Weavers Addon

The Weavers, space traveling entities that feeds on energy. The dark matter and radiation they feed on is what gives them their immense power.

It helps to not think of the lore going into this addon, because it’s really just a bunch of stuff I made up. They’re just big space dragons.

This addon can be used in survival, giving you an interesting late-game challenge

Let’s begin with the main attraction, 

The Weavers

Atmospheric Weavers

A subspecies to the weavers, also made of energy.

This weaver is created in a habitable planet with an oxygen rich atmosphere, although it it unable to grow to massive sizes or travel through space, it’s still quite formidable.

They are the ONLY weaver that spawns naturally in your Minecraft world.

Health: 230

Attack: 16

Drops energized cells

Planetary Weavers

All weavers usually begin life in star systems, collecting more and more energy, slowly growing to their unknown full potential.

Health: 1000

Attack: 37

Drops energized cells and cosmic membranes

Deep-Space Weavers

When a weaver has grown enough, they leave the star system where they’re born and out to deep space. These weavers are extremely rare and powerful

Health: 6000

Attack: 110

Drops energized cells and cosmic membranes

Death, The Destroyer of Worlds

Obvious Oppenheimer quote aside, death is a weaver that has lived for a very very long time. This colossal weaver isn’t really something you can fight, and is only here to mess around with in creative mode.

Health: 550000

Attack: 22500

Drops energized cells and cosmic membranes

Energy Syphons

To make a syphon, first you’ll need an energy core

in the addon, it actually costs diamond blocks, but I think that’s too expensive, so when you have enough, just do

/give @p test:energized_cell

and throw away the materials.

Basic Syphon

Crafting a spawn egg is bugged, so when you have enough materials, take the blank spawn egg to get rid of the materials, then do

/summon test:basic_syphon

you can “kill” it then move it anywhere you want

The basic syphon gives you some trades that you can easily figure out

hint: get the shield and chip, then grind atmospheric weavers to have enough for a planetary weaver. After killing a planetary weaver, trade for advanced core to make an advanced syphon.

Advanced Syphon

again, take the blank egg, then do

/summon test:adv_syphon

More trades that you should easily understand


Personal Energy Shields

These consumable items can be traded from the syphons.

They compensate for the lack of armour in the addon, “eat” them like a golden apple and they will give you defensive effects of a long time. When paired with enchanted armour and golden apple, it’ll give you a really high survivability.

Physical Enhancement Chips

These consumables can also be traded from the syphons

They compensate for the lack of weapons. “eating” them gives you offensive buffs for a long time. Paired with an enchanted sword will allow you to do a lot of damage.

The highest level of both consumables, paired with an enchanted diamond set and an enchanted golden apple makes you a force to be reckoned with!

The Energy-Particle Based Lifeform

What in my opinion is the highlight of this update.

Now, humans, with the energy syphons can create weavers. So, it’s only logical for them to create their own weavers, one to help them fight any threats that come their way.

Unfortunately, even with what they know, they can’t perfectly create what space has done since the beginning of time. The creature created became unstable

The Unstable Particle Entity

Health: 1500

Attack: 90-100

Attacks with a directed particle beam, taking time to charge, but doing massive damage and has a considerably long range

The creature, like the weavers is energy based. It also has a hard shell like, scaly outer layer. Due to its instability, it has electrical sparks crackling around its body and makes it highly aggressive, killing anything it sees.

And, of course, it could be tamed!

(cause why not? it looks cool)

Tame it with eyes of ender

(10% chance)

Once tamed, it doesn’t follow you around or anything. It only stops attacking you. That means it still attacks other players, pets, syphons, animals, and, well, anything.

But I think a truce between you and it is good enough.

Demonstration Video

Changelog View more
  • Weavers are more consistent
  • Weavers no longer fly/go through walls (a compromise for consistency)
  • More weavers
  • consumable items
  • Energy syphons
  • A whole new type of mob/boss/pet
  • Can be used in survival (mostly)


Supported Minecraft versions


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98 Responses

4.82 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. Guest-6074387072 says:

    Hi maybe add a stable weaver if you get a hyper sphion which is very expensive but the stable weaver is neutral and can be tamed and is hostile to monsters and is very powerful and when tamed it is like a Minecraft dog

  2. Guest-4596596342 says:

    when will it be updated?

  3. Guest-4910274677 says:

    Can I modify it?

  4. Guest-9950005145 says:

    when i was looking through the files i found a something called a energy sword. what are you planing on doing with it and how do you make it? you don’t have to respond.

  5. Guest-6674419248 says:

    Will the weavers attack each other?

  6. Guest-6510978045 says:


  7. Guest-4542947100 says:

    Are you going to add a wavy to make the unstable energy stronger after being tamed I really don’t want Pryton to die ;-; this is thespiderscientist from YouTube if anyone here even knows me

  8. FlaviusFire says:

    Those are some fancy looking models! Awesome concept!

