Wolf Armor & Storage

You’ve complained about the delicate nature of wolves. This add-on has the option of craft enchantable armors to protect your wolves and the ability to store items in he. I hope u like.


This add-on is a recreation of the Java mod “Wolf armor and storage “, and due to the inactivity of the owner of the mod, there is a license that allows the use, redistribution,etc of the contents of that mod, so I am free to use the name and textures of the mod to create a bedrock port.

Original creatorSaty (Isabel)

Licence:  Licence

You can view the license on your own by downloading the mod.


Before you start with the concepts of this add-on, you have to know that your Wolf must be previously tamed, and can’t to be a baby.

How to put armors and items in my wolf?

 you crouch and press the interaction “button for open”, and then, you stand up and now, can open the wolf’s inventory

How do sit or stand my Wolf?

you crouch and press the interaction “buttons for sit”, and then, you stand up, and now, you can sit and stand your Wolf


The wolf interface has 2 bars that show the amount of armor protection and the health of your wolf.


Armors can be crafted or found in ruins, and, plus you can charm them to give more benefits to your wolves.

Leather wolf armor

Provides the same full leather equipment protection to your Wolf

(All armors be crafted with the same shape)

Gold wolf armor

Provides the same full gold equipment protection to your Wolf

Chainmail wolf armor

Provides the same full chainmail equipment protection to your Wolf

Iron wolf armor

Provides the same full iron equipment protection to your Wolf

Diamond wolf armor

Provides the same full diamond equipment protection to your Wolf

Netherite wolf armor

Provides the same full netherite equipment protection to your Wolf, and 4 knockback resistance. THIS ARMOR IS LAVA IMMUNE.


You can store items in your Wolf as long as u have an equipped chest, u have 14 slots available.

The armors are find in the seccion of Equipment on the item group “Horse armors”

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Changelog View more

 - Linkvertise link, for donate to original creator ( Satyrnidae ).

- linkvertise link, for donate money to original creator (Isabel). files availables

-Fixed the error write, in some armors ("Wold" -"Wolf")

-Now, the netherite wolf armor is lava immune

-New bars of health and protection.

-Fixed bugs


Click to download


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.201

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  1. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    Plz mediafire link

  2. SERPiKYT says:

    Si aparecen las armaduras en templos ya no aparecerán las armaduras de caballo :0

  3. Flufles says:

    People keep on saying this addon has a problem with importing it yet u just ignore the comments which do speak about this problem. I have been wrong to get it to import you still haven’t fixed 20 days later

    I don’t recommend this addon it won’t even import and the dev is too lazy to shit about it
    If I could I would give u a zero

  4. C-G1314 says:

    Dios¡ es el mejor complemento que vi

  5. Skyrkazm says:

    I’m getting issues with getting the rescource pack on with the error “ not valid”

  6. Neonworks147 says:

    Hi, this Addon is so Awesome, but im getting geometry errors and chested error on windows 10, is there something to fix it?

  7. Articfoxgaming925 says:

    Can you make MC.pack to people cannot import it my friend try download 13 time still cannot import can you make MC.pack for easily people

  8. Articfoxgaming925 says:

    Thanks you now I can import it THIS SO COOL

  9. PIRATA76 says:

    Lo quise instalar en Minecraft Windows 10 pero me tira un error… Archivo ZIP No valido y no se exporta ni instala… Alguna solución?

  10. Axelpvz says:

    Una pregunta, ¿Como hicuste la armadura de netherite imune a lava?

  11. TitanTubs says:

    Trying to make a sort of bugrock modpack on my realm and can’t get this to work

  12. Aluminumplayz says:

    Help i cant import it pls give a zip

  13. Flufles says:

    I can’t import it whyyyyy help me creator your mod is cool help me import it plsss

  14. Silver Claw YT says:

    This add-on is awesome. Can you also make the dog fire resistant with netherite armor?

  15. Articfoxgaming925 says:

    I cannot import it .

  16. Aluminumplayz says:

    Do i need experimental gameplay

  17. Khim129 says:

    The addon is good, but I have two suggestions:

    1. Could you make it so that the netherite wolf armor can be crafted like the player’s armor, using the smithing table?

    2. Are you able to add in netherite horse armor?

  18. AzureParrot42 says:

    The license looks cute •u•

  19. BloxurloGamer says:

    MIREN NADA MAS quien volvio a crear ADDONS para minecraft el que segun se “aburrio” y borro todo . ya quitando eso me alegra que hayas vuelto eres uno de los mejores creadores y espero que eso sigua asi cuidate hermano y come lechuga.

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