Winter HD (1.14+)

This is a shaders which adds winter season with high definition of everything. Suitable for your map, and it is working smoothly in every low spec device. The size is just 2 MB. Interested? Feel free to try it out!

This shaders will make your Minecraft become a winter season and it looks so real with high definition of shadow, water, light, etc. without lag in low device!



Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Android 4.4

Memory: 512MB RAM

Hard Drive: 10 MB available space

Minecraft PE: 1.14+

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  1. Change featured image
  2. Bugs at render fog has been fixed
  3. Reduce light from lantern & torch


Supported Minecraft versions




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9 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. awsome229 says:

    This shader is amazing! Can I use this in a shader pack I am making? I will give credit to you!

  2. Guest-1862450516 says:

    It’s may i have to use this for christmas

  3. CubeMasterIR says:

    Shadows are so good! nice job. but we want hlsl ones

  4. Guest-5989282009 says:

    it is good,but you maybe remove the shaking of vegetables,because it makes others block shake!And I think you copy theEB SHADER!

  5. Guest-8288507145 says:

    Could you make a winter mod please

  6. MohammedS says:

    Well I think am the first one to try it.Hope it’s like the video.

  7. TryHardJibs says:

    Interesting, but are you going to make a version for Windows 10 (PC Bedrock) and Xbox?

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