Wonderful Biomes Resource Pack

Have you ever wanted to experience the amazement of non-vanilla biomes but you prefer Bedrock to Java (so no mods, just add-ons) nor could you install Block-Launcher because you are on Windows 10? Well, then this Resource Pack is for you. Feel the wonder with WONDERFUL BIOMES!

This resource pack alters the colours of the biome colormap, which defines the tone of both leaves and grass (and also water in some cases). By doing this, some biomes have been revamped to give a Biomes O’Plenty or Biome Bundle feel to it (although far less incredible, I shall admit).

Keep in mind that this is only an aesthetic change; there are no additions beyond that.

Aether Hills

This blue biome is the recoloured version of Extreme Hills, mountains and frozen trees in general. It’s based on the Aether Mod (loosely) and the Mystic Grove Biome from Biomes O’Plenty.

Autumnal Forest

This red biome is the recoloured version of Taiga. It’s based on both the Seasonal Forest and Redwood Forest (loosely) from Biomes O’Plenty.

Dark Zone

This dark biome with gray trees is the recoloured version of Swamps. It’s based on both the Deadlands from Biomes O’Plenty and the Vampire Biome from the Vampirism Mod. (it doesn’t have vampires though XD  ).

Orange Savannah

This is a revamped version of the vanilla Savannah which I thought might look cool in orange. I haven’t based it on anything in particular.

Cherry Blossom / Sakura Biome

This is the well-known pink (more like purple) tree we all love. It is a recolour of birch trees in general.

*Note: I have noticed the cherry blossom may just be too purple instead of pink, so I may change that in a future uptade.

**Note 2: I have only tested this on Windows 10, so I don’t know if it will work on iOS or Android. Please proceed with caution.

***Note 3: You can use it in combination with other resource packs or shaders as it doesn’t really depend on textures themselves or texture size (I only selected x32 beacuse the website obligued me) (though some incompabilities may occur when combining whith certain shaders).


1. You can use this Resource Pack in your YouTube videos, just credit me in the video or in the description, including a link to this MCPEDL page (NO external links are to be included).

2. It can also be used in servers, etc., but the same credit explained above must be followed.

3. Enjoy!!!

Changelog View more

- There was an error on the MCPEDL website that made the download button not work. It should now be fixed.

- Fixed the grass side colour issue (the images are still from the bugged version, but it looks fine in game).

-Updated the description of the the page to say that it is compatible with the latest update (1.11.1). Note: this pack should still work despite the version, so, in theory, it should also work on the 1.12 Beta.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11



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39 Responses

4.58 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-5292882627 says:

    Can you please change the link to media

  2. Guest-1757370166 says:

    Can you make a biomes o Plenty addon plz.🤩

  3. Whoah, wait, the picture of Calfloward from the Minecraft Fanfictions Wiki is actually of the cherry blossom biome. Wow.

  4. MicroJP says:

    Can you do a .ZIP file?

  5. Sam says:

    Is iT a good survival map?!?!

  6. Random says:

    Hey there! Your add-on is amazing except it adds a black outline to blocks & water; is there anyway to fix this or can you update it in the future? Would love to use it on my realm but the outline looks wonky with my shaders with wavy water : (

    • Random says:

      Update: I fixed the black line problem by changing “num_mip_levels” to 1 in “terrain_texture” but it consequentially broke the side of grass blocks color corresponding with the color of the top. If the creator reads this I have discord & would be more than happy for him to pm me showing how to fix

  7. T_T says:

    Why doesnt the link work for me

  8. Lizzie says:

    Can u try to do different colored wood like in biomes oplenty? I appreciate your effort BTW

    • AJ Auctor says:

      I could try that, but it would substitute the already existing types of wood, as I don’t hace access to the beta with the ability to add new blocks. But it’s a Texture pack, not an Add-On, so I’ll probably do it anyway.
      Thanks for the idea 😄
      I will try and add it.

  9. Gary says:

    Just want to say thank you for your effort and time in making this great addon.

  10. Ghost says:

    So this pack works great, and I appreciate the fix you made to the sides of grass blocks, but now the issue is, is that the blocks seem to appear with a gridded outline. I’ve tested this out only on Xbox, but maybe it happens on other platforms, and you know about it. Hopefully if you do, you can fix it. Otherwise great pack!

    • AJ Auctor says:

      Thanks for the comment 😄 Also, I think I may know what you are talking about, but could you tell me what exactly you mean by “gridded outline”? Is it that the grass appears with different shades of green?

      • Ghost says:

        It’s kinda difficult to explain, but I’ll try. So basically, if you look at blocks (works best looking at snow or sand) they have a black outline around the edges (as if you were looking at the block with spilt-touch controls.) Turning off texel anti aliasing helps to correct the problem, although not completely. It also causes the world to appear more “grainy” and as such isn’t really a preferable solution. Hopefully this helps you understand what I am referring to.

        • AJ Auctor says:

          I’ll look into it. Although, I don’t think I have the level of coding needed to fix it. I’m still quite new in the Resource Pack/Add-On field. Thank you very much for the feedback anyway 😀

  11. Hi says:

    Can you please update it so it so it works for 1. 11 and above thanks please update It soon!🙂

    • AJ Auctor says:

      It does work on higher versions, at least for me (I use the latest official release, 1.11.1). As the description only says 1.10, I’ll update it later just to avoid confusion. Anyways, if you detect anything, just say it (apart from the side of the grass block bug, I already know that and I’m trying to fix it). Hope I have helped you 😄

  12. ImperialMoon443 says:

    Very wonderful, it makes the world feel more like a fantasy which I like!

  13. Dante says:

    It lags a bit my game but I really love the addon!

  14. AJ says:

    Can you make the Blue Color a bit lighter,Then the Red Grass a bit Maroon or Any combination of Red and Brown…And the Side of the Grass Block still looks like the old texture

  15. Sir Shrimp says:

    Does this texture replace existing biomes or add new ones?

    • AJ Auctor says:

      It replaces already existing ones. But I guess someone will create an add-on that adds new biomes using the new characteristics of the 1.12 beta 😄

      • End Crafter 16 says:

        Why don’t you make it

        • AJ Auctor says:

          Sorry for the delayed answer, I had’t noticed the comment. To answer your question: I don’t have access to the beta, so i can’t do it. Moreover, I am not that good at making Add-Ons yet, but I’ll try making a 1.12 one when I improve. But for now, I am making an Add-On that adds different mobs, from which some are references to classic Java mods. I hope you’ll like that one when I finish it 😀

  16. EpicLuffy says:

    Does this addon work with any shaders? If so which ones

    • AJ Auctor says:

      I know it world with Z12 shaders. However, when they are used together, the movido leaves function of the shaders gets a little buggy, as this e leaves that are coloured stop moving but the green leaves continue having the effect. The lighting, water, etc. works perfectly, though, and it should also work with any other shader (despite the said moving leaves problem).

      If you plan on using it with a shader, I suggest placing this texture pack over the shader, as some shaders have their own colormap (although it is usually the vanilla one), which, if placed over the Wonderful Biomes one, would make the texture pack not work.

      I hope all that wasn’t very confusing Xd

  17. AJ Auctor says:

    There seems to be an error with the download button. I uploaded the archive directly to MCPEDL, without any external links, so there must have been an error during upload, I have already submitted it again to see if it fixes it. I have also checked if this error happens in any other page and I have seen that the download button for Unicorn Mod is also broken. I guess it will be fixed soon, or at least I hope so.

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