Wings of Freedom Add-on ( beta only)

In the world where titans roam the face of the globe, will you be able to drive the titans out? This add-on adds tools used to maneuver through the air from the anime show “Attack on Titan”.



ODM blade

  • 10 damage

ODM gear

  • use this to soar to the skies
  • steam particles

ODM hook (egg)

  • a working grappling hook
  • suspends players for 3 seconds
  • 20 block limit
  • instantly teleports players to target


  • 3 sizes: 21, 15, 12 { height in blocks )
  • 10 variants each


  • generic
  • slow
  • low damage


  • fast
  • high damage
  • swanky movement


  • This add-on is updated to the latest beta.
  • If you want to review/make a video about this content, at least credit me in the video/description
  • Don't use your own link, use the proper link on MCPEDL


Supported Minecraft versions


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31 Responses

3.81 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Foxxesboy187 says:

    Update it

  2. Guest-7542908959 says:

    Can I get the map tho

  3. Guest-1599917570 says:

    How can i get the items ???
    I only have the ODM Blade and the 2 titans egg

    Plss tell me where or how to get the ODM gear and ODM hook

  4. Guest-1127486458 says:

    Why do the titans burn in daylight. In fact it should be the other way around because titans get energy from daylight and they are less active in the night.

  5. Guest-6885005462 says:

    The only thing that is here are the Titans and the hook where are the other two things

  6. Owen says:

    The sword and gear isn’t there

  7. Creator13Gaming says:

    Loving this mod. The only problem is that when you use the odm hook, the teleportation appears in the game feed and causes extreme lag that sometimes even crashes the game if you click to quickly. Turning commandblockoutput to false has no effect either since I’m assuming it’s built in to the addon. If you could possibly fix this that would be amazing considering it’s one of the most fun parts from the addon 🙂

  8. Chris says:

    Hey I was wondering if there is a command to give players the ODM hooks

  9. Renom says:

    I think you should adjust the size of the titans to the size of the player. For example, the colossal titan is very small, it should in my opinion be the same size as in the series compared to the player. the same for the titan scale. So, in my opinion, the titans are too small and should be at their normal size to really be immersed in the world of SNK. If not excellent addon with incredible details

  10. Anonymous says:

    The link does not work

  11. Anonymous says:

    You appear to be missing a function named player_hook. It’s referenced in the player_hook’s animation controller, but it’s not actually in the functions folder

  12. Kono dio da says:

    Your link is dead. Pls fix

  13. J4YD3N says:

    it crashes every time I use it

  14. OMGITZCARLOS! says:

    Horrible link dead

  15. Zeyad981 says:

    Guys! It’s for only the beta 1.12 and IOS doesn’t have betas so it won’t work! Stop complaining!

  16. Prys Morgan says:

    The link doesn’t work

  17. Cake says:

    Good but can you not use egg for grapling hook. It feels weird for cake.

  18. Adrian says:

    Dosent work

  19. Wompytywomp says:

    What map is that?

  20. Prys says:

    The link does not work for Xbox users can you please put another link on media fire or something otherwise Xbox users like my self cant get the addons you make.

  21. Syndicate says:

    Umm I can Play this ON iOS the hook and mobs work but Swords and others are not there whenever I use Ex gameplayay it crashes

  22. Heeehee says:

    Most of the things don’t work, i cant even find the sword and the other stuff. The only things i can find is the 2 titan spawn eggs and the hook. The hook doesnt rly work 🙁

  23. MushiΩ says:

    Attack on titan?

  24. Hunter says:

    Does this work in survival

  25. Erongiloo says:

    Similar to ravagers, the abnormal titans should break through certain blocks.

  26. Justin says:

    Hi codanraigen I am a huge fan

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