Wave [Redstone]

A redstone wave is absolutely useless but it’s really eye-pleasing to look at. It’s like an installation of art using minecarts, pistons and redstone. There’s really no size limit but this particular one is big enough to creating a long lasting impression.

Creator: ProMrEnderman

How does it work?

Press the stone button found on one of the blue wool blocks. Once it’s pressed a redstone signal will be triggered and soon after the redstone wave will begin.


The minecarts will be launched up into the air and cause something looking like a wave but eventually it will stop. It’s quite useless but definitely cool to look at!


We recorded a short video to demonstrate how this looks like in-game!

Here is the video by Adventure Gaming HQ which originally created this fun invention in Minecraft Pocket Edition.



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8 Responses

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  1. kurt says:

    Wow its like a 3d wave but one problem when its over I cannot do it again

  2. GamerX says:

    Its a bad zip file

  3. CrEepySAUCE says:

    Well, improvement or not, it may or may not be necessary. But we certainly don’t need to be rude, that would be cyberbullying. Let’s please just be kind to eachother…

  4. Jakub Bláha says:

    I have a little improvement for your map 😀 Please give me your email. I will send it to you.

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