Woodpecker Resource Pack

Woodpecker Resource Pack 1.16 for Minecraft offers you a simple, catchy and very relaxing. It has the medieval atmosphere to it while still managed to show it’s uniqueness. There’s one feature that makes Woodpecker absolutely stunning is that it leads to a block to have anywhere from 4 to 10 different colors on it.

Woodpecker Resource Pack was created by Zob to give the game an extra feel of being cartoonish and cute. It adds in some very great looking blocks for structures and better-looking animals and critters. It overhauls the architecture of the structures as it replaces a lot of blocks and vegetation making it look more smooth.

The Resource pack is originally from the java version and was discontinued by the creator, we decided to continue the pack for the Bedrock edition.

Original PC pack:

Ported and continued by: Pixell Studio

Acknowledgment: (CrisXolt) A custom UI Pack maker

Windows 10:

Pocket Edition: ✔ 


For the Hud to work perfectly in the pocket edition, activate the classic UI in SETTINGS > VIDEO > UI PROFILLE > CLASSIC

We will send new updates every week for this pack, stay tuned!

If you find any texture bugs, please let us know here in the comments ↴

Changelog View more
  • Fixed Boss life bar texture
  • We changed the texture of some items
  • The entire UI has been redone
  • Fixed texture bugs
  • Fixed fire texture in mobs
  • We changed the texture of some blocks
  • We fixed and changed the textures of some Mobs
  • We added textures in many blocks
  • Added new particle textures
  • Fixed HUD textures
  • The texture of the soul fire has been corrected
  • Fixed Drowned texture
  • Fixed the potions effect HUD 
  • We fixed the conflict bug with other Resource Packs
  • We fixed a lot of texture bugs and added some textures that were missing


  1.  Download Resource .MCPACK
  2. .Open Minecraft 
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate Pack


Supported Minecraft versions




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113 Responses

4.61 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. adry says:

    did the texture stop with the updates?
    I still wait for the turtle hat texture and the hud adapted for mobile

    • New update will come out in the next few weeks, we are currently working on a new map.
      We are having difficulties updating the hud in the mobile version, at the moment we advise you to use the classic UI in SETTINGS > VIDEO > UI PROFILLE > CLASSIC

  2. adry says:

    getting closer and closer to perfection, I would like to report what I saw wrong, it seems that the luminous fungus block is very similar to the luminous stone, another problem that is also very simple, it deals with the texture of the pocket version of minecraft, the tool blocks (furnaces, anvil and crafting table) in addition to the inventory hud are very misaligned with the original gray of the game, I would like to have a way to send you screenshots so that you could better understand the problem.
    try to apply the texture to the cell phone of someone on the team to understand the problem

  3. RoboWolfUwU says:

    This looks Nice but the Download Link Is Trash, first If i click It, it’ll lead me To and If i click continue it’ll lead me To Play store and some sort if shopping app… Pls do direct mediafire

  4. Nediamail05 says:

    This is an absolutely amazing texture pack! I love the look of it, it’s cartoon like, but not too cartoon like!

  5. KOCreeper243 says:

    You know i always check for some updates, right😉 and this time the updates is REALLY COOL!!

  6. Blue7S says:

    please make mycelium purple again. for the cartoon look you could make it bright pink or something but i just need it to be in the shade of purple again

  7. New update with new HUD and many other new features coming out this week, stay tuned!

  8. WryIceBearYT1 says:

    Best texture pack ever this texture pack had all the game textured like the nether the netherite weapons and armors

  9. adry says:

    when will the update come fixing the hud problems of the chests and the bosses’ life bar?

  10. CrazehIvan says:

    The pack is very nicely done but the some swords are just too big and wide it doesn’t even look like a sword when you hold, please make the swords a bit slimmer

  11. Ray E. says:

    This resourcepack It has become my personal pack, although I have a bug with the Zombie piglin

  12. Mhh1561 says:

    The best 16x resource pack
    I like it

  13. Nottheguyyourlookingfor says:

    The models are the same they look different in the pictures!

  14. Alesscreeper says:

    I love this texture pack, normally I don’t like x16 textures, but these are just beautiful

  15. KOCreeper243 says:

    Yay!! The piglin texture is fix!! But why is the zombified piglin has turn into old texture zombie pigman?? Make a texture for zombified piglin,pls??

  16. Blue7S says:

    That’s a ton of ads but you need it. Great texture!

