World Export on Mobile (iOS)

On Minecraft Bedrock on Windows 10, there is an export world button. That button still exists on other platforms, but it is hidden. This resource pack unhides that button on mobile.

In your world settings, there will be a button to export the world, and another to export as a template. These buttons generate a .mcworld file that you can share with your friends.

I have had reports that this doesn’t work on Android, but it works for me on iOS.

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Added a notice that this resource pack doesn't work on Android.


Must be put in global resources. Only works on iOS


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. RealMinecraft60 says:

    Hey, why can’t I open it?

  2. Guest-2286123811 says:

    For Android users that want to use this addon but doesnt work: To get your world into a .mcworld file, follow the steps:
    1. Download a file manager
    2. Download a text(.txt) editor
    3. Open the file manager>Internal Storage>games>com.mojang>MinecraftWorlds.
    4. Now in this folder there are gonna be world folders with confusing names, for ex. : XJDKjriw9EKK.
    5. Pick a world folder and open the ‘levelname.txt’ file with the text editor.
    6. Now find the world you want to export using this method on all the world folders.
    7. Once you’ve found it, copy that world folder to a separate folder(wherever you want).
    8. Now open that world folder and select(tap and hold) all the contents inside.
    9. Somewhere on your screen there should be 3 dots, tap that.
    10. There should be an option to compress the file into a .zip.
    11. Once you’ve compressed into a .zip, rename that file to world.mcworld.
    12. It should be done! if you face any problems reply to this comment and lmk, ill try to help!

  3. MCFrenzy says:

    An AMAZING pack, would it be possible for android users tho?

  4. Jakedude1022 says:


  5. Guest-1478640106 says:

    Oh my gosh, FINALLY I can share my creations, do you realize how many people you just helped?!?!

  6. Guest-1823840762 says:

    Thanks very much

  7. Guest-7477702174 says:

    Can you add the export mc structure button too?

  8. Guest-4105147745 says:

    Woah I didn’t even know this was a thing thanks

  9. Guest-7868498514 says:

    There’s finally something that works on iOS and not android usually it’s the other way around

  10. ¿Habrá una forma de hacer que el botón de “Exportar estructura” en el bloque de estructuras esté disponible en Android?

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