World Fabricator

For too long has large scale terraforming been a pain on Bedrock. Introducing World Fabricator, an add-on inspired by World Edit from Java. This add-on supports multiple brush sizes, shapes, types and much m0re to allow you to terraform with ease.

Since it seemed like no one was going to make a proper World Edit like mod, I took it upon myself to make one. This add-one mainly focuses on the terraforming part.

You can make highly customizable brushes, varying in task, size, shape and material. It also has a really easy way to make a new brush using a chest (similar to server shops) instead of commands.

The main features include:

  • A build brush
  • A paint brush that allows you to paint a blocks that were already placed
  • A textured brush that paints  a random texture, for easy terrain detailing
  • A masking tool to only paint over certain blocks
  • An eraser tool to delete or shape the terrain
  • 3 different brush shapes (Sphere, Cylinder and Cube)
  • 4 different brush sizes
  • 27 blocks to choose from for building and painting
  • Compatible with Cinematron Replayer
  • 1655 function files and 138 other add-on related files (you don’t actually need to use the function files, everything is handled via the built in, custom tools)

Please note

World Fabricator is easy to use once you get the hang of it, but it is advised to watch the tutorial if you use it the first time, just to see how everything works. Type “/function setup” to get started


Supported Minecraft versions


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50 Responses

4.94 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. Emancraft7 says:

    Amazing. Pure work of art. This can even be used for buildings on a large scale, not only terrain. Very nice. May I ask permission to use this addon? I am making a minecraft in-game movie, and I want the world to be made with this, and recorded with cinematron. It will be posted on youtube, but credit will be given, and links provided. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t opposed.

  2. This Addon Is Cool and I can create more terrain please improve it as you want πŸ˜€

  3. RobotRobert2003 says:

    Hey Geko, Would it be possible to add in different categories in the shulker box. For example Nether, Overworld, Terracotta, Concrete, Wool, and things like that. it might be a lot of coding if possible.

    anyways keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  4. Allystrya says:

    I installed this using the .mcaddon link above on Windows 10 Edition. I have not yet opened it up on my test world, but in checking to make sure it was there in my Storage area I have 2 identical warnings about missing dependencies:

    Missing dependency with ID ’85cf6019-08c1-4db5-8306-2dff439486db’ and version ‘1.0.0’

  5. KaazerKaasje says:

    the brush tool dont work πŸ˜• (i play on windows 10 btw)

  6. AlbertossaurusJWFK says:

    Hello, I’m on Samsung Android A50 and it’s not working to build, the blocks don’t appear.

  7. Ender03Slayer says:

    Iev tried tried this and its AMAZING theres some multi play glitchs but i dont need multi play but i was also wondering if i can get that shader for android mobile and if you dont know can you atleast tell me whats its called

  8. Stick Boy says:

    Add lava, It’s essential to some builds, and it’s hard to add in large quantities, so please add it

  9. Dragon49677 says:

    please make this work with more blocks

  10. Corisis says:

    Hey! Your addon is verry cool and so usefull !!! It’s been a long time that I search an addon like yours and the idea of replacing the commands by the principle used in the servers is ingenious.
    My only small disepointment is that we can’t build, or paint, with every blocks but I understand that it can be difficult to include each block in a shulker-box πŸ˜‰

  11. Kirby420 says:

    I can’t replace wool with anything.

  12. iiPlasma7 says:

    This is going to help so many people thank you so much!! I can now make custom terrain and open world maps much easier!

  13. Somed00d says:


  14. Salbrong says:

    Hey dude , best addon πŸ‘ . Plz add every blocks ❀

  15. Chad Man says:

    Really nice!

  16. RobotRobert2003 says:

    oops forgot to rate it. Keep up the good work

  17. stealthcattue says:

    Dude, this is so good! 10/10 Would recommend, everything works as it should, and the video is very helpful to understand how to use it!

  18. RobotRobert2003 says:

    THIS IS A LEGENDARY ADDON. Thanks for making it. πŸ™‚

  19. Ashley_Bae says:

    This is amazing, thank you so much.

  20. MemeMan says:

    ok gamers, this is E P I K

  21. Magocboy42 says:

    WOW! This is by far the most fun I have ever had in minecraft, thank you so much!

  22. Minecraft lovers says:

    Shaders you use?

  23. r4vm says:

    This is a very nice addon, I hope more people see this amazing addon. πŸ‘

  24. This is amazing! Really nice! But can you add some nether blocks for the paint brush? thank you!

  25. IShawWhale says:

    This addon so fking amazing, Thank for creator. Hope it get more update. Thank

  26. Jaxob1000 says:

    this is amazing i am no expert or anything but it would be very cool if you could do air

    • The eraser tool is basically the same as having a build brush set to air

      • Shadowfury6 says:

        Can I have mediafire it doesnt take me to my minecraft

      • Magocboy42 says:

        I think he means he wants it because it would be cool to use it to replace certain blocks with air, also can you add arrows pointing down and up in the blocks section? This is so you can add more blocks to the list. I discovered a glitch too, sometimes it doesn’t work, like when you try a circle it creates a square with a ring around it, and other stuff like the items not popping up in the Orange shulker box

  27. Mytho says:

    We’ve been needing some type of WorldEdit addon to Bedrock. Good job! πŸ™‚

  28. RaPr28ID says:

    Wow, it’s cool

  29. Stick Boy says:

    Haven’t even used it yet, 100/10

  30. justmeRYAN26 says:

    Thank you so much! It helped me so fast to finnish up my castle!πŸ’—

  31. minecraftfuncommandblocks says:

    i just got it im exectied i know its gonna be cool by ratings!

  32. JimBob9067 says:


    And i thought the world edit brush script was good

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