Welcome To The Tardis REBORN

The Doctor is an ancient Time Lord or Lady. Who Travels through time and space with the T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). The Doctor is accompanied by companions on adventures.

Do you consider yourself a true Whovian (also known as a Doctor Who fan)? If that’s the case then you definitely have to download this Reborn map and give it a try in-game. The map features many of the control rooms and other TARDIS areas and all of them are based on the ones in the Doctor Who TV show. You’ll start out in the Overworld at a police box and from there you can access the Revamped TARDIS!

All of the rooms are connected by corridors so you can easily go from one to another without leaving the building.

They are Many Rooms to be Explored.

Some Hard to find.

Youtube Link:  for sneak peaks for upcoming prodjects.

Changelog View more


-Added A Flight GUI ( Please Read the Instructions, BTW it doesn't work with other people)

-Added the 11th Doctors Console Room

-Added a Parliament Of The Daleks (Daleks not included)

-Added a Suspicious Bedroom

-Removed The Portal Room

-Added the 12th Doctors Console Room

-Added the 10th Doctors Console Room

-Added a new corridor

-Added "A simulation"

-Added some other things I forgot

The 11th Doctors Console Room (COMING SOON)                                             HOPEFULLY ;-;

-Added the 13th Doctor's console room (from series 11 - 12)

-Added the Paradigm Dalek Ship (from Matt Smiths Era) 

-Added a new Spawn Room

-Made minor changes to the Tardis

-Added a Dalek ship and Cyber-ship in the Overworld

The 12th doctor's console room COMING SOON

-Added the Most requested thing... THE ABILITY TO TRAVEL IN TIME!

  -Locations: The Ancient Temple (it's a maze), The Woodland Mansion. The Ocean Monument Base.

-Added a Spawn Room (With a manuel)

-Added a house at the starter area

-The Tardis can now change the time.

-Updated the 10th Doctor's Tardis

-Added a Portal Room

-Added a Lavatory

-Added a new corridor.

-Added The Zero Room

-Added a new Garage (With a Delorean Time Machine and the Anti Grav Bike) THEY DON'T WORK!

Ps tell me in the Comments some good locations for the Tardis to Visit!

DISCLAIMER -  Every Time I make an MCWORLD FILE Level Imports FAIL resulting in there being no MCWORLD And because of this I made a BIG! update.

Updated The Corridors

Added the Artificial Reconfiguration System (Im very proud of it)

Added The Secondary Console Room

Added A Dying Meme

Added The Study

Added The Classic Console Room (1960's Edition)

Added an Updated version of The Deleted Console Room (From my previous build)

Within the Deleted Console room you can access the secret items room. (VERY SECRET :3)

Added The Eye of Harmony

Added A Engine Room (Within The Eye of Harmony)

  • Remove .mcworld because it doesn't work.
  • Added a Library.
  • Added a Garage.
  • Added Title Screens to each room.
  • Added a Bedroom.
  • Added Stairs to the main Console.


Supported Minecraft versions


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66 Responses

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  1. Guest-1196750600 says:

    Whos the timeless child

  2. Guest-1029671233 says:

    Can added my blue tardis which is me doctorjosephwho one of the greatest Minecraft gamers my user name is saffronpilot238 my Xbox one used name so think u

  3. Guest-3023604975 says:

    Who’s krazycatepiller

  4. Guest-5661729089 says:

    Micro why u deleted your video of your old welcome to the tardis updates

  5. Guest-8167766593 says:

    The Ruth tardis please

  6. Guest-1265840390 says:

    The War Doctor tardis please

  7. Guest-5779386338 says:

    7th and 8th doctor tardis please

  8. Guest-4091487288 says:

    5th 6th and 7th doctor tardis please

  9. Guest-1152481658 says:

    The 4th and 5th doctors tardis please

  10. Guest-4154324438 says:

    4th doctor first tardis please

  11. Guest-1423045599 says:

    Time load/lady❌
    The timeless child√

  12. Guest-6912238350 says:

    The Third Doctor tardis please

  13. Guest-5147135895 says:

    Are u sure that the copper tardis is coming soon

  14. Guest-7015027678 says:

    I can’t log in to your map for some werd reason

  15. Guest-2521062748 says:

    Can I show your voice pleeeeeees

  16. MicroJP says:

    One thing I forgot to mention about the 2.05 update is that it introduces A WHOLE NEW FLIGHT SYSTEM. Only problem is is works very badly with multiplayer.

