Water World (Survival Friendly Challenge Addon)

This add-on turns your world into an underwater adventure! Think of it as an “underwater skyblock” in a generated world. Water replaces air as you load the area and you must survive and make your way through the game underwater without drowning. There is also an option in the pack to give yourself water breathing if you do not want to worry about drowning while playing.

This showcase video sums up all the features of the pack:

This addon transforms your world so it is an underwater survival challenge. Swim through the water and try not to drown! Everything is explained in the above video. I hope you enjoy it!

A note on credits/redistribution:

Please do not redistribute this addon without permission from me! Feel free to use all of my addons in whatever but do not claim them as your own and please give appropriate credit ideally linking to my YouTube or MCPDL profile. Thank you! (the number of sites which steal your creations is mental!)

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Feedback is really appreciated! The best way to give feedback is on the discord as I am very active there!

Changelog View more
  • Ensured all is working in 1.16!
  • Updated pack icon
  • Updated MCPDL thumbnail
  • Added description to the behaviour pack in the game


General Installation:
  • Click on the link
  • Download
  • Open file

Alternatively, you can join my discord and you will have access to all the downloads for all my creations before they are fully released! Discord Link


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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24 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-8114424882 says:

    bruh this is a global warming addon

  2. Guest-5785636472 says:

    Thanks so much for this 🙂 I have been wanting a pack that does this and couldn’t figure out how to do it myself so thanks! Don’t have an account but if I did I would rate it 5 stars!

  3. A.I master says:

    Wow looking for this

  4. PC1364 says:

    make it in all dimensions! i went to the end and there was no water

    • Guest-2307025470 says:

      The End yeah just few problems basically all creatures there hate water but it’s easy to some l solve by playing with creatures behavior but it will make destroying end creatures must easier and killing the dragon much much much harder

      • Scommander says:

        Yeah that was my thought process! I didn’t think the nether having water made much sense because water shouldn’t be in the nether, and it doesn’t translate to the end very well. Thank you for downloading it PC1364 🙂

  5. friskyhyena says:

    This is cool, but I would like you to make a addon like breath underwater and drown in air

    • Scommander says:

      That would be really easy, but I don’t plan on releasing an addon which does that. If you would like that in your world you could set up 2 repeating commands blocks which the following commands:

      execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~1.8 ~ water -1 effect @s water_breathing 1 0 true
      execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~1.8 ~ air -1 effect @s poison 1 0 true

      It could be made more complex and better but that should do that if you wish to add it. It’s just such a small feature for a single addon I don’t think it justifies having its own download 🙂

  6. Guest-1962692671 says:

    Its not working on 1.16

    • Scommander says:

      The official update is coming out today so I will double-check this. As far as I know, nothing should be affected but I could be wrong. I’ll get back to you.

  7. Guest-8973209703 says:

    Is there any way at all to get air?

  8. Guest-8978459729 says:

    Does it works in realms?

    • Scommander says:

      I haven’t tried yet, but I believe it should! I know realms is always weird with addons but as this only uses commands I think it should work like intended on a realm.

  9. Hamox says:

    Doors: allow us to introduce ourselves

  10. Guest-1418489553 says:

    Okay this is cool
    I like it nobody’s ever done this

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