Weaponized Atlas Robot [Redstone]

The Weaponized Atlas Robot is the latest and most advanced weapon technology in the Minecraftian universe. Basically it’s an enormous robot powered by redstone which can walk and shoot fire charges at the same time. It’s not easy to build but it’s definitely a great weapon to fight swarms of monsters or other intruders who you want demolished.

Creator: Jhomes, Twitter Account

How to activate the robot?

To activate the robot you will need to do two things. First you will have to place a slimeblock at the back of the machine (as seen down below).


Then go to the front of the robot and use the flint & steel on the observer block to enable the robot to start walking.


It both walks and shoots fire charges at the same time.



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18 Responses

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  1. Mcpedl user says:

    Derpy jhomes, can you plz give the download link for a .mcworld file and not a .zip file. .zip file doesn’t work on mcpe

  2. Noah says:

    how cool

  3. Ayan says:

    How to stop the robot

  4. Khalid khan says:

    i downloaded it but it is neither a robot nor as shown in screen shots. :[email protected]

  5. TheBlockChef says:

    Mediafire doesn’t work for me. Could you make a dropbox link?

  6. AV says:

    Hello Editor, I think you gave the wrong link, there is no weapon.

  7. FinJ says:

    It is a totally different map

  8. LeeAm says:

    This map is trolling us i saw in the picture its so tall i spawned in the map its too short editor can u even try?!

  9. Delegend42 says:

    Can you give me a dropbox link? For some reason mediafire is not working on my phone

  10. raul says:

    You should make an easier way to install the mapa because you dont evento vive the links to install them…you should make something yo install them on this same page.

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