Wizard Staff Mod

In the Wizard Staff Mod you get access to a magical staff which can take on different so called focuses to perform magics. The magics include things such as walking through walls or shielding yourself from damage.

Creator: wilco375

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Wizard Staff (510) (durability: 4096) – 2 diamonds + 1 stick
  • Portable Hole Focus (410) – 8 iron ingots + 1 diamond block
  • Harming I Focus (411) – 8 iron ingots + 1 iron block
  • Harming II Focus (412) – 4 iron ingots + 4 diamonds + 1 iron block
  • Healing Focus (413) – 6 gold ingots + 1 melon + 2 diamonds
  • Floating Focus (414) – 4 diamonds + 4 feathers + 1 iron block
  • Shielding Focus (415) – 1 iron helmet + 1 iron chest plate + 1 iron leggings + 1 iron boots + 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond block

Wizard Staff

The Wizard Staff is a magical item which can be used together with different Focus Items to use the staff in different ways. To enable a focus simply tap on the bottom-right circled button and pick the color equaling the focus you want to use.

Every use costs a set amount of durability of the staff.


Lets have a look at all the different Focus Items and understand how each can be used.

Portable Hole Focus (-64 durability)

Tap on preferably a wall to create a temporary 3×3 hole lasting for a few seconds. It’s just long enough so you can walk straight through it.

Harming I Focus (-12 durability)

Deals a total of 6 half-hearts of damage each hit.

Harming II Focus (-16 durability)

Deals a total of 10 half-hearts of damage each hit.

Healing Focus (-128 durability)

Heals one half heart every use.

Shielding Focus (-256 durability)

Makes the player indestructible for 15 seconds. Once used it got a cooldown period of 60 seconds.


Floating Focus (-20 durability per second whilst falling)

Jump from a cliff or mountain and be protected from any fall damage.


Install Guide

  1. Download the zip file by pressing the download button further down.
  2. Use Cheetah File Manager or some other file manager app to locate the downloaded zip file in your downloads folder.
  3. Enter/extract the zip file and move the folder called WizardStaffMod to /storage/sdcard/games/com.mojang/.
  4. Open BlockLauncher and import the .js script and then enter the game to play.


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  1. Mixol says:

    Hehe I didn’t download lolol and btw what goes in the hole

  2. MLG says:

    why can’t it be like the “fire staff” in black ops 2 origins?

  3. balls says:

    Texture pack?

  4. Fabricio says:

    Minecraft is awsome and fun

  5. sayhaan says:

    After I enable the mod . when i wented to a world, i got all of the focus magic, but the bottom right button is not there

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