The Witch’s Mansion Escape [Adventure]

The Witch’s Mansion Escape is an adventure map where you wake up finding yourself locked up in a room of a mansion which belongs to an evil witch. Buttons, levers and other redstone triggers can be found hidden on different places in the mansion. It’s your objective to find them and find a way to escape. Just be careful because if you use the redstone triggers unwisely it’s possible you will be stuck in the mansion for all eternity.

Creator: JangHosick


  • Play on survival
  • Turn difficulty on

witch1 witch2 witch3

Are you stuck somewhere in the map? Click here to see some hints.


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26 Responses

  1. No one says:

    I literally just jumped from the bed onto the closet, then I jumped onto the window and opened the doors and escaped

  2. Dominic Santilli says:

    🤤hi people

  3. Brianna says:

    Is there a .mcworld link or no because it doesn’t let me download anything that is .zip

  4. K. Gardiner says:

    Loving this map!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i am stuck in the third room can someone give me a hint

  6. RedgeFlemi g says:

    Is legit, because it looks as though it contains virus?

  7. HNGM says:

    The link opens and stop there is no way to download.
    Please give a direct link to download the map.

  8. bish says:

    can u give me hints ?i cant figure it out on da first room

  9. CreeperjBR says:

    What’s your youtube channel JansHosick?

  10. Minecraftboom says:

    How do I download whitchs escape mansion?

  11. IcePie says:

    Can i have some guide editor? I plan to upload my maps on web like mcpeuniverse,justmcpe and other but i find mcpedl is good so i think i want to upload my maps here so may you tell me how to do that in mcpedl?

  12. bob says:

    Stop using adfly!

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