The Wolves+ Add-on aims to add new wolf-centered features to Minecraft. It adds more types of wolves to the overworld, nether and End, as well as some new items that can help wolf owners play with & protect their canine friends. Some of the new wolf types have special abilities, such as being able to teleport or swim underwater!


This add-on adds a total of 20 new types of wolves to the game (with 14 of those spawning naturally in the world), along with 3 wolf toys, multiple types of armor and equipment, treats, and beds!

Wolf Types

Many of the new wolves spawn in the overworld in different biomes, but certain ones also appear in the Nether and the End.

Brown Wolf

The Brown Wolf spawns in Mountain Forests. They behave just like normal wolves do.

Black Wolf

The Black Wolf spawns in M Taigas. They behave just like normal wolves do.

White Wolf & Husky

The White Wolf spawns in snowy areas. Each time one spawns, it has a slight chance to have the Husky pattern. They behave just like normal wolves do.

Savanna Wolf

The Savanna Wolf spawns in savannas. They behave just like normal wolves do.

Frost Wolf

The Frost Wolf also spawns in snowy areas and is distinguished by its gray/white coat and ice blue eyes. It’s closely related to the White Wolf and the Husky, but hunting Stray Skeletons out in the frozen landscape has given it a mutation that causes it to inflict slowness for five seconds to whoever it bites. A rare sight indeed.

Scent Hound

The Scent Hound spawns in birch forests and is really good at finding things with its nose. They remember the spot that they’re born and can return there from far away. This can be handy for finding your way back home!

Nether Hound

The Nether Hound spawns in the Nether. Since they spawn in a hostile environment, they’ll quickly avoid the player if approached without a bone. Nether Hounds have a symbiotic interaction with the crimson and warped forests – if a blaze wolf steps into a crimson/warped forest, the forest will eventually begin to grow on them (literally), giving the fungi a way to travel & spread as it gives beneficial effects to the wolf.
Crimson fungi increases the fierceness of the wolf, giving it more speed and power. Tamed wolves with crimson fungi will also initiate attacks if a monster gets too close. Warped fungi can slowly revive a wolf if it gets downed – saving it from death. A downside to this interaction is that it compromises the wolf’s natural fire immunity – contact with fire or lava burns the fungi away, harming the wolf.

Ender Wolf 

The Ender Wolf spawns in… you guessed it, the End! This wolf’s eyes glow like an Enderman’s eyes do, but it doesn’t have a problem with being looked at. It also possesses the ability to quickly teleport, but will only do so if angered. Water is a strange thing to them so they tend to avoid it, but will be just about as happy as the average household cat if they do get wet. They can only be bred using chorus fruit, which is also a very healthy snack for them (I mean, there’s not much else to eat here so…).

Dire Wolf

Dire Wolves rarely spawn in M Taigas. They normally appear with a brownish-grey coat, but can occasionally appear either with a jet black coat or as an albino. In the wild, they are very territorial and will attack anyone who gets too close without a bone to offer. They also hunt various kinds of livestock for food. They are larger, faster, and stronger than normal wolves, able to outrun a player without speed buffs.

When tamed, they retain their serious expression – no puppy dog eyes here. They are very protective of their master – following closely and attacking any monsters that get too close. Once dire wolves have a target, they will chase them for a great distance until they catch them, even running ahead of their master. This behavior can be great for a hunt, but it also means that they may accidentally abandon their master if something catches their attention. They don’t only protect their master – they keep a watchful eye and if a monster happens to be sneaking up on another player close by, they may jump in to protect them as well. 

Rescue Hound

Any normal wild overworld wolf has a small chance to spawn as a Rescue Hound. Rescue Hounds are an unusual type of canine – they possess the ability to heal nearby players and animals using a super bark that also pushes away (and aggravates) monsters.

In the wild, they mostly roam just like normal wolves. When tamed, if the hound’s owner is hurt by a mob, it will cue the hound to unleash the super bark. Rescue hounds also have the ability to revive downed wolves on their own – which can be a vital asset when in battle or travelling through dangerous terrain. They’re lovers, not fighters, and may become stunned with fear if a monster gets too close. They can also be colored using dye!

Prismarine Wolf

The Prismarine Wolf is a stern-looking, naturally amphibious wolf that spawns in deep oceans. Prismarine Wolves prefer life underwater and are excellent swimmers. They’re also natural enemies of the drowned. They can exit the water freely without worrying about drowning, but they aren’t accustomed to life out of the water so they will move a bit more sluggishly than a land wolf normally would.

Zombie Wolf

Zombie Wolves are wolves that have unfortunately been infected by the zombie virus that plagues the world of Minecraft. Zombified wolves can spawn in any dimly lit forest, are hostile to players and other mobs (including wolves), and cannot be tamed – unless they are cured with a golden wolf treat! If you cure a Zombified wolf, they’ll slowly return to normal.

Once cured, they’ll have a much kinder appearance and demeanor and can be tamed, though some of their scars remain. Cured zombie wolves receive thankfulness +3 and zombie immunity +5 (not that it matters) and they behave as normal wolves do.

Dragon Wolves

When the initial version of this add-on released, I had received lots of requests, even from family, to create a winged wolf that could breathe fire, so this is what came of that idea – elementally-themed dragon wolves!

These guys have been added as more of an endgame feature – to get them, you’ll need to feed a normal, non-superpowered wolf a dragon wolf treat (see recipe below). Dragon wolves have an immunity to fire and lava damage and can utilize both melee and long-range attacks, depending on the situation. They also have the ability to fly at will (though the way the flight works is still a bit WIP). An airborne tamed dragon wolf will fall to the ground upon being told to sit.

Ice Dragon Wolves have the ability to fire rapid bursts of ice that strike targets over and over and over. Fire Dragon Wolves will charge up and shoot an explosive round that can start fires. Electric Dragon Wolves can fire a series of rounds that will lock onto a target in shulker bullet style, immobilizing enemies when they hit. 

