Woodland Mansion PE [Creation]

The woodland mansion is an extremely rare structure which will be introduced in the Exploration Update (v1.11) for Minecraft on PC. Even if Pocket Edition doesn’t have this feature yet it’s definitely a possibility for a future update. Anyways, this map lets you explore the Woodland Mansion in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The creators of the map have even gone as far as creating a customized texture pack to use with the map.

Creator: Goreckicraft123 (Twitter), Mr Blockcrafter

woodland-mansion-pe-5 woodland-mansion-pe-4 woodland-mansion-pe-3 woodland-mansion-pe-2 woodland-mansion-pe-1

Important: This map will only work for version 0.16.0+ of Minecraft Pocket Edition because it uses some blocks which only exists in that version.

Windows 10 / iOS / Android / Other? Click here for .MCWorld

Do you want a .ZIP file for this world? Click button down below.


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28 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. sir says:

    Cool! How to get real woodland mension

  2. En_tity_3o3 says:

    It is 2018, minecraft is now 1.2.9 beta, woodland mansions came out in like 1.1.1

  3. KatyDiamond says:

    Doesn’t work. 🙁 Does this map work for v1.1.2?


  4. The red dragon says:

    With the texture pack on,Minecraft crashes.So,you need to see the terrorible work you did on the textures.DO IT NOW!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome

  6. John cena says:

    This is a great game and I can’t wait for the next update

  7. Jamie2004Pierre says:

    This is now in an Android beta version lol

  8. AnanimElka03 says:

    Good bro tankz for the map
    Anyway subs my yourube channel
    ” Ananim Elka “

  9. BabyKelly2.0 says:

    I love it ?! It looks like it is in Minecraft PC! Thanks again for this map ?! ?❤️?

  10. Maryam says:

    I think it’s really good. Could you build a Wayne Manor from Batman but could you make it on an infinitive world

  11. FlamingForceGFX says:

    Looks amazing map! This map is the best for Family Roleplay.

  12. Muhammad Denil says:

    this mansion like a mansion in the minecraft pc

  13. Sharon Foo says:

    I know, so sick!

  14. Ender_Dragon223 says:

    Does it work for 1.0?

  15. Anonymous says:

    What’s the seed ?

  16. Lectris says:

    Really sick,good job

  17. Satius boy says:

    This is cool addon i have and i love this addon

  18. Mattythebest & Crazy Baby says:

    Cool mansion

  19. Steve says:

    Hey how did you make the blocks in the fire place like ghost blocks?

  20. Pro gamer says:

    Is soo cool

  21. Hayden says:

    Pls make it a .mcpack

  22. DeathCop4000 says:

    Goreckicrafter123 ,Could you make a 0.15 version ?

  23. AbangGibran says:

    Wow great job this is so similar with the real woodland mansion and i love the addons and i make a showcase for this addons and i’m not trying to promote my channel but i try to promote your content 😀

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