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Published on April 23, 2021 (Updated on April 22, 2021)

Witch Farm Spawn

Have you ever seen those really cool automatic "Witch Farms" people have? Do you want one? Well, I made one in this world at the spawn and it's all for you! Cheers!

Welcome friends, old and new! This is a fairly simple map but also really cool! This world has a fully built "Witch Farm" at the world spawn, ready and waiting for you to come and use!

You will spawn into this world standing right in front of a Witch Hut that has been turned into a farm, careful not to break blocks on this as you might mess it up if you break the wrong thing. To use the farm simply flip the lever on the front of the Witch Farm labeled "Trident Killer" you should hear pistons start to move and lights flash, this means it's working! To get Witches to spawn inside the farm you must clime the red vine to the sky box above. Here you my AFK as long as you like to obtain resources from the witches spawning below. Hold a looting sword to increase the drop rate of witches. The witches will spawn inside the box below and be pushed into the "Trident Killer" where they will be killed and all the drops will be funneled into the collection system below.

Down below the farm is a large storage and collection room. This is where you will retrieve all the drops from the witches that have been killed.

This collection system has an auto sorting system attached to it so that you will not have to sort out all the drops. Do not remove items from the hoppers behind the chests as this will break the sorting machine. Simply remove items from the chests to collect your drops. 

There are 3 villages right near the spawn for anyone that may be interested.

-One Important Note-

The simulation distance of the game is set to 4 chunks, I advise you leave it on this setting anytime you want to run the Witch Farm. If you keep your simulation distance above 4 chunks the drop rates may not be very good.

-Creeper Defense-

Creepers will not destroy blocks in this world!

-Sleep System-

The one player sleep system in the world allows for a single person to skip the night with multiple players online by standing on top of a bed and selecting the sleep option. This will skip the night and reset Phantom spawns.

Other than what I've said, this is a normal survival world where achievements are enabled so go out, create and survive!

You may share this map with anyone for any non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this map that I am given credit as the creator.


If you would like to help fund map creation you can donate to me at - 

all donations are deeply appreciated!


Follow on Twitter @ Mr_Green_Games for updates about maps and future content ideas.

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Click the download and enjoy!

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