Weapons Extreme Mod

The Weapons Extreme Mod adds three new weapons to the game. The weapons include scythes, katanas and battle axes. Each of the new weapons got their own unique special abilities and weaknesses. If you are into handheld weapons then this mod will definitely satisfy your crave for a bigger weapons arsenal in-game.

Creator: UltraPeachMC


The Iron Scythe does 8 damage each hit. Also, each time you hit something you’ll be healed up by one half heart.

The Gold Scythe isn’t necessary powerful than the iron because it does only does 6 damage each hit but it does heal you up 2 hearts each hit.

The Diamond Scythe is more powerful than both of the ones mentioned above as it does 10 attack damage and heals you one heart each hit.

  • Iron Scythe (447) – 3 iron ingots + 2 sticks
  • Golden Scythe (448) – 3 gold ingots + 2 sticks
  • Diamond Scythe (449) – 3 diamonds + 2 sticks



The katanas do a great deal of damage but the main advantage is that they won’t knock back the enemies which you fight. It a silent and fast weapon for all you ninjas out there.

  • Iron Katana (9 damage) (450) – 2 iron ingots + 1 stick
  • Golden Katana (8 damage) (451) – 2 gold ingots + 1 stick
  • Diamond Katana (10 damage) (452) – 2 diamonds + 1 stick


Battle Axes

The battle axes are the most powerful weapons in terms of the damage they deal. The downside with the battle axes are that they require a cooldown period of a second or so before they can be used again as they are very heavy objects to carry.

  • Iron Battle Axe (20 damage) (453) – 4 iron ingots + 3 sticks
  • Golden Battle Axe (10 damage) (454) – 4 gold ingots + 3 sticks
  • Diamond Battle Axe (30 damage) (455) – 4 diamonds + 3 sticks



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  1. Funkiestcord67 says:

    OHHH it looks good, lemme try!

  2. Carter says:

    Change it to mediafire

  3. Me says:

    Create a mod I mean

  4. Me says:

    How to make a mod

  5. Anonymous says:

    Its Its Notch

  6. SkyKenji says:

    What do you do next after downloading it from google docs then where do your import it/Copy it to? Then what is next? Do you really need a computer?

  7. Hadi says:

    Plz teach me….????

  8. FastByte22 says:

    Any chance this mod could get updated for 11.x? Still seems to be running 10.x textures….not to mention there’s only 176 lines of code.

  9. XxBaderChampXx says:


  10. Droland says:

    How do i download it from google drive?

  11. Arthur Duck says:

    How do u download it?

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