To reiterate, these guys can indeed fly, and will switch to flight mode when targeting a mob or being ridden as a giant wolf, but they’re still learning proper flight skills, so be very careful not to allow them to fly away. They can be hard to catch if you tell them not to follow you and they fly off. They’re also immune to fall damage, so no worries there. 

Easter Egg Skins

At the moment, there are a total of three different Easter egg skins! These don’t spawn naturally. Instead, you can use a nametag to get the skin for your wolf.

Painted Wolf 

The Painted Wolf is totally covered in different shades of its collar color. Aside from the splash of color, it behaves just like the usual wolf. To get it, use a nametag with the label “paintedpup.” 

ChocoSprinkle Wolf 

The ChocoSprinkle Wolf was lovingly created by one of my little cousins. This wolf will shake sprinkles instead of water when it dries off, but aside from that, it behaves just like the usual wolf. To get it, use a nametag with the label “chocosprinkle.” 


The RoboWolf was lovingly created by my little step-bro. This wolf glows brightly in the dark and behaves just like the usual wolf. It’s also water-proof! To get it, use a nametag with the label “e_robodog.” 

Easter Egg Skin Compatibility & Info

  • The Easter egg skins are only available for the new overworld wolves that don’t have special abilites – so that’s the White Wolf, Husky, Brown Wolf, Savanna Wolf, Cured Zombie Wolves, and Black Wolf.
  • Wolves can be renamed to anything that’s not an Easter egg name while an Easter egg skin is active and the skin will stay.
  • If you want to remove the Easter egg skin and return to what the wolf used to look like, use a nametag with the label “bathtime.”

The Full Cast

From right to left: Frost Wolf, Dire Wolf, Nether Hound, Rescue Hound, Ender Wolf, Wolf, Electric Dragon Wolf, Brown Wolf, White Wolf, Ice Dragon Wolf, Savanna Wolf, Black Wolf, Prismarine Wolf, Fire Dragon Wolf, Painted Wolf, Scent Hound, Husky, ChocoSprinkle Wolf, RoboWolf. The Zombie Wolf couldn’t stand the heat, so he missed photo day – sorry!


The Wolves+ add-on also adds Wolf Treats that can be used to recover your wolf’s health. They can’t be used for breeding though, which makes them handy if you want to feed a bunch of wolves at the same time without possibly ending up with n/2 more wolves than you started with.

Strange Wolf Treat

If you add nether wart to the wolf treat recipe, you’ll end up making Strange Wolf Treats instead! The strange wolf treat is unstable (and smells funny), so it needs to be crafted with something else in order for a wolf to consider eating it. Here are the Strange Wolf Treat recipes available:

Maximizing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Maximizing Wolf Treat they will double in size, allowing you to ride them if you want – but be careful, that’s your best friend you’re riding! They’ll also benefit from increased health and attack power.

Minimizing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Minimizing Wolf Treat they will shrink in size, enabling them to run much faster and fit under half-slabs! Their health remains the same as a standard-sized wolf, but their attack power is decreased.

Normalizing Wolf Treat

To return a huge or mini wolf to normal size, give them a Normalizing Wolf Treat.

Phasing Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Phasing Wolf Treat they will begin to teleport randomly for a while like an Enderman. To make them stop, tell them to sit. End wolves have control over their ability to teleport, so they won’t get this effect – instead they’ll gain health.

Gelatinous Wolf Treat

If you feed a wolf a Gelatinous Wolf Treat they’ll gain immunity to fall damage and will be able to jump much higher while being ridden.

Wolf Treat Aquatic

If you feed a wolf a Wolf Treat Aquatic they’ll gain the ability to swim underwater! To make a wolf swim underwater, use the Dive command while they’re in water. After you teach them to swim the first time, their overall water speed will be increased, allowing them to move much more quickly through the water whether above or below the surface. Note that at this time there are some wolves that are incompatible with this treat. 

Honeyglazed Wolf Treat

Ever fight a witch with your tamed wolf in tow and end up having to suffer through helplessly watching your wolf slowly succumb to the effects of poison? With the honeyglazed wolf treat, you can actually cure negative status effects! Take that, poison.

Golden Wolf Treat

The golden wolf treat serves as a method of curing zombie wolves as well as reviving downed wolves if you don’t happen to have an emergency kit on hand.

Dragon Wolf Treat

Feeding a non-super wolf one of these will transform them into a dragon wolf! But, which type of dragon wolf? It depends on the environment you’re in! If you’re somewhere really cold, you’ll get an ice dragon wolf. If you’re somewhere really, really, really hot, you’ll get a fire dragon wolf. If you’re up above the clouds, you’ll get an electric dragon wolf. Beware, once a wolf has been transformed into a dragon wolf, the process cannot be undone!

Forgetful Wolf Treat

Accidentally tame one too many wolves? Need to undo giving your wolf an ability? Want to pass your wolf on to someone else? Feed them this treat! The Forgetful Wolf Treat will cause any tamed wolf to forget their owner and remove any and all upgrades given to the wolf (except for dragon transformations). Note that this will reactivate any wild instincts the wolf had before it was tamed, so have a bone at the ready if you want to reset a Dire Wolf without getting eaten.

Other Features

The Wolves+ add-on has a few other features:

  • Wolves have smoother animations for certain actions
  • All wolves have color-able collars – except for the RoboDog skin.
  • If you hold a bone, you can tell your tamed wolves to roam without following you around. This doesn’t un-tame – it just allows them to have the option to wander around your house instead of just sitting in place all day. They’ll also still come to defend you if they’re close enough to notice a situation.
  • When they don’t have much else to do, tamed wolves may occasionally lay down and rest for a bit, or until something interesting happens.
  • Fight Wisely! Tamed wolves now notice if they’ve taken lots of damage and if so, they will withdraw from battle to avoid getting KO’d. This doesn’t always apply though – for example, Dire Wolves will defend their owners ’till the bitter end!