  17. Dalay995 says:

    Error 522 Ray ID: 5c3cd454bb94d0a8 • 2020-08-16 17:21:02 UTC

    cuando intento descargar sale eso. Los 2 links estan caidos

  18. Hey! I just find out that every time I use the link, it’s going to another page to download the textures (which is normal) but when I tried to download them on that page, it’s going to, right? But doesn’t work. I mean It’s just tried to load the page, but it stops and shows error 505:/ Is this because I am downloading them from a mobile device?

  19. americamx says:

    I’ve been using this since the beta but I forgot to leave a review, great work, this honestly gives me DBcraft vibes!

  20. adry says:

    friend, i just forgot to ask in my last review, why did you change the texture of hoglin and hoglin? they were really cool, is this related to the problem of piglin textures?

  21. adry says:

    man, i really love the texture, this last update made it almost perfect, just fix UI problems like the wither and ender dragon life bar and some adjustments in the game ui, like changing the colors to a more pleasant tone I would also like to report that the bone meal has the same texture as the white dye

  22. ASAP says:

    WOODPECKER is great. this texture is good but hard to download. A different website is appearing from the link you give. MAYBE because we are in a different country, so a different websh!t is appearing both mcpack and zip none of them works. I watch the video but still different. please use ADFLY or LINKVERTISE only or I will find another way to download this maybe I will search this on other apps or in YOUTUBE I will search a MCPE TEXTURE WOODPECKER. there are some youtubers there. are giving a direct download to MEDIAFIRE.

    • We apologize for that, passing through the shortener is simple, just follow the steps in the video, several people can pass through the link easily every day.
      You can download it directly from somewhere else, but it will be an outdated version, we change our download links every day and update our pack every week and post only here on Mcpedl.

  23. We sent a new update to the site with many bug fixes and new textures for some blocks and mobs, it will be available for download tomorrow!

  24. adry says:

    Do you have a discord, twitter or some place where you post news about the texture? I would like to know when the next updates will come I also want to emphasize that the trunk blocks of the fungus trees and the magnetite are unchanged 😙

  25. DinoFart says:

    Can I help you make some of your stuff I’m good at texturing!!

  26. Hybitspace says:

    Hey can you guys fix something here’s my problem with this pack im try to import it to my Minecraft also I have one of your texture pack dig simple the problem is there same thing Wood pecker and dig simple so the only way that I can import Wood pecker is to delete dig simple and the only way I can import back dig simple is to delete Wood pecker pls fix this

  27. ZackuALV says:

    This is so cute i love it :3

  28. Kvw says:

    I can’t download it when I try it just bring me to bad websites

  29. Wow, I think it’s very good. You really need to upload it on Minecraft marketplace. Seriously…

  30. Dalay995 says:

    dont work in realms 🙁 no se aplica

  31. KOCreeper243 says:

    Nice pack!! I use Vanilla Deluxe Java by Crixsolt.. it really looks like you import the java textures, too!!

  32. PRO.MODDER says:

    plss update the download to mediafire

  33. VoidDoesMinecraft says:

    What Converter did you use?plus i was planning to port this but you port this instead this is amazing!


    I get stuck trying to get to download page. Please explain how to get pass.

  35. c00kiebit says:

    Some bugs I found were drowned seem to glow more than intended, respawn anchors, phantoms, honey blocks, pufferfish, skeleton horses, zombie horses, and cats don’t look to have a texture, some other textures seem to be ripped off of Quadral like the piglin, zombified piglin, hoglin, cod, netherite armor, lava, panda, salmon, squid, and some villagers clothing. I hope this gets corrected because I wouldn’t want this texture pack to get into trouble with others and have to be taken down. I hope these get fixed soon.

  36. SkeleyVamp says:

    Thank you so much for making this texture pack ive been waiting my whole life for a cartoony/bright texture pack

  37. ChunkWiggleson says:

    I love how well made the textures are! It gives the game a more cartoony fun feel.

  38. BadDoggyCed says:

    whats not done in the pack, the nether stuff?

  39. adry says:

    so this is why the digs simple pack had stopped? 😄
    man, no kidding, this texture has become my favorite, it’s SENSATIONAL
    just fix the zombie piglin and the potions effects hud, it will be perfect

  40. ZapperXHD says:

    Yo, the Pack Creator Is So Gud At Making This. I wish he actually continued Making It :(. Other Than That. Its Really Nice! Like It Alot! 😀

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