WasteLanders Version 1.0

Have you ever looked at Minecraft’s beautiful scenery and thought “You know, this looks neat and all but couple nukes will make this perfect”? then boy do I have an addon for you!Β Β 

WasteLanders, a post-apocalyptic addon that will guarantee you a new experience in Minecraft. This addon contains new hostile mobs, structures, biomes and food! Honestly the food is the highlight of this addon, not the biome overhauling.

Speaking of overhauling, I have completely overhauled the existing biomes to remove all the leaves and replace grass with coarse dirt. I also changed foliage, fog color, water color and even the sky box to give the environment it’s “dead” look.

I also created two new biomes! (technically four but the other two are just hills variations) The first biome is called The Wastelands (original name am I right?) which is the home to some new mobs and new structures and a new block known as dead grass.

The other biome is my favorite and it is known as the Scorched Lands, a burnt land home to the blood wings (more on them later) and where you can find the new blocks known as the bloodstone and scorched grass. 

The new mobs will give you one heck of a challenge to you as you travel the lands.

The Cockroach, Wasteland Crawler and the Horn Fly will be the common foes you will encounter. They will drop new items (with the exception of the horn fly for now) that you will be able to use in the near future. Also Cockroaches drop meat to eat and cook so that you have something to eat since animals do not spawn anymore until the next update. (I did this on purpose)

Rarer mobs are the Cave Crawler and the Tube Worm. they have no drops yet but will have an actual use besides trying to kill you.

I saved my favorites for last, the Scorpion and the Blood Wing. They spawn in the Wastelands and Scorched Lands respectively. The Scorpions spawn in the Wastelands and are the more lethal mobs of the two at least in one on one combat. The Blood Wings on the other hand are the most lethal mobs in this addon when they swarm you. They spawn anywhere in the scorched lands but are most commonly found in blood hives where they can easily swarm you.

I also added custom structures that spawn random loot (food for now but again, a later update will fix this) here are some of them now.

There is more stuff in this addon I haven’t told you about so you download it and take a look. 


Set game to experimental so that everything works properly and keep your rendering distances down to 32 below to avoid most crashes

please report bugs and send suggestions to my discord server.

also join the server for news on updates for this addon and for my main addon coming soon.

If for whatever reason you want to support my work, check out my Patreon and drop me a $1 or something.



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48 Responses

4.83 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. IHateFreeFire says:

    Nice addon
    I have one idea. You should add Survivor/Wasteland Survivor. Neutral mob and spawn in Wasteland or in New structure named Bunker. And Undead Survivor. Like zombie, but not burn on daylight and have skin variant (Zombie Version of Survivor). Spawn in Wasteland at Night or in Another new Structures named “Abandoned Bunker” and “Abandoned house Variant 4”

  2. Justin.venosa47 says:

    This is probably one of the best mods on bedrock Minecraft, it has great challenge with the wasteland crawlers and the buildings that can be found generated are absolutely awesome and they haven’t glitched out and they don’t float like other mods that add new structures. the one thing I would add is random structures underground, maybe you could add caves filled with toxic waste and maybe a new type of toxic zombie that hits heavy but is slow. or you could add a randomly generated government facility or lab with a sentry robot mob which is similar to something they would have in fallout. a fantastic mod anyways and it isn’t annoying and everything is balanced 10/10

    • I do plan on adding some underground structures. As for the toxic waste I have gotten a lot of requests for that but sadly I can’t put it in the game yet, at least not how I want it to be.

      The toxic zombie could be done tho, but since V1.1 is already far into development it will probably be a V1.2 feature if I don’t have time to put it in V1.1

      Robots and other machines will probably get their own update, facilities will probably be part of their update as well.

      I’m glad that you like my addon and I hope you like the V1.1 update which adds around 20 new mobs!

  3. Alexerator says:

    This addon is amazing, absolutely love it, a suggestion I have is maybe radios can be found scattered around the wasteland that eerily play old music, kinda like in Fallout, and yes, I know, another Fallout related suggestion lol

  4. Love these types of Add-on’s!

  5. AngeloWanted says:

    Yoo this is so awesome

  6. Balloonchiperom says:

    Can you add gas masks or hazard suits?

  7. Punnybones27 says:

    Forget the zombies just add the crazy people entities and replace the vilages into survivor’s bases since your add-on is all about the nuclear war thing not the biological spread or pandemic and weapons on those chests in the next update, man I’ve been searching for this thing thanks!

  8. SpikedCthulhu says:

    Could you perhaps add a variant of zombies that spawn around perhaps camps where new variants of illagers would spawn?

  9. Samuel Crafter1 says:

    It’s very nice but as a request could you please perhaps add blood wings elytra type of gear and a new armour and tool tier !?!?!πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ

  10. ManoMurga says:

    i loved the addon! but, the rivers, oceans and caves feel a little bit empty, i think some more mutated monsters would make the addon perfect! a giant piranha-like fish or a Giant spider that is actually the queen of a collony of mini spiders, like a new boss!

  11. Davianortis says:

    This is giving me major fallout vibes, you think you can add deathclaws?

  12. GXholeCraft_Official says:

    A Addon For Me To Use All The Others That Include Post Apocalypse

  13. Qwerty123 says:

    This is what I always wanted….. Thank you:)

  14. Wertzui says:

    I smell da Fallout 4~~~

  15. PoopL says:

    The grass sounds like Stone and I’m guessing the breaking sound as well, there should probably be irradiated versions of the new types of foods (i.e Corn), and the irradiated cod is called irradiated fish. But, still a good addon.

  16. Punnybones27 says:

    Hey since this addon’s background is around modern times, maybe you can make new weapons in the next update, well I hope so…so keep it up and nice add-on! I’d added my downloaded addons to make the gameplay more fun I’ll be waiting for the next update. Peace!

  17. Alexey says:

    Awesome mod πŸ‘, need survivors and bunkers.

  18. DhikaGamerZ says:

    This add-on is very good and extraordinary with post-apocalypse gameplay, with this add-on Minecraft becomes more interesting and fun.My advice, you can add a gun and melee weapons, and some structures such as a hospital or military base. The last suggestion you can change the cloud to black to make it look more.Thank you for making this add-on, I really like it πŸ˜€

  19. DanielTheCake says:

    I give this addon 999999999999999/10 and I only have one suggestion. I think that you should make a item that causes this biome to be created, like nuclear waste. It would add a way to find the biome easier and add to the gameplay.

  20. Primazal gaming says:

    Bro your add-on is so cool

    Suggestion:can u add infected humans (like zombies but look like players) and when they attack you you will have nausea and poison

    Add a new structure called the facility and add monster spawner with infected humans in it

    Add a new item called vaccine and you need to long tap the item to use it when infected humans attack you you can use it
    Last item =pistol has cool down up to 3 second (don’t add ammo because the game might crash for low end devices and don’t add more guns because the game might lag)

    Add a new biome called death land where the facility will be generated and where infected humans will spawns

  21. Fly4blunt says:

    can you add a t 45 power armor

  22. A Decayed mortal would make a great boss

  23. Could you add guns? It’d just add to the gameplay

  24. Misael david says:

    Es es casi como the last of us

  25. Red Fan says:

    Could you add a mob that can be ridden and tamed as well as other tameable mobs and more mobs in general? More structures and biomes would be cool as well. Great Addon!

  26. Stick Boy says:

    Yes, just yes

    This addon reminds me so much of

    Don’t Escape:4 days to survive

    If you don’t know that game, check it out, you literally recreated it in this addon but even better! I love this!

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