Down, but not out!

If a wolf happens to take some sort of fatal damage, it will enter the “downed” state. A downed wolf becomes immobilized and unresponsive to any commands.

You have a few minutes to revive the wolf before they’re gone forever using either a golden wolf treat or a wolf emergency kit.

Wolf Emergency Kits will revive a downed wolf, bringing them back up to the health that they had just before being KO’d. Kits are consumed upon use. Don’t have one on? Another way of reviving a downed wolf is to have a Rescue Hound revive them. Note that a wolf who takes fatal damage from lava will not enter the downed state – this is the one situation to avoid if at all possible.

Extra Protection

This add-on also now includes armor for tamed wolves! Similar to player armor, armor made from higher tier materials do a better job at protecting your canine friend. To remove armor, use shears on the wolf. Only the wolf’s owner can change its equipment.

Golden Wolf Armor

Iron Wolf Armor

Diamond Wolf Armor


Netherite Wolf Armor

Netherite Wolf Armor has the same protection level as diamond, with an added benefit of reducing knockback taken. Will eventually be a smithing table recipe, rather than a crafting recipe. The item is not fireproof at the moment, so please don’t toss it into lava for lulz.

Experimental – Hazard Suit

 This is more of an idea that I had that I thought could add an interesting mechanic. If you equip a wolf with this armor, it will render them completely immune to any outside sources of damage – while also rendering them unable to attack. Perhaps this could be useful for mining expeditions or casual strolls through the nether? This armor is currently incompatible with dragon wolves. 

Other Items

Here are some other items you can find in this add-on.

Wolf Clicker

A training tool for dogs in real life, the Clicker can be used to give your tamed wolf a command. What the wolf does depends on what kind of wolf that it is. Here are a few examples:
  • Scent Hounds will try to sniff their way home
  • Rescue Hounds will use their super bark to heal nearby mobs
  • Dire wolves can be commanded to chill out and not attack everything
  • Frost wolves can freeze water vapor in the air into snowballs
Give it a try and see what happens! Some wolves haven’t learned a special a skill quite yet, but hopefully soon!

Wolf Bed

What happens when you try to craft together a wolf treat and a player bed? You get a wolf bed of course! Wolf beds are dyeable and wolves (tamed or not) can lay down in one to regain health and rest. Tamed wolves that are following their owner and happen to run into a wolf bed will exit the bed if their owner gets too far away. Telling a wolf to sit or stand will cause it to exit the bed. Wolves will also exit the bed if angered. To remove a wolf bed, punch it.


Cooking a slime ball in a furnace will cause it to harden into a toy that’s sturdy enough for your tamed wolves to play with. Craft one and give it a toss or hand it directly to your wolf. Once a wolf obtains up a ball, it’ll hold onto it in its mouth and may lay down to play with it. A wolf can be commanded to drop the ball. Eventually, it’ll drop the ball on its own, which may allow another wolf to pick it up. A wolf that was holding a ball will drop the ball if it becomes interested in something else that you’re holding or if it becomes angry at something. This one is still a WIP, so results may vary on the whole “chase the ball” thing.

Flying Disk

The flying disk is more floaty and can be thrown farther than a wolf ball. Aside from that, it behaves just like the wolf ball does.

Runner Toy 

A runner toy can’t be thrown per-se. Instead, you place it on the ground. Once it’s placed, it will run from any wolves that get close, giving your tamed wolves something to chase that they can’t kill. Once they catch the toy, it works just like a ball. The wolf will eventually drop the toy and it’ll run away again.

Experimental – Wolf Jet

The Wolf Jet is a device designed to give any wolf the ability to fly. It’s still in development, but in its current state, it will allow a wolf to fly around and attack foes from above. It doesn’t yet give wolves the ability to follow a player that’s using rocket powered elytra, but perhaps we’ll get there one day. To remove the Wolf Jet, use shears on the wolf. The way that a wolf uses the Wolf Jet depends largely on the wolf itself – some may fly further out than others. Careful – if you tell a wolf that’s using a Wolf Jet to stop following you, it may become very tricky to get them back if you can’t follow them into the sky. 

Pet the Dog

This add-on contains a recipe for an item that will allow you to pet tamed wolves! It’s quite simple – just hold the “Pet the Dog” item, and you’ll be given an option to pet the tamed wolf you’re looking at. You should only need one, as they aren’t used up when you pet a tamed wolf. A wolf’s tail will wag if you pet them.

Wolves+ Is Now Modular!

“Okay, that’s great and all, but I don’t really want tons of new wolves, I just want the new animations and behaviors and items.”

Okay fine. It’s now possible to build your own Wolves+! When you import the .mcaddon file, you’ll now receive a few packs instead of just one:

This allows you to pick and choose what new wolves you want to use from the add-on. Want the option to only have regular wolves and then later on have the option to turn your tamed wolf into a fire-breathing canine? Just use the Wolves+ Core and Wolves+ Dragons packs. Want everything? Apply all five packs. While this does open up new possibilities, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Regardless of the configuration, you must have the Wolves+ Core pack enabled. This is where the heart of the add-on is, and if it is missing things will explode (not really, but the add-on still won’t work).
  • You are free to add parts of Wolves+ as you please even after creating the world.
  • Take caution if you want to remove a part of Wolves+ after it has already been activated. As with any add-on, you risk things getting weird if you try to take active parts away.

There are Pugs too!

In collaboration with Djesus1123, there’s another sub-pack that adds pugs to Wolves+!

The pugs were designed and textured by Djesus1123 (and are used with permission ofc). Pugs spawn in plains biomes and are smaller than the average wolf. They can do just about everything a normal wolf can, including wear armor! Careful, they’ll gladly clean up any leftover food you leave laying around. Wolves+ Pugs also requires the Wolves+ Core pack in order to work.

