Wheat Golems (1.16.100+) (Wheat Creeper Added)

This Add-on will bring a new type of Golem, the Wheat Golems, golems made from wheat, which come to life to serve your master

(This Add-on requires all experimental gameplay options, with the exception of custom biomes)


This Add-on adds 2 new creature and 3 new items!

(More things will be added in the future)

Wheat Soldiers

The most common types of Wheat Golems are humanoid and weak, but they can become strong in groups

Life: 15 (7.5 Hearts)

Damage: 1.5 (There is no representation in hearts)

Spawning a Wheat Soldier:

Wheat Soldier attacking a Zombie:

Wheat Creeper

A Creeper made of wheat that goes after its targets causing a small explosion when it gets close!

Caution: It can destroy buildings

Life: 10 (5 Hearts)

Spawning a Wheat Creeper:

Wheat Creeper attacking a Zombie:

Wheat Creeper Spawn item:

Wheat Soldier spawn item:

Item used to bring it to life:

Coming soon:

Wheat Wither

Wheat Spider (Rideable)


This is my first Add-on and it is still in the testing phase

You cannot share it and say it is yours or use another link to share it other than the link on his MCPEDL page

You cannot modify it

(This Add-on requires all experimental gameplay options, with the exception of custom biomes)

Changelog View more

Added Wheat Creeper with Spawn Egg!

Now Soul Glass have a name!

Thumb Changed (Dummy Creeper spoiler in thumb)

Updated description (DUMMY CREEPER COMING SOON)



Supported Minecraft versions


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9 Responses

5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. LeoGamer701 says:

    Buen complemento, me encanto demasiado.
    Además, una idea sería, que se les pueda equipar armas y armaduras, para una mejor experiencia en el Minecraft.
    Además sigue con el buen trabajo, te irá excelente en el futuro.

    • Sk1 says:

      Muchas gracias por los comentarios, es muy bueno ver un cumplido como ese en mi primer trabajo, estoy haciendo otro complemento y actualizando esto ahora mismo, y no te preocupes, ¡estoy trabajando en armas y armaduras para los golems!

  2. hasan sagbazar says:

    I want to tame my friend.

  3. XplodinNdr08 says:

    Can you make a separate addon with baby versions of them please cause I want that in my private world please but can you make them follow you closer not far away? I’ll give 5 stars for it though

  4. Evancraft GC says:

    Like the Minecraft dungeons training dummy but it is alive. Pretty cool, even though I might be able to make this.

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