Wooden Wheels Addon

Upgrade your world with amazing wooden vehicles and utility tools. From Cars to Carriages even wheelchairs and more. Not just this there are utility tools such as Wood Cutter and Ores Generator! Feeling a bit lucky today try opening a Lucky Box!

– Vehicles –

All vehicles listed below.


A wooden car. Middle speed, good for driving on any terrain and can pickup one player, a chest can be added to extend the inventory to 27 slots.*Only drivable with a wooden key inserted, same as what you would do with a saddle and a horse*

Big Wheels:

Long vehicle with Big wheels! Fast, good for traveling long distances, not recommended for hard terrain. Can pickup one player. *Only drivable with a wooden key inserted, same as what you would do with a saddle and a horse*

Kart Box:

A great way to store resources and take them wherever you go! *Not drivable* Required to be attached to a car. To attach it add a tripwire hook to a car, simply hold it then interact.


Similar to the Kart Box. Can pickup 2 players or 1 player with a chest. *Not drivable* Required to be attached to a donkey.


Yes. This a Wooden Wheelchair. Slow speed, but a fun way to getting around.

Tree Stump:

Simply an Oak Log with wheels in it. Middle speed.

– Customization –

You can customize some of the vehicles through interacting with them.


The driver chair can be customized with 2 options:

Creeper Chair – can be added with a Creeper Skull.

Skeleton Chair – can be added with a Skeleton Skull.

To switch to the default chair hold a Red Wool Block then long press or right click.


The carriage body can be customized with 2 options:

Chest +27 slots – can be added with a chest (decreases the players pickup space to 1 player).

Carpet – can be added with a Wool Carpet.

To remove the customization hold a shears then long press or right click.

Tree Stump:

The tree stump body can be customized with 1 option:

Carpet – The exact same as the carriage

To remove the customization hold a shears then long press or right click.

– Utility Tools –

All utility tools listed below.

Ores Generator:

An extremely great way to generate ores. Including: Coal, Diamond, Emeralds, Golden and Iron ingots all can be generated by simply holding any of them then long press on the ores gen or right click.

Wood Cutter:

Similar to the Stonecutter, but it can cut any variant of wood!

Planks = 10 Signs

Stairs = 1 Slab

Slab = 1 Trapdoor

Trapdoor = 4 Buttons

Lucky Box:

The lucky box holds loot that you can get by breaking the box with an axe!

– Custom Crafting Table –

The custom crafting table allows you to craft all vehicles and utility tools in survival. You can get a custom crafting table from the stone mason villager.

Important Notices:

1. If you want to remove a vehicle or a utility tool simply sneak then hit the entity, you’ll also get its spawn egg back.

2. Please beware that removing any customizable “vehicle” will remove all of its customization that was added, when you spawn it again it will not have the customization previously added.

3. This addon only support mc v1.11 official version. It will most likely not work in the beta versions.


1. Press (Download Addon).

2. Wait 5 seconds to watch an ad. (It helps a lot)

3. Press SKIP AD, then you'll be redirected to a MediaFire link.


Supported Minecraft versions


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79 Responses

4.23 / 5 (53 votes)
  1. DTech says:

    I don’t like the creator that doesn’t update his/her add-on😡! You should add more vehicles! Make it compatible with 1.13/1.14! I love this add-on but, it’s now outdated☹️! 😭😭😭

  2. nguyen thai duong says:

    it good so add plane in addon thanhk you

  3. matthew says:

    when you destroy any of these entities you should get the corresponding spawn egg but it is muddled up.

  4. XxxWolf_DeathxxX says:

    This is the mode
    I been founding for a month!!! I finally find it!!!!

  5. No says:

    Why do the lucky boxes only drop wood how does that make any sense it defeats the purpose of it even being lucky

  6. Cream says:

    How do you get the wooden key in survival?? Is there a crafting recipe or trade with villager or what?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Great Addon! However, idk how to get the donkey onto the carriage. Other than that, I’m enjoying this!

  8. Cammie says:

    Great Addon works great for my Xbox only you can’t get rid of any of the entities after you spawn them and the carriage trails behind (but I’m fine cos it’s probs really hard to program) if you can’t get it on your Xbox I tried on my phone and I copied the media fire link to my Xbox hope I helped!

  9. Anonymous says:

    can someone reply with the media fire link cuz adfly won’t let me through

  10. Jude Mayeux says:

    How do you craft the items?

    • Coyote_Bork says:

      In The Custom Crafting Table, Obtain It By Trading With A Mason Villager, Sadly, It Doesnt Work For Me, Maybe Cause Im On, Hope It Works For You ♡

  11. Anonymous says:

    Phenomenal addon! However, when used with other addons, the crafting tables and drops do not work because it gives the wrong spawn egg.

  12. Somebody UwU says:

    Keep on undoing it and going back,skipping the ad until it gets to the mediafire!Hope I helped:^^

  13. LoAlCo says:

    Great mod but I was lead to a 18+ adult ad. My pc is clean and I don’t have any history that would make that show up based on data so just letting you know.

