Water Element Addon

Are you a Warcraft fan? Try this Water Element Addon, it will help you to survive or to protect our village with it’s strong body & powerful skills. Worth trying.

Term of use:

I allow you to use this content as you wish, just as long you credit me under your name. Either you use it for a video or for your own map, I allow it.

How to spawn:


  • water element will automatically attack all monsters and protect village targets.
  • water element will never attack you even you try to kill it.
  • water element use water spear [ Damage: 6 ] as its projectile to attack enemy.
  • when water element is besieged by 4 or more monsters, It will use Skill “Water Explosion”, [ Damage: 8 ] to nearby enemy and knock them away.

  • After water element die, it will make another explosion which cause same damage.



  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL
  • If you wish to use this for your content, at least credit me.
  • You may copy/paste this for your content as well if you wish


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43 Responses

4.8 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Guest-7523424617 says:

    put in a earth, fire and air one

  2. Guest-7804577081 says:

    Can you make them rideable please? I love this addon by the way. Water’s my favourite element!

  3. Guest-8632409064 says:

    I’m warcraft fan too, now I’m making Magtheridon and the forgotten ones addon

  4. Guest-1265645297 says:


  5. Guest-4006233794 says:

    Works on realms?

  6. Guest-1073340994 says:

    as a world of warcraft fan and a warcraft fan, i approve of this. great addon

  7. FirelordEddie says:

    Me encantó!
    Podrías hacer otra versión que no ataquen a los creepers?

  8. Guest-9720773751 says:


  9. Guest-8057431872 says:

    can u do the all the elements pls?

  10. Guest-5816783087 says:

    are you like war craft 3???

  11. Guest-7293167329 says:

    Can you make jojo stands ( The world, Star Platinum, king crimson, silver chariot and etc

  12. Guest-2653335044 says:

    Maybe a crafting recipe for spawn egg? Not to be domestic, just a village guard as an alternative to iron golems until you can find more iron and/or a pumpkin if you already have enough iron

  13. Guest-3175201769 says:

    Zahf22 have that xd

  14. Guest-8208358897 says:

    Can you please add footman too? Footman’s are just regular soldiers and they will protect the village but if you attack them they will kill you add them please

  15. Guest-6440536284 says:

    Your amazing for just starting out your already better than a lot

  16. Guest-7508997103 says:

    Can I help if not good starting out your better than some that have been doing this for
    Multiple years

  17. The addon is short but the new entity is super epic, please add more elemental you good at this

  18. Guest-1339126488 says:

    Very Cool!!

  19. Guest-5054617135 says:

    Nice addon! Can you make other elements?

  20. Guest-4582060568 says:

    Earth elemental pls

  21. xXMelvinFanXz says:

    It Kinda reminds of me one of the water mobs from Lycanites’s mob mod

  22. Guest-9604192194 says:

    Aparecen naturalmente? Si no lo asen, espero que si lo agan en otra actualizacion,idea: podrian aprecer cerca de el agua o en el agua y que pueda con algo, por ejemplo un bloque de oro, esto es una idea, pero espero que apresca

  23. Guest-6365727693 says:

    Amazing, you were on twitter weren’t you? Amazing work man! Keep it up.

  24. Guest-1380439032 says:

    Awsome addon can’t wait till next update.

  25. Guest-6228060587 says:

    I am Having a hard Time trying to get this to Minecraft heck I even had to try converting it into a Zip file can you turn them into a behavior and resource separate and also are you going to add more elementals

  26. ItsmeyourPartner says:

    I love it😍😍😍 make some new update elements addon

  27. iiExotic says:

    Also could you make a water element that attacks you?

  28. Guest-2558565403 says:

    I love this addon 🙂

  29. Guest-4981581799 says:

    Wow,just wow 🤩

  30. Guest-3495360312 says:


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