  9. Guest-5115437025 says:

    I have a idea suntouched weavers there bright yellow and are so hot they melt stone and set things on fire


    The different weavers should have different textures and the particle entity needs a better more noticable walk cycle other than that the addon is ok

  11. Guest-7281651906 says:

    Wish I could ride the Safi,jjiva looking Weaver’s based creature can you add eggs like they can breed or like other creature since you added the red Weaver’s based entity like a parasite creature a snake creature or mabye even a good Weaver’s the only Weaver’s to live to see what it’s like to be the only one who got to there full potential power

    • ociNNico says:

      Heh, Safi’jiiva, yeah, one of the inspirations

      I will try to make it ridable and a sit feature if I can, since it will make it a better pet

      I’ve had an idea of “only weaver to reach full power” and being an observer, I guess that would kinda fit, wouldn’t it? so maybe next update

  12. Guest-2419491998 says:

    Wow! This addon is so cool. I have 1 suggestion, which is to make the tameable entity a bit slower, just to balance him out (I mean I can’t even get close hahaha)

  13. Guest-3259196846 says:

    like the addon just i wish you could make the weavers fly up or down any direction. but its still the best addon ive ever had

  14. Guest-3027232801 says:

    I have a suggestion. Could you make a twilight forest addon?

  15. Guest-1322156512 says:

    Wow that is soo cool ,i named the new mob who can be tamed Virus , can u add the sit/stand feature because ,i usually make him sit by making him ride in boat XD

  16. Guest-2513676926 says:

    honestly, this is one of the best addons I have seen in a long time, but as all things are it can be better. for me I don’t really care that one of the Weavers? weavers… what is weavers? looks weird when it shoots. but, it would be cool if it is possible to fight the eater of words, now that is practically imposible. unless you gave us an enchantment that is as a normal diamond sword but if you hit the eater it will olmost kill it. but if you ever do this you need to make it extreamly difficult.

  17. ThisJobYT says:

    I thought you made the Weavers be able to fly into the sky when spawned, similar to that of the Phantoms. Even custom Phantoms can fly into the sky when newly spawned..

  18. What in the name of Jengus Christler? Man, you really stepped up your game! This is incredible. Maybe you could seek the help of other addon creators to help with weapons and armor. P.S. Thanks for fixing the hitboxes. P.P.S Is there anyway to fix how the particle creature doesn’t actually look at his enemy when the beam attack happens? It messes up the attack.

    • ociNNico says:

      I tried fixing where it looks when shooting it’s beam, but I don’t know, it just doesn’t work, unfortunately.

      At least it still looks up when attacking taller/flying mobs

  19. Guest-1985875922 says:

    Aye man, are u beta or specifically, because I am and they animation for not just ur addon also other addons are all very broken I just need an answer cuz I asked everyone I know and no one answered

  20. Guest-2194041958 says:

    Can you make it rideable.?

  21. Hello GAMER!! So Ive always been bothered that the color/light of the other weavers (deep space and death) is always the same other color, so i have a suggestion to change the color of the circle things on the deep space and death weavers. But its still a good addon!

  22. Guest-7069933565 says:

    Is a weaver mythical creature (username Thetigerking)

  23. Guest-6580999387 says:

    Hey! Your addon is very nice. I’m impressed by the particle entity especially, I think it would be amazing if you gave it a proper movement animation. The standby animation is very good tho.

  24. Guest-2338577334 says:

    These remind me of the time eater from sonic generations…

  25. Wufflesvn says:

    Nice addon

  26. Hi! If you would like my godzilla addon to fight your addon I could make that in my addon if you want! It would be fun!

  27. Guest-2724576166 says:

    Who would win, Death, Destroyer of Worlds or Crimson Ghidorah from the Godzilla KOTM Mod made by Distant?

  28. Guest-1103265604 says:

    Can you add a Richural to summon “death, destroyer of world’s” and weapon’s with an effective way to defend and stack the beast? A weapon could just be like craftable and the defencive could be a food or somthin’ and the ritual would be like a ritual looking mob that you have to give a revers soul or sumthin’.

    Nice addone!!!

    • ociNNico says:

      In the next update there will be “consumables” that gives you defensive and offensive buffs to compensate the lack of weapons (at least for now) and there will also be a way to spawn in the weavers in survival, but not death

  29. Guest-6878937208 says:

    I just want to know how to make this stuff

  30. Guest-9824539659 says:

    Do they spawn naturally, I want this in my survival world, just curious?

  31. Guest-2515899056 says:

    Can you make the weavers flying better? They keep flying up and down really fast and I don’t know if that is a bug or not

  32. Guest-4091385314 says:

    Try to work on the creature’s animation and it will be a really good mod, I don’t want to say anything about the hit boxes, because someone already said something about that, other than that it is a really great mod. Keep doing your best!