Known Issues

Her are some common issues that you might run into while trying to use the add-on:

  • At the time of writing, custom items now load on Realms, but “throwable” items wile the ball still don’t seem to work. It works fine in offline worlds though.
  • Because of the above Realms issue, Wolf Beds are not usable on Realms in survival mode at the moment. They can be summoned using a command though if needed.
  • If you can’t seem to throw a toy (and you’re not on Realms), make sure that there are no other add-ons that modify player “behaviors,” as this will cause a conflict and it won’t work. This can usually be fixed by moving the Wolves+ Core pack to the top of the behavior packs list, but in that case other add-ons that modify player behaviors won’t work. You can still hand the ball to a tamed wolf even if the throw logic doesn’t work (except maybe on Realms)!
  • The bug that was causing render issues with other packs has been fixed, but the rule about pack order still applies. If you find that the normal wolf’s geometry or textures look odd, or some animations don’t seem to work right, try making sure that the Wolves+ Core pack is as high up on the resource pack list as it can go.
  • Can’t find a certain wolf? Make sure that you’ve applied the pack that the wolf is in.
  • There are some issues with item positioning for some wolves and baby wolves. As far as I can tell, this is a Minecraft bug (see zombie piglins). Once that is resolved this issue should hopefully resolve itself.

A Final Note

Making Wolves+ modular is a new thing that I’m trying, in hopes that it will be beneficial. Let me know what you think! I really enjoy working on this add-on, so I’ll more than likely continue to work on it as time passes to remove bugs and refine/add features – especially as Mojang continues to unlock new add-on possibilities. I hope you enjoy it! Follow me on Twitter for more add-ons. 😀 


You may:

  • Use this add-on in your worlds and play with friends
  • Use this pack in a hosted server, just be sure to give credit!
  • Use this add-on in videos, just be sure to give credit!

You may NOT:

  • Take any component of this add-on and pass it off as your own.
  • Charge for access to this add-on in any way, including by using URL shorteners.

You must:

  • Use the direct link to this page if you are sharing a link to the add-on
  • Be a responsible wolf owner. These guys are entrusting their whole lives to you!

Changelog View more

Hotfix to fix some bugs:

  • Nether Hounds with fallproofing no longer take fall damage
  • Obsidian Armor now renders properly on Pugs
  • Wolves no longer get a glitched animation when falling into things they can ride, i.e. boats/beds/minecarts

New in this release:

  • Wolves+ is modular! Select the features you want to use.
  • Scent Hounds join the roster of new wolves!
  • Wolf beds
  • Netherite Wolf Armor
  • Flying disk
  • Runner Toy
  • Wolf clicker
  • Some wolves now know some new tricks
  • Wolves can now open their mouths and pant if they're in a hot climate or excited
  • Nether Hounds now give fungi after being sheared
  • Prismarine Wolves don't attack fish anymore
  • Ender Wolves have a slightly better grip on teleportation
  • Armor is now equippable, allowing wolves to also hold another item
  • TONS of code optimizations and model/animation improvements
  • Added new types of wolves
  • Added some new items
  • Added some new wolf animations
  • Refined a lot of existing behaviors


Download the add-on, open it and Minecraft should automatically install it for you. Wolves+ is modular now, so make sure that you apply all parts of the add-on that you want to use.


Supported Minecraft versions


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    I absolutely love this addon! It is great and very useful. I have some recommendations. Maybe you can add a hell hound? The three headed dog with three times the attack damage. Is aggressive unless you sneak with a bone. Found is Mesa and desert biomes. Another wolf is the sheep wolf. But instead of herding sheep, they herd the other wolves. They are neutral and their ability can be activated using the wolf clicker. They can be found In plains. This one may be stupid, but may be useful. The miner wolf. They can be found in any cave and are also neutral. They carry a light source and can defend you from the monsters lurking in the dark! I haven’t thought so much about this but it think it can be useful! I hope you can add these in future updates! I hope you have a good day! Thank you for this opportunity to have these new wolves!

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    Just want to know if you do customer addons? If so, how much would it cost? If it means anything, what I’m looking for also involves wolves.

    • BlackMoonfang says:

      I think this is great! I’ve barely got a world without this addon, although I think it would be cool if you could maybe add it so that there are a few crossbreed wolves, like, so if you breed a Rescue Hound & a Savana Wolf you get a new type of wolf!

  5. Hi Ljw1765!
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    – Hazard suit makes zombie, medic, nether, scent, and frost wolves see through except for their noses (kinda funny)
    – Hazard suit makes wolves+ wolves clear at a certain distance
    – Zombie wolves hold toys REALLY incorrectly
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    Love your addon and I don’t mean to criticize it, just want to hopefully help make it better! I love this addon!!!!

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    I can no longer handle my wolf, before I could mount it in the byts and bytes addon 🙁

    • Ljw1765 says:

      Ah, sorry to hear that. If you need to reset a wolf and you can’t interact with the wolf, you can give them the wolvesPlus_RESET tag via a command.

      Just stand right next to the wolf and use something like “/tag @e[type=!player,c=1] add wolvesPlus_RESET”

      That should reset the wolf so you can re-tame it. Note that the tag is case-sensitive.

  21. Enderscript studios says:

    Can I use this for my modpack? I will Credit you.

    • Ljw1765 says:

      Hi! I’d prefer if you didn’t include it in a modpack. Just link to the add-on here if you want to share it. 🙂

      • Enderscript studios says:

        Ok, but the .Lang file and the item texture file do not always combine properly, causing items to have no textures and the names being messed up, so can I combine those two files only in my modpack, it does not add the things in game, it just makes it compatible with the modpack, so someone could have the modpack and this add-on in the same world with no problems. (Sorry for the long reply) so they still download it from here, this just would fix an error if they have this and the modpack in the same world.

