WayBelt v1.0 [Beta]

Are you ready to teleport around your Minecraft world without typing long boring commands that aren’t survival friendly?!

The waybelt add-on will allow you to travel M U C H faster than vanilla Minecraft!



The waybelt is wearable belt that teleports you to your nearest placed waystone within 255 blocks ! Make sure to place one every 100 blocks for optimal teleportation while travelling. To activate the waybelt just simply sneak to be teleported to your waystone! There is a 10 second cooldown so dont spam it!


The object you teleport to on activation of your waybelt. All you have to do is simply place the waystone and your all set to teleport! Make sure to place at least two one when traveling long distances! To remove the waystone interact with it with a pickaxe.



Authors:Ishan[KBG](Co-Founder,Coder,Team Manager), Amon28 (Team Manager,Modeler,Animator,Pixel Artist &Coder), ihategravel (Team Manager & Coder),BlueFoxKid(Pixel Artist),Starlk(Render Artist) Add-on Promotion by:Hallis(Marketing Officer&Team Manager) Special Thanks to justAsh for watermark code and Jean for helping in adding custom item in creative inventory.

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Nothing Special in this update just noticed some grammatical mistakes 😛

Updated the links and added better installation guide

Fixed Grammatical mistakes so that people can understand the description properly

Updated the links and added better installation guide

Fixed Grammatical mistakes so that people can understand the description properly


There is a backup link of our add-on in case if the website link doesn't work but it is mostly recommended to download from our website so that we can track the addon and get a feedback it can also help us in improving the adddon

When you open our website do these steps:
If you have android/windows 10 then download .mcpack file and after downloading click on it and then it will import the pack in game
If you are an iOS user then download .zip file
After you have installed the mcpack create new world and make sure to keep it above all add-on and after that create a new world.

It requires latest beta of Minecraft which means it will not work in iOS devices and also requires expiremental gameplay on because of new components and features!

If you want us to make it for stable version as well then please tell us in comments


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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21 Responses

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  1. BenGaming says:

    Is their a version for 1.14?
    Just because I play on 1.14 😊

  2. PTGamer666 says:

    It only worker

  3. Zucth says:

    I myself didn’t try it myself but this one is still very interesting. Using this in adventure map with other mod as a mapper these combination might be fun.

  4. Spellman says:

    How can i remove it from my world? i can’t hit and kill ’em :/

  5. Just A Gamer Official YT says:

    Hi, it would be difficult to get the way belt it would be better If u change that to xp.i.e If you want to return then it would take 3xp or something like that and if you want to make it a bit hard then include the nether star in waystone’s recipe (like in PC) However,I respect your work and keep improving.

  6. Pjcmplays says:

    Yes i am on the lastest yes I always turned ontge experimental gameplay turn on

  7. Please, never make addon for beta, nobody likes beta.

  8. “Secured and adfree website”
    Yep, sure. The first thing I see is an ad.
    Thanks for using a mediafire that works cos the first one dosent

  9. Pjcmplays says:

    It doesn’t work for me
    I tried it inmy survival world but it doesn’t work at all thae recipes are not working and i put the behavior and resource pack in the top

  10. DLV26 says:

    Ok, it was good 🙂

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