  33. Guest-5876200182 says:

    Can you maeke itsee rideable and tameable

  34. Very nice. Textures look awesome, and Death is definitely the largest mob I’ve ever seen in an addon. I only have one problem. Both Death and the regular weavers’ hitboxes are way too tiny. I know you used the behaviours of a phantom (the particle effects under the weavers proves that), but it is nearly impossible to hit regular weavers, and you have to be directly under Death attacking a certain place.

  35. Guest-4063795433 says:

    Amazing Addon! It’s cool how people recreate things in Minecraft that are already a thing. But I think it’s also cool when people make up there own things to put into Minecraft like this. Cheers to your creativity and this wonderful Addon!

  36. Guest-4063795433 says:

    Amazing Addon! It’s cool how people recreate things in Minecraft that are already a thing like scp. But I think it’s also cool when people make up there own things to put into Minecraft like this. Cheers to your creativity and this wonderful Addon!

  37. Guest-9419029072 says:

    He can eat villager?

  38. Guest-5913009088 says:

    The Weavers look like they were inspired by the anime ghidorah

  39. Guest-3604388982 says:

    Weavers vs Chinese godzilla addon
    Winner:Chinese godzilla addon

  40. Guest-7103889497 says:

    I think there is a bug since the “world destroyer” does not attack me, it just flies in place. the normal weaver is fine, although you could make it can do some more attack to vary it

  41. Guest-1186295182 says:

    Will you grant them the ability to recover / add to their hp after killing a solid mob?

    • ociNNico says:

      That’ll be cool, but I don’t know how to do that

      • Guest-6330801112 says:

        You could use animation controllers and bridges

        Like this:
        “Controller.animation.(name_here)”: {
        “Initial_state”: “attacking”: {
        “Transitions”: [
        “Weaver_attack”: {
        “Weaver_attack”: {
        “Transitions”: [
        “!Variable.attack_time”(you must put it like this or else it will constantly heal after attacking)
        “On_entry”: [
        “/Effect @s regeneration (or instant_health)”

  42. Guest-7642653779 says:

    oh dear, it seems LegitDragon’s most powerful godzilla addon may have a challenger! let us test this.
    btw noce se of oppenheimer’s quote.

    • Guest-4435607291 says:

      nice use* not noce se

    • ociNNico says:

      Test it out! And have fun!
      Although Death and the Weaver’s behaviors are pretty bad, so although they’re pretty strong, they’re still pretty incompetent

    • Guest-6491882725 says:

      Due to some incapabilities in LegitDragonBoy’s Godzilla Legacy addon (Eg some of the godzilla mobs would not attack or be damaged)
      I have come to the result,
      Death The Destroyer of Worlds, has killed
      godzilla, rodan, mothra, mechagodzilla, and scylla (ghidorah and burning godzilla would not attack/take damage)

      This Addon now has the crown of most powerful mob in mcpedl

      • ociNNico says:

        Hey, that’s cool. Death isn’t completely incompetent after all. Although I think SCP 682 is still stronger

        • Guest-4353079667 says:

          And Scp 096. And maybe 173.

        • Guest-7986662248 says:

          i never looked into the scp addons ;~;

          i’ll test them soon

          • Guest-9838430832 says:

            This is is the most powerful (nongodded – eg immortality or player interactive mob) mob boss in mcpedl.
            reasons – SCP-682 & SCP-173 are both godded (one granted immortality, another player interactive)
            – Death and SCP-096 DID battle it out (best of 2/3) Death winning 2 battles and 096 none.
            – SCP-682 & SCP-173 Both would not die in any other manner besides the kill command.

            so, yeah strongest nongodded boss in mcpedl. though, they are their own different and respective genres, Death takes the title.

          • Guest-4681092272 says:

            scratch that, scp-096 cant die either i just learned he gets back up .-.

  43. Guest-2771607700 says:

    I love this addon

  44. Guest-6516097196 says:

    Hey, ociNNico, I love the work you’ve put into this Addon. I think that there could be more types of mobs to this Addon. Since they are dimensional/spatial dragons, how about making some subspecies? There is also Death, The Destroyer of Worlds, so how about making some dragons like Nidhogg, Jormungand, Leviathan, etc? Or maybe you should name some other mobs modeled after mythological deities, Demons, etc? These are just some suggestions, so just take some inspiration after researching some of them. Thanks.

    • ociNNico says:

      Thanks! And also thanks for the ideas! I’ll definitely add some subspecies or something like that. For more named weavers or creatures, I’ll see what I can try to come up with

  45. Guest-3027269614 says:

    Good addon, but I want some space items like swords or guns,…

  46. Guest-7946623661 says:

    Add a Weaver or space themed items

  47. Guest-8403539986 says:

    Is this the future godzilla of your addon @project Kaiju??? (demonstration video)

  48. Guest-7551971611 says:

    Jesus, your channel logo blocked the text at the end so I thought it said you abandoned the Godzilla project XD, great addon btw

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