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      Make sure that you apply the pack that has the wolf that you’re looking for. You can’t find the easter-egg skin wolves in the wild – you need to tame a wolf and then give it the right name. 🙂

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    How do you heal them?????????

  34. Guest-8493710573 says:

    The balls are cool, but the dogs dont carry them, they just get weirdly attached to their legs

  35. Guest-4773208700 says:

    good addon but after a day the animals are frozen and wont stand or anything:(

  36. Guest-1070303451 says:

    Its a good thing that you come up with the downed state

  37. Guest-4354721020 says:

    Plz add recipe books. Or an info book on the cute wolfs. Other than that good job and great addon. Recommend this addon!!!

  38. Guest-9323575288 says:

    How to breed wolves anybody knows

  39. Guest-4918104766 says:

    Could you make a dog tag which makes the dogs female or male and they are automatically named and u can see the dog tag by getting a stick and crouching and click and you can see the stats like how many health and the females can’t breed with the females same with males too

  40. Guest-1818711901 says:

    Hey either editor or creator did you mean Mesa Taigas instead of M Taigas?

  41. Guest-9431879305 says:

    I might b a bit tipsy rn buht imma say this a greta mod u did amaz-onda-balllsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOEVEVEVEVEVEE ITOLL SUU MUVHC!

    -Drunk Wolf luver GirlThins

  42. Guest-1632825663 says:

    This addon is AMAZING. Super well done, and bravo! Just one thing, I don’t want to risk crashing my game with experimental gameplay, so can you fix this error please? Other than that, LOVE EVERYTHING, DON”T CHANGE A THING. (Except for the bugs 🙂

  43. Guest-7897739295 says:

    where should i go to transform my wolf to an electric dragon wolf?

  44. Jackkowalchyk says:

    Hey I like this Addon but can you make it so You can enchant wolf armour

  45. Guest-4882707964 says:

    Hi, how can I use my dragon wolf treat? What wolf should I feed? does it require a tamed wolf or a wild wolf?

  46. Guest-5424192919 says:

    Do you know when this addon will be able to be played in non-experimental mode?

  47. JPhantom2020 says:

    this complement is not perfect… Because perfect is only God. This add-on is amazing, doesn’t need block launcher, doesn’t blame much space in the memory of the device, and it’s just amazing. This mod was supposed to be on top, there is simply no error, the animations are amazing, works along with any other add-on, I would give millions of stars, but as can only give 5, gets 5, it is simply amazing. I have no words to describe this beauty. Congratulations you created the best add-on I’ve ever played in my life.

  48. Foxy1fan says:

    Can you add Cerberus as a pet (Cerberus is a three headed dog) please

  49. Guest-8247107580 says:

    I cant see the wolves when I spawn them

  50. Guest-8374374647 says:

    There are no dragon or prismarine wolves and there is no dragon wolf treat or golden treat can you plss fix this? Overall this is great it is fun and awesome my friends really enjoy this addon

  51. Guest-3635074803 says:

    Pls make water dragon wolf

  52. Guest-6755896200 says:

    Could we get a change with how the ball item is used?
    Currently the ball doesn’t work at all when a mod that adds weapons is also installed.
    Other than that great work!
    My boyfriend loves it!

  53. Guest-1794515006 says:

    So, I gave my wolf armor, and after that I couldn’t toggle the Follow/Stop Following. Is there a way to fix this?
    Plz reply.

  54. Guest-4656923003 says:

    My wolf won’t follow me, and when I set them to follow, it’s not there. Is there a way to fix that?

  55. SlashFire says:

    This.. does bring a smile to my face.

  56. Guest-7169824288 says:

    I’m playing with friends and this mod doesn’t seem to be working. We can tame the wolves and do everything just fine but once we leave we can’t interact with them when we rejoin the world. Ex: If the wolf is in sit mode when we leave, it won’t get up we join back. Other than that, it seems to be working just fine. Please fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you. P.S. we aren’t on a realms server.

  57. Guest-3487255661 says:

    For some reason my wolves keep on deataching the jets and dieing

  58. Guest-3072031764 says:

    i cnt evemn make treats

  59. Guest-2361913059 says:

    Ok, so I found these bugs:
    Animation is non existant.
    wolves at not able to be named.
    Zombie wolves are broken.
    Wolves can’t move in “stop following me” mode.
    (I’m in 1.14.60, if that has anything to do with it.

  60. Guest-8156709392 says:

    Can you update your bits and bytes wolf to and can you plss make a addon foxes and this addon is great btw!

  61. Guest-2769559234 says:

    MY ZOMBIE WOLF DIDNT GET DOWNED! Why?! His is the second time! It wasn’t lava! My dogs Olive and Summit have both died. Olive from a zombie (ironically) and summit from a different mob I’m not sure of. Please fix it! They weren’t downed and I was very sad. 😭🥺

  62. Guest-3284394607 says:

    Best add-on for playing with our dogs but also add cloths for dogs and thay interest on playing with balls and also add sauser

  63. Guest-4290986742 says:

    I would like to see a version for computer and one for ipad because when i tryed to download it on my ipad it said it was not a valid zip file or something i dunno mabe it is just ios being a pain but i downloaded it on my computer worked great!

  64. Guest-1197509322 says:

    I think litters would be a good idea! You could make dog houses so you need to breed them next to the dog houses, and you need to feed them the amount of food you want the amount of puppies, (but only the female one) and she will go to the dog house and it takes the same amount of time it takes to cure the zombie wolf, then you will get the puppies. I don’t know how complicated it would be to make, but it’s pretty cool.

    Wolf ideas:

    Heaven Wolf: Has a halo and a lot of health, it also is able to make a shield with the halo but only around it.

    Skeleton Hound:
    Shoots arrows like a skeleton and will attack most mobs, and when it’s downed it will become a pile of bones until revived. It can swim in lava and if you ride it across lava you won’t get hurt.

