  102. TheVotor says:

    This is so awsome 80/80

  103. Enderman PE Official says:

    What a nice collection of flansmod right here I hope somebody is working on the d-day map or battlefield

  104. Superstarzs says:

    Great addon but make it so that the Planes don’t move when shooting by themselves and don’t make them tilt to shoot either, it is just annoying.

  105. Angelagirl says:

    Am I the first one?

  106. Army_Craft says:

    Gona can you make a train Addon? In Minecraft pe

  107. GhostCesare says:

    Planning for any other models, like the German Stuka or Lancaster Bomber

  108. GhostCesare says:

    Another Great addon, Can you Plz make a WWII flans mod, with uniforms and guns.

  109. GhostCesare says:

    Why is the American Air Force symbol on it?

  110. Endernbrine says:

    First comment. This is sooooooooo awesome man. Exellent job!

  111. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Can you please make a camouflage creeper addon that makes the creeper blend in with whatever block it is standing on?

  112. Brdon says:

    First to try!!! It’s so cool but it’s not really fast.In a future update can you make the plane faster?That would make it really fun but don’t worry I still use the add on

  113. Bobjohns says:

    OMG a airplane!!! This is a bit better than the Lamborghini

  114. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    Imma make a World War Minecraft I

  115. irfan islam says:

    Create all vehicles in one addon pleas

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