Wolf Armor

The java mods are able to implement armor for animals, so there could be an adaptation to bedrock. Of course, this addon adds only a diamond one, the design is great, it also has the same protection as the common diamond, which other add-ons do not add.

Due to some failures, the texture of the wolf is the same when it is tamed and when it is wild.


Apparently there was confusion with how to put armor. Just put the love in her space if you put it in another there will be mistakes.


Debes colocar la armadura indicada en el espacio correcto de lo contrario no se vera.

To make what it takes to make the armor is
DIAMOND and you must transform it into another new material diamond rough . They craft in a stone cutter.
To make the armor you need 6 diamond roughs
To put the armor you must mount the wolf, to mount it it must be tamed. When this tame will appear a button (assemble to put or remove armor). Then you open the inventory and place the armor in the saddle-shaped space.
to make the other armor is the same as diamond
Realms version:
Realms version: In this version, it is the same as normal, only that it removes the new items (wolf armor) for those already in minecraft (horse armor), so that the addon works in realms. Armor is the same.
Realms version:En esta version,es lo mismo que la normal,solo que remueve los items nuevos (armaduras de lobo) por los que ya hay en minecraft (armaduras de caballo),para que el addon funcione en realms.El acomodo de las armaduras es el mismo.
-To sit and lift the wolf you just have to be crouched.
-The wolf removed his collar due to failures and you can no longer dye it

Changelog View more


Available version for realms.


Dispinible la version para realms.

It is simply to warn that the update will be on February 5 and there will be a version for REALMS

new armors were added and an image of how to put the armors was placed

iron, gold and leather armor were added

wait for the next update

-In the next update of this addon new armor will be added and armor may also be placed on ocelots and perhaps creeds


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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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37 Responses

4.05 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. Guest-7201395938 says:

    Mod crashes my game im not going to waest my time to get this mod to work

  2. User-9932834745 says:

    No me funciona, el lobo se vuelve su textura rojiza y no tampoco funciona poner diamantes en el cortapiedra. Me pasa lo mismo con otros addon como éste. Tengo la versión 1.14.20 oficial. Qué podría ser?

  3. User-7081035953 says:

    Hola quiero decir que ami no me funciona y me dice que el addon no requiere todos las cosas que deberia tener como los fragmentos de diamante y los crafteos de armadura, ¿alguien sabe que hacer?

  4. Temoc200 says:

    And the updated version when it goes up ??

  5. yeet says:

    It’s one thing to recreate a great mod on bedrock, but it’s another thing to straight up steal the textures made by that mod creator :/

  6. nubicho says:


  7. DTech says:

    There’s too many slots when I’m equiping the wolf armor. I’m using mobile.

  8. Andy says:

    Como le ago para agregarlo a mi reams y se pueda craftear ??

  9. Alexis says:

    Dice que me falta la depencia del id.Aprte no me aparecen las armaduras

  10. Anonymous says:

    Works in realms?

  11. ASTAROTH says:

    Me gustaría que hubiera una versión para realms que no use el modo experimental, tal vez que se pueda usar la armadura de caballo en los lobos(?)
    A mi y a mis amigos nos gusta mucho el addon, es demasiado bueno ¡felicidades a el creador!<3

    • ASTAROTH (English) says:

      I would like a realms version that does not use craftings or experimental mode, meaby perhaps horse armor can be used on wolves too(?)

      Me and my friends really like this addon, it’s so good, congratulations to the creator! <33

  12. Captain Potatord says:

    you should be able to attach a chest on the armour

  13. Vladimir Escobar says:

    Ahora fue la actualización, pero hay un error, no puedo comocar la armadura de hierrro ni la de oro como lo soluciono

  14. jepu says:

    your should change the dimond nugget to something of a shard or the like as dimonds cant be turned into nuggets

  15. Zork772 says:

    El link de mediafire esta caído, arregladlo porfavor 🙁

  16. yacama says:

    Crash will I open the inventory of wolf

  17. Miguel says:

    El completo está bueno
    Pero le falta más armadura de perro

    Espero que lo actualice

    Gracias por el completo

  18. Sufs gaming says:

    It doesn’t work aww t all

  19. End Crafter 16 says:

    Dis time Update it to have all the armor types

  20. xDeckadesYT says:

    Yes! I love this concept


    THAnK U SO MUCH!!! amazing addon love it!!!!

  22. Airu says:

    Nice add-on! Now i can make wolf armor just like the Java version

  23. Fixed22344 says:

    You add the Miller rabbit

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