Winter Lucky-Block Challenge Games

It’s that time of the year again, and Kraken Creations has created another awesome Christmas map!

Holiday Lucky-Block Challenge Games features the players opening up lucky blocks to use against Santa Claus, or PvP with each other depending on which game mode is selected. The game features a bunch of custom made items and weapons to help you win in the custom made arena!

Special thanks to Vladu11 for letting us use his “Santa Boss” addon, and Effect99 who helped with the lucky block commands!

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How to Play

Simply step on the pressure plates on the “Start Game” tab and then you will be sent into the game on a team. You will then open 25 lucky blocks to get your weapons and items. After you finish, take a visit to the shop where you can craft and buy items to fight with.

 | Map Features |


Santa Bash – After Santa Exits His Sleigh, Destroy Him And His Elf Minions! Requires At Least One Person

PvP – Fight To The Death! | DO NOT PLAY BY YOURSELF!!!

Requires At Least Two Players


Open Lucky Blocks To Use In The Arena! They Are Custom Made Blocks By Effect99!


– Holiday Sword

– Santa Sword

– Santa Armor

– Gift Machine

– Candy Caner 2000

-Christmas Tree Sword

And MUCH More!


MineClan888 : Owner/Builder/Minor Developer

Th3LastSh3riff : Builder

RedSlimeTime25 : Builder/Developer/Animation Maker

Effect99 : Developer/Lucky Block Creator

Vladu11 : Pack Creator/ Boss Santa Creator

Special Thanks To Vladu11 for Letting Us Use His Addon, Thanks So Much!


Simply click on the link, click on the Capcha verification box (Robot scan) then click on the blue button below the box (Skip) it will redirect you to a new page, scroll down and wait for the 12 countdown to finish, then click get link. Clicking on that will open 2 new pages, the first page is unnecessary, so you can exit out of the first page, then the page behind/left will have the download link, simply click the link and start installing! NOTE; if you experience the “Example Domain” pop up, click out of that tab, return back to the original ad, then simply click the “X” next to the lead ad message, after this you can begin your download.


Supported Minecraft versions


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19 Responses

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  1. Guest-1291490363 says:

    Please please fix link I was so excited to play but the link it forwards to you doesn’t work.

  2. Guest-1609335103 says:

    It didn’t work it took me to a scam site.

  3. Guest-6609034917 says:

    Awesome pack, the only issue I had is the the blocks that generate light are way too low, so a lot a places in my buildings are very dark. Can you try to update the light from blocks.

    I really love the underwater effect, very cool that it’s wavy underwater. It would be even more cooler if mobs and yourself were also wavy underwater

  4. Guest-1360934016 says:

    Funny how you didn’t give credit to Popularmmos for copying his arena

  5. Guest-3841540109 says:

    The link doesn’t work anymore

  6. Guest-3238958321 says:

    update the download link pls

  7. Cas says:

    Could we get a .zip of this?

  8. 7 says:

    The link sent me to a scam site.

  9. Bacon says:

    what is the discord?

  10. FroggieJumper112 says:

    I’ve got to emit, this is honestly a masterpiece! Fun to play and never gets old! Great job!

  11. ChisyT says:

    Omg! This is exactly what I was looking for! AMAZING!

  12. MineClan888 says:

    Hey! I deeply apologize for the inappropriate ads, sadly the ads that are shown are completely out of our control, and can change day to day. If the ads are bothering you, feel free to join our discord server (we have a link without any ads on it there)!

  13. A concerned peep says:

    Hello people so I noticed that the link takes you through some inappropriate stuff am I allowed to post a different link (its still your map im just letting you know)

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