    Sand wolf:
    Burrows into sand and can come back out with stuff it find buried. They can also do a sandstorm which is similar to the bark that rescue wolves do.

    Cupid wolf:
    Shoots Cupid arrows (new item) which you can use to make mobs stop attacking for a limited amount of time.

    Fairy Wolf: Very small and you can’t use the maximum or minimum treats on them. They can use magic to help you regenerate and they can use magic to make mobs confused.

    Mechanic Wolf: Has some cyborg looking limbs and half its face cyborg. It is really strong but a little bit faster than the Prismarine Wolf, and it limps. When it’s downed the limbs fall off and you will need to make new ones with iron ingots. You can prevent this with hazard suits.

    If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I love the amount of time and effort put into this add on! 100/10 would reccomend!

    • Guest-2384318880 says:

      Also, there could be some sort of whistle that brings all tamed dogs to you and a target that makes your dogs choose one target to fight, a bit like the doggy talents mod, I think. Also, could the Prismarine wolves have tails?

  65. Guest-6015054719 says:

    I love love LOVE this mod but what if you added dog beds idk just thought about it

  66. Funky Taco says:

    Great work on the add-on one of the best I’ve seen so far, here are some things I think can make it better:
    A wolf that you can put a chest on maybe like a bear wolf or a larger type of wolf and it will also be much stronger then the avarege should also spawn in Savannah biomes or snow biomes it will also spawn alone or with two baby wolves and maybe also make it so that dire wolves attack it and viseversa.
    Skeleton wolf:
    It’s basically like a zombie wolf but without having to revive it to tame it
    Spider wolf:
    A bit smaller than the normal wolf and also much faster and more agile and has a poisones bite and can also clime walls
    That’s all I can come up with
    Thanks for the awesome add-on keep up the amazing work

  67. Guest-4895711816 says:

    Is there a way to heal a zombie wolf without the use of a golden treat, I’m using this on a realm where expiremental mode is disabled.

  68. Guest-7742730714 says:

    Hello can you add more wolves and more items

  69. Guest-2689890045 says:

    Hello can you add function all items

  70. Fallmarble44492 says:

    This is a great Addon

  71. Fallmarble44492 says:

    Pls add dog beds

  72. Guest-7074654077 says:

    I can’t see the wolves and I’m in experimental gameplay how do you fix this

  73. Guest-3790035342 says:

    Can you take the armour of the wolf and how I still love this addon it is amazing 🙂

  74. Guest-1885194060 says:

    This is really great, love the update I’m having so much fun acting out my warrior wolves thingo.

    I just have one request? Maybe, if possible, can there be a tool or item that can make other wolves able to heal if they’re equipped with it? Like a rescue hound barrel collar thing that can be crafted, it could make it where the wearer is unable to fight like the natural rescue hound, and you’d have to occasionally refill it with something because it has a set number of uses before emptying? Like medicine made out of sweet berries and honey?

  75. Guest-6474976950 says:

    This is my rating

  76. Guest-2302212045 says:

    Is there a difference between mods and addons? If so, what is the difference?

  77. Guest-3240473418 says:

    Once my new wolves were invisible and the spawn egg was black. I had to re-download this addon and it went back to normal. Is this a bug?????

  78. CraftyDuck100 says:

    Hi can I add this to my realms pack please? It’s a combination of multiple packs (some by me some by others) and I want to add this. I’ll give you all credit for “Extra wolves and wolf related items”

  79. Guest-7184526494 says:

    Will this disable achievements?

  80. Guest-9208627356 says:

    Im also having this issue.

  81. Guest-2799276186 says:

    Hi there! i am not able to see my wolves, can u find a way to fix that? 😀

  82. Guest-4856135642 says:

    I want the creator of this addon to let the players dye the painted wolves one color and the collar a different color.

  83. Guest-6915919744 says:

    Use es file explorer

  84. Guest-1211143443 says:

    This is great and really cute

  85. Guest-2347188692 says:

    Can I get a download option that isn’t a .zip? My phone won’t let me open that type of file so I can’t use this mod even though I have the previous version and know it’s good.

  86. Guest-1324385142 says:

    I really love this mod I have 4 ideas that I want to tell you the first one is a dog whistle can give all dogs the the command to sit attack mob attack player if you choose this command a list of all the players in the game if the player is far enough away the wolves will teleport the final command is stand there is also an attack whistle wich gives the dogs attack power an upgrade a size whistle wich lets you change the size of the dogs any time there is a rescue whistle wich gives you the ability to tell all rescue dogs to use both abilities the more dogs there are the more powerful both abilities are the last whistle is the personal whistle the personal whistle can be mixed with all the other whistles and gain there abilities by tap a dog it becomes linked with the whistle and the whistle only affects the dogs it’s linked to the next idea is electric fences electric fences only effect dogs with shock collars dogs with shock collars need permission to leave the gate you can also tell them to guard the area of the gate you can change gate systems you can also allow or not allow players to enter all of this is changed by by a gate switch the third idea is dog houses when a dog with a dog house suffers fatal damage or you give it the command to it will return to its dog house and heal I will let you think of the different types of dog houses along with a dog house you could add a playground my next idea is slime dogs the final idea is a bodyguard wolf it’s basically a powerd up wolf you make a wolf a bodyguard wolf by giving a dog a bodyguard soot which is a hazard suit in the middle a diamond at the top an emerald at the bottom iron at either side and obsidian in the rest of the boxes

  87. Guest-5167807596 says:

    I love your mod and I had a couple ideas that I think would be awesome first of all you should add a sled that you can attach your dogs to with a leash all wolves that spawn in snow and ice biome should be able to be attached to the sled the more dogs attached the faster it goes you should also make it so that if you have a prism wolf you can swim faster get nite vision and water breathing finally the only problem I have with the mod is finding wolves you should increase wolf spawn rait this would be extremely helpful witht there rare wolves

  88. Guest-4881849845 says:

    I love this add on so much! I have used the last version and now with these added things and wolf types, it is even better :). The only thing that I feel like would be cool to add were pet bed or bowls for decoration but other than that it’s absolutely perfect.