  17. Guest-2928225019 says:

    Can you also release the season 27 tardis tardis at 5/5/2020

  18. Guest-4553529801 says:

    Can I see doctor who series 12 of the roof of the 13th doctor tardis

  19. Guest-2092744408 says:

    In the comment I ment was u

  20. Guest-1918913103 says:

    I like the ninth and tenth doctor console hmmmmmmmm may be I might to a video of the copper tardis/the 11th doctor 1st console

  21. Guest-7532572995 says:

    And yes micro is me doctor Joseph who I have be done as a guest

  22. Guest-1130938508 says:

    Does that mean you to give me

  23. MicroJP says:

    Update Coming Soon…

    • Guest-3661069268 says:

      Can u do the eighth the war the eleventh doctor first and second tardis and added a corridor from the doctor’s wife and journey to the center of the tardis and added the eye of harmony room aka the cloister room and added the cloister room from the Tom baker era

    • Guest-5607482648 says:

      Micro why I deleted your welcome to the tardis update 1-2

    • Guest-2469071249 says:

      When is the update pose to come over to mcpedl

  24. DoctorJosephWho says:

    I ment was tardis

  25. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do the 13th doctor Farris from doctor who series 12

  26. JoshTDM says:

    I got an idea how about you can added series 5-7 a corridors

  27. JoshTDM says:

    Can you do the 13th doctor’s tardis as a rebuilt with some honey block and do you know they added bees in Minecraft

  28. JoshTDM says:

    I didn’t know either and also ace creeper real is George and bcb123hd real name is ben

  29. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do the Batman 1966 batcave

  30. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Between you and me I didn’t know that the 8th doctor have two Tardis consoles

  31. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Okay I’m am kidding and I’m sorry for the Tardises i have been telling you i just you to make a big enough map

  32. DoctorJosephWho says:

    What i said I’m not kidding I will

  33. DoctorJosephWho says:

    What about the eleventh doctor first Tardis from your old map

  34. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Come on microjp if you not do an update i will uninstall everything including me in the comments

  35. DoctorJosephWho says:

    But you can get your self one of his texture pack it you want is doesn’t matter any way well I mean if do it you not i have no idea

  36. DoctorJosephWho says:

    And do the 13th doctor tardis from ace creeper if you want to look at his live stream and Tardis map that he made

  37. DoctorJosephWho says:

    Can you do the 8th war 11th and 12th Doctor tardis from bcb123hd if he’s than to on his you tube channel used name bcb123hd

  38. DoctorJoshWho says:

    You can do the first doctor too thirteenth doctor’s tardis

  39. MicroJP says:

    Tell me any cool coordinates for the map

  40. DanielYt1980 says:

    Why this map doesn’t support version 1.12

  41. Swaggerman says:

    Are you gonna make any locations from the show to travel to using the Tardis?

  42. EXPikachu72 says:

    @Johndrie, well think about it building takes time I’ve done something similar to this but a lot more advanced as I have a travelling system set up, I’ve spent 3 months already but I don’t have much to do so, give him a rest

  43. DoctorJoshWho says:

    When will you do the 11th 2nd console room

  44. Johndrie says:

    The things I like about this creation is the detail and redstone. When I was at the start, I flicked the lever and the intro was so cool. But… when I got to the 3 doors, only 2 of them have hallways and 1 doesn’t. And there is only 2 rooms on each hallway. I’d recommend adding more rooms to make the player so amazed of how big the tardis is.
    And, there’s another thing. When I loaded the map, I started at somewhere in mid-air. What I did is I killed myself AND THEN I got to the tardis booth. Please fix the spawn because this can frustrate players honestly.
    Other than that, it was a good creation.

  45. Andy says:

    Wanna Tardis mod

  46. EXPikachu72 says:

    Hey, with the .mcworld file it says .mcworl.mcworld in the name, so two .mcworld’s can you remove one of them so it works, thanks

  47. ahmed says:

    doesnt want to download please fix

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