Wizards and Wands

Welcome to Wizards and wand 1.0.2 the first update to my first addon in this addon you will find a magic realm full of wizards (and witchs) you can a n wield magic too if you use the magic cores made from natural resources hope you have fun

 This is wizards and wands an addon I’ve been working on for quit a while. this is my first addon so any helpful suggestions would be nice ( new features, bugs etc.). Now for the addon.
Mobs: all mobs have fire resistance, no fall damage and can climb.
 Wizard: attacks with small fireball, no special abilities 
  Health: 26
  Xp: 30
  Spawn: all OVERWORLD biomes 
  Drops: glow core, poison core, blaze rod, eye of ender.
 Santa: attacks with magic, no special abilities 
  Health: 30
  Xp: 100
  Spawns: all ice biomes
  Drops: festive core, festive lights.
 Stone Wizard: attacks melee, no special abilities 
Health: 26
  Xp: 10
  Spawns: all jungle biomes 
  Drops: royal core, blaze powder, blaze rod, eye of ender, redstone dust, gold nugget, iron nugget.
 Ice Witch: attacks with snowball has no special abilities
  Health: 40
  Xp: 30
  Spawns: all cold biomes
  Drops: water core, fire-ice core, ice core, blaze rod, ice, eye of ender. 
 Nether Wizard: attacks with large fireball, is hurt when wet
   Health: 70
  Xp: 50
  Spawns: nether
  Drops: fire core, fire-ice core, blaze powder, blaze rod, eye of ender, fire charge.
 Ender Witch: attacks with shulker bullet, can teleport
  Health: 90
  Xp: 100
  Spawns: all OVERWORLD biomes 
  Drops: dark core, blaze powder, blaze rod, eye of ender, wither star.
Now up next….
Items: all wands do 10 damage and give special effects (i will let you figure them out) only use right now is for the festive wand
 Wands: poison wand, fire wand, ice wand, fire-ice wand, pumpkin wand, water wand, dark wand, festive wand, royal wand, and ultimate wand.
 Cores: same name as the wands except for the pumpkin wand witch uses a glow core
 Festive lights: only use right now is for the festive wand
Wand hilt: replaces blaze rod in wand crafting
That’s it please download thanks if you do and if you don’t please reconsider 
Like I said this is my first addon any suggestions are welcome and appreciated 
Look out for more of my addons and maby some maps soon!
( I know I used models from addons maker for minecraft these are place holders please no bad comments I will make my own models in the future this is my first addon ) if you would like to send me mob skins mob sounds or item textures pls email me at [email protected] thanks for reading 

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Had to fix the download happy valentines day and new year

Added recipe picture nothing else 

Hope you enjoy

More updates soon




No new changes just updating the description hope you enjoy 

Nothing here just fixing description please download have fun playing


Experimental only


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.200

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  1. Interesting, add some structures!

  2. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Can you add young witch from Addon maker that witch that has no nose and is like anime hope you know what I’m talking about please and thx

  3. PoorSpyder says:

    I also made an addon which is almost the same and I’m uploading it to mcpedl
    Addon name = Super Wand Addon V1?

  4. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Pos mira se ve muy bueno,, la texturas no están nada mal para ser tu primer addon, la única que no me gustó fue el drone wizard, suerte, se ve con futuro

  5. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Oh i forgot to rate it?

  6. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    Awesome i can finally burn out my pet sheep if you have fire staff or something?

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