  89. Guest-6750886206 says:

    “Missing dependency with ID ‘b09b859f-a3ac-4ec9-9cc4-e622cea02293’ and version ‘1.7.0’.” Shows up in my pack storage information. It still works but has anyone else gotten this?

  90. Guest-8541899836 says:

    I can’t get the easter egg wolfs, I am using the dire wolfs, anyone know a quick fix?

  91. Guest-4885797361 says:

    I can get the dogs in creative mode but they don’t spawn in naturally, I cant craft the items and I cant tame the ender dog. If someone knowns a quick fix, it will be greatly appreciated.

  92. Guest-8361595740 says:

    Hey This Addon Is Really cool And Really Nice Its Bedrocks version of the Wolves mod of java Also Its Like A Mob From Java Smooth Texture And Evertthing you Can Even Make The Wander So Good Im A Really Good Fan Of Addons Like This😁😁

  93. Guest-8018547871 says:

    it said it is missing dependancies other than that it is great

  94. Guest-6709334669 says:

    Best mod ever, just cant access the painted dogs.

  95. Guest-4830179281 says:

    What about adding a dog whistle? Let’s say a wolf that is not following you escape as, you would be able to use the whistle and it would have maybe a 20 block radius to bring the wolf to you. Like loyalty on a trident, but for a wolf. It would also be really cool if wolves had more than one puppy, up to five, maybe. Things like dog beds and placeable food bowls that you can fill up with food would be really cool. I love this addon so much and look forward to it expanding!

    • Guest-4968605565 says:

      And also, if the dog has up to five/six puppies, you could maybe toggle the amount you want when breeding them, so if you feed them both three of the food you will get three puppies, or if you feed them only 1 you get one.

  96. Guest-8845232182 says:

    I love this addon and would like to give an idea. If or when you update this addon I think you should add a wolf that could aid in farming or gathering.

  97. Guest-6616251074 says:

    Could u add dingo wolves and redesign the Savannah wolves to resemble painted wolves in Africa

  98. Guest-1244494549 says:

    Yay no adfly 😀

  99. Guest-3676633419 says:

    Plss add enchantments to the wolf armor. If u can thay would be superior. Thxx

  100. Guest-5164498144 says:

    Hahah for a dog lover like me this is brilliant

  101. Guest-4773760598 says:

    Hi did anyone notice that the wolves tail doesnt go down when theyre injured? Can you please update this its very hard to tell if my wolf is injured or not :((

  102. Random user says:

    I love this addon and have been using it for a while, however recently I had to delete Minecraft and redownload it due to immense lag and crashing. Upon attempting to download this addon again, the usual site popped up but asked me to “Please subscribe to continue.” Any clue how to get around this? I’ve tried looking for differently opened tabs and reloading the page, along with tapping the link over again multiple times.

    • Arshil says:

      Swipe out the tab it takes you to when you press subscribe and go back to the old one, then press subscribe again and cancel or whatever and you should be able to step by step download it

  103. TwikeySi2006 says:

    BEST ADDON EVER!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    But can you fix this one? Because when all dogs come with me they always Stacked up and why am i walking through a dog? 😅

  104. Allison says:

    That one is very cool matey almost better than the others

  105. Bruhrock says:

    When I spawn a dog in with the egg it’s invisible but I can hear it

  106. Eeeeee says:

    For some reason it won’t let me get the Easter Egg wolves, other than that it’s a good addon

  107. Anonymous says:

    I love this Addon so much. There is just one thing I would like to see and that is when you breed the wolves instead of only having one puppy they could have up to 5 or something. That is just one thing I would like to see, but anyway you did such a good job with the addon.

  108. Cry_Wolf says:

    I have been suing this add-on and it is lovely, however while trying to make the treats the recipe is not working. Is there some sort of update that I am unaware of? Or is this a bug only I am getting?

  109. Hi says:

    I love this addon but could you add beds that wolfs can teleport to at night and food blows if a wolfs Heath is low you can fill in the bowl instead of always having to feed it

  110. Sadie says:

    It would not work when I try to import it does anyone know why

  111. UR BIGGESTER FAN says:

    I think u should do this with cats and add that wolves can drink water have the own animation and one for swimming possiblely? Idk just maybe add more animations love THIS MOD/ADDON

  112. Lws says:

    Poderia fazer os lobos se sentassem sozinhod

  113. Rosiethegamer74 says:

    I am so glad that you added the back up link as media fire because the regular link i dont trust it is so awesome!

  114. Panda says:

    Heyo, don’t know if/when you’re going to update and if you even take suggestions but is it possible to add an item? It’ll be a rubber ball/dog toy, you can either throw it for your dogs to chase and one can pick it up and bring it back to you, or you can hover over two dog and make them go into a “Tug of war” mode and there’s a 50/50 chance of either dog winning (maybe after the tug of war the winning dog spews a few EXP), or perhaps playing gives the dog some stat boost themselves?

    • Panda says:

      I would personally prefer the tug of war one if only one of the toy functions are possible (if this is even considered that is), I love the idea of the dogs interacting with each other actively.

  115. FoxyGamepro says:

    Good day sir!

    Can you put fire power, lightning power, ice power, nature power, Dark power and healing power thank you!

