-1057943812: Witch Hut At Spawn

The first thing you will see is a witch hut and if you are (un)lucky an evil witch. These kind of seeds are quite rare but they sure does exist. However, this seed is probably one of the best ones if you want to find one instantly at spawn.

Found by: Jcorem

You literally just have to spawn to find the witch hut. It will be in front of you so it is impossible to miss. Make sure to set difficulty to max before entering the seed to enable to chance of a witch to spawn. Sometimes the witch won’t spawn, but just re-enter it until it spawns, in case you want it to spawn.


As usual the witch hut is a big swamp biome. The spawn is close to another biome which consist mostly of grassland and some forests.


Seed: -1057943812

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13 Responses

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  1. Guest-7854868417 says:

    Worked 😀

  2. Guest-4409984110 says:

    Worked 😀

  3. Dwarven says:

    Shipwreck above the water on an island at 836, 74, -101 ♥︎♥︎

  4. GoodSanta says:

    I just wanted a swamp and I got one! 🙂

  5. Wayne Lewis says:

    Didn’t get a witch hut

  6. Moomoo says:

    Why do you have a freakin pet duck

  7. Stephanie López says:

    This didn’t work. At all. 20 tries. And they all didn’t work….
    I rage quit so bad, that I knocked my lamp over and scared my pet duck. I think you own him an apology.

  8. Nicholas says:

    Totally worked

  9. _xImmyx_ says:

    it didn’t even work for me i tried so many times

  10. Ram Raghuvaran says:

    very nice way to make witch huts spawn i appreciate it.

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