World Border: The New Dimension

This is a huge project. This addon makes your game like a RPG game. You are able to use magic, staffs, swords or even some modern technologies like jetpack!

P.S.: Everything is in the Game Guide, like the craft recipes of each items.

Before the introduction, I have to notice you two things first:

1. See the Game Guide first Before playing!

2. Be careful of the fake AAswordsman!

This is not true AAswordsman! He is just a liar. Be sure to report this channel.

Also a shout out: AAswordsman’s channel!

Be sure to sub this channel!

All right, let’s go.

World Border

It is a RPG addon, it is a BIG project which brings you the 3rd dimension The Challenge Area and so on, hope you like it!

LV system

You can get more and more useful abilities with your Magic Level’s increase.

You can use 【Magic】 to use Magical Attack with new weapons. But if you are out of Magic, you will only be able to use melee attack. The restore velocity deponds on your Magic Level.

Literally, Powel Level is used for telling you whether you are strong or not.

You can increase your Magic Level by the upgrade tables. They will spawn naturally everywhere.

Dimension System

This is one of the most excting part of this addon, although this system still has some bugs, it is still a milestone of addon’s history.

1. Dig a one-block-deep hole.

2.Pour water in the hole.

3. Put magic block and magic barrier around the hole like this. you can get them by mining or by commands.

Magic block: /give @s wb:block_magic_equipment
Magic barrier: /give @s wb:block_magic_barrier

4. Then jump into the water, the portal is complete.

You can fight bosses in the Challenge Area. The system will assign you the boss based on your Magic Level.

World Border Mobs

The mobs in this addon make you harder to survive, because most of them are hostile mobs!

Golem Guarder

A buffed golem, it will try its best to kill you.

Magic Crystal

A crystal. but no one knows why it is conscious.

Magic stone statue

It seems that something abnormal has affected it, it is sad to see that it is hostile.

Desert Zombie and Desert Skeleton

They are different from husks, and no one know why they exist. Luckily, they are easy to kill.

Crystal Worm

You think they are cute? Yes, I have to agree. But they are also FATAL.

The Forgotten Creeper

Remember that old rhyme? “Crepper has been forgotten, and it is S~A~D~”

Border Wanderer

It seems that it can use English to chat, but he refused to that

And no one believes that Border Wanderer is his true name, maybe you can find out his true name by yourself?

Intensions First

He called himself as a king, so he added a “first” after his name. He has 3 stages. be careful.

Anicent Golem

A golem with many mysteries, the only thing we can get from it is: It will kill everyone.

Original King

The most powerful mob in this universe, the creator of the world border.

Unless the situation involves the survival of the universe, otherwise he will never appear.

He believes that humans are cancer cells of the universe. so don’t try to spawn him, his appearances always cause disasters to humans.

He will also try his best to kill those mobs which are evil in his eyes.

He is also to use for elements to fight: Fire element, ice element, earth element and darkness element.

He is also able to turn into the ultimate stage: Universe Stage.

His Rainbow Original Cut will kill everything. EVERYTHING.


Also a important part of world border addon.

That’s only some of weapons in this addons. The crafting recipes are in the game guide.

If u want to get the weapons more convenient, then u can get them by commands!

The commands to get all weapons: /function wb/all1

The commands to get other items: /function wb/all2


Codes Support: AAswordman

This addon is impossible without you! Thx for your efforts!

Videos Support: VEE JAY

You made my addon more popular! Thank you very much!

Sub him here: VEE JAY’s YouTube Channel

This is a project which took our team 3 months to make. We hope you like it because we really tried out best to make it.

No one is allowed to use any parts of this addon’s codes. And you can only share the MCPEDL link, not your own link. or we will give you a report and a copyright strike.

Changelog View more

Be careful of the fake AAswordsman!

And the bugs are fixed now, enjoy it.


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  1. Chinchilla Overlord says:

    Big plus for custom dimension/models

  2. Billy GamingYT says:

    Pls release the real dust sans on dec. 25, 2020 not a stupid date like jan. 10, 2020 cuz i hate january and i edited the dust sans by habirgb’s bone to make a real dust sans!!!👎🙁😟😭✡😢😿😞😔☹😥😩👎👎👎

  3. Billy GamingYT says:

    Can u make an Origin King Remover to make the origin king vanished and it will never come back because im trying to use this command /tp origin king 99999 99999 99999 and it will never go away. Pls make it.

  4. Nogood says:

    I’m a massive fan of vee jay!

  5. I am angry i am not a kid i have 26 and you said “THERE ARE REALLY SOME FUCKING JERKS WHO PLAYING JOKES ON COVID-19?
    You are JUST A FUCKING IDIOT WHO DOENST EVEN KNOW WHAT ‘VIRUS’ IS”, i am inmune to this virus cuz i am really not giving him power so if for me it is not deadly it is not deadly, and YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE I LOVED YOUR ADDONS UNTILL NOW (I AM NOT TOO ACTIVE IN MCPEDL THATS WHY I KNOW THESE TOO TOO LATE) and it is really fun to kill the wither with a virus.

  6. u gave me 1 star for no reason
    well, OK

  7. sir beanos says:

    Can we please get an english/spanish translation for the guide? (maybe download links for each?)

  8. Stinky Cheese says:

    Good addon

  9. GeoGaming says:

    This mod is cool but is there a way to translate the game guide?
    I can’t understand 😐

  10. Nicholo Rodel M Presco says:

    I hope someone can kill original king

  11. Kevinsavagemaster says:

    make error sans pls

  12. Seccad says:

    How to create your own guide menu for recipes?

  13. blood eye says:

    Can this Kill my device?

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  15. ItsTheRandomCreeperSequel says:

    hey GEF! i saw in some chinese mutant titan reviewing videos, mutant snkw golem titan is invisible, why???

  16. ash_master says:

    do we need expirmantill gameplay

  17. XDGAMING Playz says:

    YAY I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS Than Getting A Addon Linkers :/

  18. Swann Channel says:

    Please make Strongest mob ever Made can kill anything but Friendly

  19. xXeverscreamXx says:

    where is game guide

  20. PTGamer666 says:

    How to practice kill?

  21. Fundkid says:

    Does this addon require the latest beta?

  22. NoThiNg .......... says:

    This addon ia really coolll!!!

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    This addon is great and Im excited for future updates 🙂

  24. Guiyanfong says:

    The original creator by aaswordsman

  25. Just some random kid who likes minecraft says:

    How did you make a new dimension?!?

  26. sethcreeper09 says:

    great addon!

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    Love it and thanks for making the team make this addon

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    Thanks this addons is cool lol

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