    -Cyber world management team

  116. Callam says:

    The dogs will act like normal wolves but can sit, they won’t follow me until I hold something he likes for a while

  117. Brendon says:

    So I loaded a pre-created world after enabling them in global resources and both r&b in the world settings and when it loaded I went into the creative menu the spawn eggs were there and they would spawn but they were invisible I could still do everything u can do with a wolf in mc but I couldn’t see them am I only supposed to activate the packs in a new world or what besides that it works really well itz one of my fav wolf add-ons

  118. Jtk376 says:

    Hey I was wondering if there was a way to make end wolves breed cuz I got 2 in da game and wanted to make them have a puppy and idk if I have to get a specific food or what so if u can or if any1 can pls lemme know appreciate it and thx!

  119. Joon says:

    So this mod is only partially working for me 😐 The dogs spawn in their respected places and can be spawned by an egg. But the crafting of the treats is a bit glitchy and every time I exit the world and reenter my wolves/ cats will not follow me or even allow me to sit them down. Other than that it pretty much works, so if you could fix the weird sit down and not following glitch it would be perfect! Also the crafting treats, but i could live without that being fixed.

  120. Dakota says:

    This mod didn’t work for me 🙁 the spawn eggs are untextured and the wolves are invisible. Hopefully this is fixed soon or there was a step i missed while installing. 3/5 for a neutral rating since i cant get the mod to work

  121. panic tm says:

    Hi! Love this mod, but one problem. Whenever I try to make the nametag wolves, it doesn’t seem to work. I have everything needed on^^;;

  122. Doge says:

    Is there anyway to add the recipes to the green book ?

  123. Sydney says:

    It’s a great add on,but on some of my worlds I can’t craft treats,is there a fix?

  124. Ethan says:

    Great add-on, it has some problems running with other add-ons though. Overall, great add on, I’m having a lot of fun with the dogs

  125. Kurt1234 says:

    Plz add skeleton wolf. Best mod ever!

  126. Adina Williams says:

    Best mod ever! 🤩

  127. Adina Williams says:

    Best mod ever! 🤩🤯

  128. Anne says:

    The new dogs are so cute!

  129. Elf pup says:

    Love this addon. But I have some suggestions.
    Dragon wolves: Winged wolves, able to fly. Appear in the same skins as the overworld wolves. White ones always spawn in the snow biome. The rest spawn in the grassland, savanah, forest, and jungle.
    New treat ideas: Fire treat, so wolves can shoot fire charges out of their mouth cause why not.
    Thunder treat: wolves can make lightning strike on other mobs.
    Ice treat: wolves freeze water when walking on them.
    Water treat: wolves can summon random blocks of water. Perfect when fighting enderman.

  130. Gotta say, this is probably one of my top favorite mods. I love the different dogs and treats so much. It’s cool to be able to have all these special and unique adorable puppers.

  131. jen says:

    i love this addon thank you s much and i have a suggestion that i think would be so adorable, you should make a dog bed that when it becomes night time they go to their designated beds,and they acually sleep in them that would be so cute.

  132. Anonymous says:

    After I leave my world they untame? IDK plz help fix this or something, It really frustrates me bc I love this addon so far! this is my only issue

  133. Christian says:

    Hi. I installed this addon into the realm with experimental features enabled on the world before I turned it into a realm. The new dogs show up and they work as they’re meant to except I can’t craft any of the treats? Is there a reason for this?

  134. iiHoneyMilk says:

    I did a review on this mod if you wanna check it out and maybe look at my channel? Here’s the link

  135. Unknown says:

    Cant see the dogs please fix it asap

  136. SugarCoatedNinja says:

    Honestly I’ve been waiting for something like this for AGES~ Them laying down is absolutely the cutest thing ever, and them wondering is probably the most amazing thing ever- (I’ve always felt bad for having pets but making them sit all the time, because I couldn’t have them all following me). Something that could make it even better-
    Bowls – you’d have to fill them up with pork chops or something, and they could go eat when their health is down.
    Beds – little doggy beds, this way (if they’re wondering or sitting down) they could go in their beds at night (or just whenever they feel like it).
    –(in general just other dog items to interact with the wolves)–

    (if u read this- thanks ^^ your mod made my day 🙂 )

  137. Dog lover says:

    What the fuck it completely does not work. This addon is a piece of does not spawn

    • Guest-8406232706 says:

      Woah , woah woah ,stop with the bad words , try using experimental gameplay and put the textures on top , or maybe wait , (im friends with the creator) he will update it soon , and he. Will add pugs

  138. Just a random fox says:


  139. Bannana says:

    You should add slime wolves! Slime wolves will pick up your items it you drop them, like stick to them because they are made of slime. They will spawn in swamps like slimes. Overall great addon keep up the good work! 10/10.

  140. LovesThisAddon says:

    Forgot the rating

  141. LovesThisAddon says:

    Extremely good! I really enjoy this addon!

  142. Aussikinz says:

    Does this work for IOS on MCPE?

  143. Bubbu says:

    I tried this mod and then i spawn a dog ITS INVISABLE!! eggs are blackout color and i can tame a dog and stuff like that but i can’t see him! All dogs i spawned are invisable!
    Ofcourse i am not hating, maybe its just for me i don’t know or maybe you acidently made a small mistake in this mod but please fix it. If this happens only for me bc maybe something wrong with mine phone then i am sorry but i am just not sure about it.

  144. Ellie says:

    Can I just say that you made a heck of a great add-on. Extremely well done. Everything had been working pretty well and it’s super fun and easy.

  145. Ah says:

    Could u explain how to get the treats? I have experimental on but I cant craft them.

  146. Savannah cheese says:

    Takes me to this time earn thing

  147. Jamie Lee Thomas says:

    Cant download because of the tmearn link won’t work for me

  148. jepu says:

    oh my god just straite to the link… amazing, also great addon

  149. SouronDrake says:

    Do the brown wolves lay down in the picture and I really love the addon its amazing

  150. tristanyou says:

    I like this there are easter eggs and if you wanted other dogs there is many version good mod keep up the good work!

  151. Batman says:

    It doesn’t work, please update the link!

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