Weapons+ (Beta)

Have you ever downloaded some weapons addon, and it doesn’t fulfill your expectations? Well, look no further because this weapons addon will fulfill all of them! (in the future this is still in the beta :P). So far, this add-on will add in 34 items which consist of 2 ores, 10 ingots, a lightsaber handle, and 21 weapons!

First, let’s start off with the ores!

Black Iron Ore:

Drops: Black Iron Ingot

Rainbow Ore:


Blue Ingot

Red Ingot

Green Ingot

Yellow Ingot

Black Ingot

White Ingot

Purple Ingot

Now the Ingots

The Colored Ingots:

And the Black Iron Ingot, Quartz Ingot, and Obsidian Ingot:

How to Get the Ingots:

Lightsaber Handle:

Used to make the lightsaber.

The Weapons:


Materials you can use to make Daggers:

Emerald, Quartz, Obsidian, Redstone, Lapis, and Coal.

Dagger gives you speed when you hold it.

Crafting Ingredients: 1 of any minerals on a stick.

Dagger Damage and durability:

Redstone: 2.8 ATK and 90 D

Lapis: 2.5 ATK and 100 D

Emerald: 4 ATK and 800 D

Obsidian: 4.5 ATK and 1050 D

Quartz: 3.25 ATK and 600 D

NOTE: There are no daggers for the colored Ingot yet. and Coal Dagger cus that would make torches. :/


Crafting Ingredients: 2 of the same colored Ingots, and 1 lightsaber handle.

All of the lightsabers do 11 damage and 2000 durability.


Crafting Ingredients: 2 of the same gem/mineral on a stick.

NOTE: There are no Swords for the colored Ingot yet.

Materials you can use to make Swords:

Emerald, Quartz, Obsidian, Redstone, Lapis, and Coal.

Sword Damage and durability:

Redstone: 5.8 ATK and 165 D

Lapis: 5.5 ATK and 170 D

Coal: 5.4 ATK and 140 D

Emerald: 8 ATK and 1600 D

Obsidian: 9 ATK and 2100 D

Quartz: 6.5 ATK and 1200 D

That is all, for now, I hope you like it. 😀 Here is my twitter, I will do something with it soon and discord nonexistent for now, and yeah byeeeeee. 😀



Just click on the link and download on Mediafire. NO ADS.


Supported Minecraft versions


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36 Responses

4.5 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-8254896979 says:

    add normal enchants to ur weapons plz i mean all of them. sharpness, fire aspect, just, plz. especially mending. plz.

  2. Guest-3780656579 says:

    Update to 1.16 please kinda need it
    Thank you

  3. Guest-8429017343 says:

    U should add new types of bows

  4. Guest-2887383596 says:

    can this mod play it on online ?

  5. Pactiateotl says:

    Hi, I’m playing in Windows 10 Edition, why this is not working on my Minecraft? I receive messages like:

    [Blocks][error]-My World | black_iron_ore_feature | minecraft:ore_feature | may_replace | block ‘minecraft:stone’ updated to a state ‘stone_types’ that it does not contain

    [FeatureRegistry][error]-My World | black_iron_ore_feature | The feature name Black_Iron_Ore_feature did not match the expected name of black_iron_ore_feature

    • KanadaEh says:

      Its not an error dont worry It works 100% cus I tested it! also black iron ore spawn at y Lvl 20 and below and colored ore is 20 and below as well.

  6. Guest-1170736945 says:

    I can’t craft any of the items. I did turn on experimental gameplay.

  7. KanadaEh says:

    Aight guys I forgot to include the Y lvls of the ores so that is my bad so I am so sorry but Here are the y lvls for the ores. Black Iron Ore= Y level 20 and below. Rainbow Ore=20 and below as well but rarer than there black iron ore(spawns in a pack of 3).

  8. Guest-1031191966 says:

    Also pls add items to crafting menu if possible

  9. Guest-4531434430 says:

    So I loaded new chunks to mine for the ores but I can’t find them. What levels can I find them on? Because I think that’s the problem.

  10. Guest-6741875879 says:

    that not work;(

  11. Guest-3359976755 says:

    I have it installed but it does no damage for either weapon. Anything I’m doing wrong?

  12. Guest-9236980669 says:

    Add scythe

  13. Guest-6019672074 says:

    Can you make a Armor+ mod to go with this mod? I would love that

  14. Guest-5191917973 says:

    May I propose something put enchants for the new weppons

  15. Guest-6806184568 says:

    Hey all, turn on experimental gameplay, then it should work, but doesn’t look like the tools and weapons are in creative menus, but the 2 new ore is,

  16. Guest-6379621892 says:

    I downloaded both the resource and behavior and they are active in my world but they are not working im not sure what i did wrong. ,

  17. Guest-6379621892 says:

    I downloaded both the resource and behavior and they are active in my world but they are not working im not sure what i did wrong.

  18. MagmaFang23 says:

    We are all thankful that you didn’t put ads in the links. Good luck, to you! I love the mod! Really really cool!

  19. Guest-2929711855 says:

    Thank you to put it on mediafire its so better

  20. RealFireFinder says:

    Thank you for not putting the files in a link like adfly or something and great mod!

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