  14. Dombo says:

    On Xbox, vehicles work fine. Currently does not support ores gen or craft. Also, invisible to host but not invisible to other players. Pls fix.

  15. Zak Morris says:

    This addons would be awesome for my economy realm if I could remove the ore generator. That would basically be a money machine and would cause massive inflation.

    Is there a way to remove just that feature?
    Can I download an editable version so I can access the .json files?
    Obviously, I’d still credit you for the build.
    Thanks so much!

  16. Amber Baysinger says:

    Awesome mod. Downside is the items, specifically the ore gen, moves around a lot. Also, if stuff is left in the cart chest when you break it, you lose it. Maybe you could change it to have shulker box features?

  17. Sean says:

    When i sneak and tap the entity it drops the wrong thing and when i trade with the custom crafting i trade with him but the spawn egg is black when i placed it down it crash

  18. Aslam The Gamer says:

    I am playing beta version pls make it work for beta version pls pls

  19. :) says:

    Very good add on. Am enjoying this very much!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Weird glitch after a while everything disappears
    Good tho

  21. Kyal says:

    Cant access mediafire on xbox one keeps taking to a blank page and the link is a redirect link but dosent work

  22. Anonymous says:

    Idk how to download it

  23. Non says:

    Keeps crashing when i place a car down and put a carriage on a donkey

  24. helpmeplease says:

    I’m not being redirected to Mediafire, it says press allow to continue and its virus, what do i do

  25. helpmeplease says:

    I’m not being redirected to Mediafire, it says press allow to continue and its virus, what do i do


    I can’t download it since the site is with virus. Please change it 🙁 I do love the addon tho

    • Anonymous says:

      When virus? Does it have a virus? Or is there a site called virus? If it’s a virus in dead cuz I’m too lazy to fix it

    • Somebody UwU says:

      Keep on undoing it and going back,skipping the ad until it gets to the mediafire!Hope I helped:^^

  27. Lol minecraft says:

    Can you add more things like pickup trucks with cabins and motorcycles? Please?

  28. Mincraft_guy says:

    could you add more cars and pickup trucks and motorcycles plz ???

  29. Anonymous says:

    I love it, but could you add more vehicles? Like a truck, a motorcycle…

  30. Tamvan GG says:


  31. Explosioner500 says:

    All the Stuff in this add-on doesn’t drop it’s proper item. For an example Big wheels doesn’t drop big wheels it drops the custom crafting table. Not only that you can’t craft big wheels in the custom crafting table.

  32. Justin says:

    What map did you use to showcase the addon?

  33. Justin says:

    Great addon. I love to play this with my sister in our survival minecraft world.

  34. hamzaFKH says:

    This addon is AMAZING the detail on this addon IS AMAZING BEST ADDON EVER

  35. dextempadmin says:

    looks good

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. Sedat says:

    Amazing Addon This İs Perfect 5 stars 😊❤️❤️❤️👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  38. Anonymous says:

    Как скачать

  39. Bomb Erik says:

    Nice, but I don’t want to download it because of the extra things (creates, ore gen, etc.) I think it would be better if they were separate because you are a person who added vehicles and kept the Minecraft style.

  40. Alam says:

    Ini bagus

  41. Dave300 says:

    A masterpiece indeed,I remember when the first car add on came out it was a box with wheels and was a good add on for the time. This addon though is incredible so much time was obviously put into it thank you for something as amazing as this.

  42. DumpsterFire says:

    Like the add-on! I think for the next update to this add-on adds in wooden planes and flying vehicles! Something like a biplane or a airship or even a hot air balloon!

  43. Wuln says:

    Untuk 1.12 beta manaaa

  44. Tyler says:

    I can’t figure out how to get that stuff in survival but I noticed when you break the blocks they never drop the right item

  45. AmazingAddon. says:

    You’ve officially broke Minecraft.

  46. Stavinair says:

    Mind making a way to hook cart chests onto other cart chests to form “trains?” Or better yet, apply this to minecarts?

  47. Dylan Dirkes says:

    things are begining to seem more like modpe and fml mods now AND IM SURE EXCITED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Dumby thic says:

    Vehicles are invisible

  49. Read Me says:

    I have an idea for the lucky box, added unlucky box, which look exactly the same as the lucky box. Also make the boxes have small entities in it like cat , chicken bats, and more
    Btw nice Add-On 🙂

  50. Maxil89 says:

    Best addon

  51. Anonymous says:

    queria saber como constroi os carros

  52. ThE_GamEz says:


  53. AT says:

    I have one question…….. Is this BETA only?

  54. Anonymous says:

    I’m almost certain I saw solvedev post something like this last year about the custom crafting table, it looks identical. Did you steal it?

  55. Israel Dias says:

    isso e muito bom, até que em fim um bom addon q funcione

  56. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Amazing mod 5 star!

  57. Peter says:

    It’s fun but for some reason the key replaces the saddle

  58. PhantomWolf22 says:


  59. Mcplayer says:

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏very good,i like how much creativity you used on the addon,this addon is so good and obviously,there is so much passion inside that can be improved,keep it up!

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