Wooden Cobra [Roller Coaster]

The Wooden Cobra is a grand roller coaster which has been built in a normal forest biome. It will take you through a mix of places. Everything from old mines to farms. If this was real life it would definitely be scary. But as it’s Minecraft, it’s less scary, but still definitely worth a try if you like roller coasters.

Creator: Orcalover37

roller-coaster-2 roller-coaster-1 roller-coaster-3


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11 Responses

  1. Help? says:

    You can install zip. files with MCPE Addons; just click copy to MCPE Addons.

  2. Dragon Girl says:

    It just says ‘import started’ then “import failed” on Minecraft on my iPad 🙁

  3. Ragingkid says:

    Hi i was just wandering, how could you upload a .zip file in minecraft?

  4. Matthew Grant says:

    Seriously? It was September 2016 when you uploaded this.!🙎🏽‍♂️

  5. AnonymousUser says:

    I am even an ios user.Just press that download button.Let it download and download an app named documents.First tap its zip file and the all of its files will appear.Select all of them and zip them up.Select it and rename it .mcworld in place of .zip and then there will be an option uplaod to,open that and select mcpe.ENJOY!!!

  6. Chloe says:

    Make it so that iPad can play 😡

  7. Hi says:

    Can you guys make a turbo or race car map for my brother? Or a yoshie 3ds for my other brother?

  8. Minecraft lord15 says:

    Can u add a .mcworld file? also how do u upload maps?

  9. Hi says:

    How can you download this via .mcworld?

  10. Brodie says:

    Hi could mcpedl.com please add every
    Thing for iOS

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