Wither Storm Addon (Killeable) V3

Hello everyone here i bring you a complement of the wither storm of the game minecraft story mode

Original creator Of This Wither Storm With functionality of being able to die is JualetYT (ElparceJuan) THE ORIGINAL CREATOR WITHOUT THE CAPACITY TO DIE IS 鸥吃鱼
this addon adds to the storm wither and new scenes how the death of the storm wither (after killing the storm wither, his body will come out on the ground after a minute he will get up and will spawn with 2 new wither storm will wake up for back to the battle

  new features 

• new death of the wither

• new severe wither storm

• new giant wither storm

• ray of attraction remastered

i hope you like this addon and have fun in your minecraft world I plan to make more updates to the add-on and I plan to release a new add-on

spanish version for people who speak it


stages of wither storm

0 Spawn

1 wither 

2 the absorption

3 the fatal head

4 the first tentacles

5 the wither storm

6 severed wither storm

this is the end of the stages but by doubt the show the spawn egg

  • Now In This Update You Can Kill The Wither Storm The Life Of The Wither Varies Between 750 the first stage until the giant storm that has 7000 life
  • To start killing the wither storm you need to wait a few seconds because it is gaining strength to attack once it has awakened

There are other people who created this plugin but I am the person who made it remastered and optimized so that people can play with better performance, And apart from my version the Wither Storm can die

Changelog View more

Update Of credits (Pz null no included) something remastered (Ray of attraction)

Nombres Cambios Para Optimización y uso de menos recursos, actualización de recursos para mejor Optimización, agregado auto Comportamiento (Advanchat)

Update True copyrights of this version updated for the complete truth

New Version 2 Of The Wither Storm 

Now the wither storm can die the life varies from 750 to 7000 from the first to the last stage To start killing the wither you need to wait a few seconds because it is getting strength to fight

The error when entering the link was fixed Crashing when activating the AddOn was also fixed

• my website download for speaking Spain added To understand better 

i added a video for spanish speaking people to understand my plugin and corrected some spelling mistakes


to install the plugin you need to download the file

•ws addon

 then click and import it to minecraft bedrock 

important you must activate the experimental options and click on activate resource and behavior


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)

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70 Responses

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  1. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    Credit the original creator or ill tell to gull that you did not credit the original creator you stealer you and redboygamer deserve each other!!

  2. Ok thats says:

    But something doesn’t look quite right……. this looks the same like the other mod…… I have a feeling that you stole this mod

  3. Ok thats says:

    make this for 1.11.2 this looks quite cool

  4. NoThiNg .......... says:

    Dude…. Why did you post this….

  5. dimitriusfilms162 says:

    Hey, kid. Don’t steal people’s addons. It’s annoying. #1 Ask permission to release it here #2 give credit to the origional creators. Then you would not have been burning in HELL. D:(

  6. Cu_rZ says:

    This is not your addon

  7. Endermatt says:

    could you make it were you can give the command block to the wither than it turns into the witherstorm we waiting for updates pls update pls!

  8. great addon but you hasn’t added the original creator in this addon

  9. Endermatt says:

    update this for more the severe witherstorm is so laggy could you make it not laggy in the severe witherstorm im not able to kill it because its to big. you could maybe make the command block inside the witherstorm a portal when it turns severe. and when your there there will be a command block and your able to destroy it using a weapon. there where be tentacles and witherstorm heads to stop you from doing it can you update it were it have that pls!!!??? if you can?

    • it would be a bit difficult because we would have to modify the wither storm model to make a portal model like another dimension like Minecraft Story Mode That inside the wither storm there is a world where the bodies and blocks have been stored that the wither storm includes with the base place where the wither storm is with the Tentacles And the wither storm head where the pig of the main character of Minecraft Story Mode died

  10. Jacopo Gianfreda says:


  11. Hasim3110 says:

    EnderFoxBoy MC stole your add-on

  12. Endermatt says:

    This addon is really great tho

  13. Endermatt says:

    this addon was originally 鸥吃鱼s

  14. Endermatt says:

    this addon was originally 鸥吃鱼s addon

  15. Endermatt says:

    Can you make it were the witherstorm can be spawned from 4 soul sand 3 wither sculls and a command block in the middle and also make it were in the last stage in the wither storm the sky or the clouds turns purple because thats what it looked like in mcsm thanks in the next update?

  16. Hasim3110 says:

    VERY GREAT ADDON 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  17. 舞龙刘 says:

    This add-on is not yours don’t credit yourself you just reuploud the add-on and i called you theif because you didn’t put a credit then your saying that wither storm is yours your 💯% stealer

  18. TheHolyPeanut_YT says:

    Sir, may I ask Kindly to give credits to pz null in desc?

  19. Neighlan PH says:

    You freaking stealer!!! PZ don’t give you permissions cuz if he did he’ll say us sucker!!!!!

  20. Endermatt says:

    I’m sorry for what I said you did not steal his you ask for permission plus your remake is great 🙂

  21. dimitriusfilms162 says:

    I like how you put the closest-mcsm witherstorm representation as an addon on mcpedl… BUT YOU DIDN’T GIVE CREDIT AT LEAST GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGIONAL CREATORS I AM A FRIEND OF PZ AND YOU WILL SUFFER FOR PLADRISM

  22. Endermatt says:

    your supposed to put credits for the creator of the addon which means you a stealer and stop claiming its yours so you could get extra credits stealer!!!

  23. Endermatt says:

    you did do something wrong its illegal to steal somebody addon without asking for permission your wrong for doing that your supposed to say the original creators before doing that which you did wrong
    you only did that so you could get extra credit stop stealing other peoples addons!!!!!! and stop! accusing others!

  24. Endermatt says:


  25. Endermatt says:

    you made a remake of the addon give credit to the original creator and don’t claim that you made this

  26. Something about this seems familiar… did you use content from another creator?

    If so, did you ask them for permission?

  27. Bernkastel Wannabe says:

    Is the Wither Storm killable in this addon?

  28. ASAP says:

    hello creator this version of wither storm is so great..👌🏼👍🏼😃 i like also the death and the formidi bomb. but can I have a request can you also do the big prismarine boss like in jujustyle the ADMIN BOSS because wither storm and ADMIN BOSS is my favorite monsters. in minecraft

  29. Idea Machine says:

    This is not yours, this is pz nulls

  30. Seandeg says:

    That looms cool

  31. blood eye says:

    Is it for beta cuz I’m not on beta

  32. blood eye says:

    More than worthy my lad great work

  33. Hola Gracias Por Decirme Que Es Increíble Creo Qué Soy El primer Jugador De Minecraft Qué Subió Un AddOn Con Varias Etapas Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

  34. Microbot cuenta 2 says:


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