wild boy: Small Survival Island (With Diamonds)

The spawn is on a little island far out in the lonely ocean somewhere with only some other island to be seen far away. The island is quite poor in terms of resources above ground with only some sugar canes to be found. There are some patches of grass on the island so it actually introduces the chance of having animals spawned there.

In one corner of the island there is a little opening which is the entrance to a tunnel. If go to the very far end of the tunnel and dig straight down you will fall into a larger cave system.


It will take quite a lot of digging to actually get there but it’s worth it because the cave offers a lot of resources to be mined like blue lapis, coal, iron and even diamonds.


Seed: wild boy

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  1. Elliot says:

    How do you get tools if there so no trees?

  2. Technerder says:

    There’s also a small mineshaft in the massive cave.

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