World in a Jar PE [Survival]

World in a Jar is an old school map originally created for Minecraft on PC which now has been ported to Minecraft PE. Once you’ve loaded up the world you will find yourself locked up inside a glass jar. If it wasn’t because of the jar the world would be quite ordinary as you can find everything from dirt blocks to growing trees in the jar.

Ported by: Steikey
Original creator: GTawesomesauce

The Challenge

The challenge is to survive as good as you can and try to progress out in the remaining world to connect your jar with the other jars and take advantage of their resources such as animals and their different biomes.

Click here to download .McWorld (iOS/Android/Windows 10/Other)


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16 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Its notch

  2. Anonmous says:

    The link above the download button

  3. Anonymous says:

    It keeps on spawning me in a Swamp the next time i join it!! So then i had to download it again but still it spawned me in swamp!!!! It is bad!!

  4. lucas says:

    I really liked the map, but could have a new update with new jugs, because this map is very addictive and the desire to play more, so please create an update of this map, another request is that you (the creator of the map) map only with empty jars for us to create our own map (for McWorld)

  5. cs127 says:

    this is so awesome! loved playing it. I’m also gonna make a new version that when you get to the bookshelf maze, there will be some command blocks that will set you to adventure mode instead of a sign telling you to not break blocks.

  6. Noodler says:

    Aw man I clicked on this cuz I’m watched a YouTube review who I still watch n love named thinknoodles play this it was my first ever view of Minecraft and I didn’t knew how stuff worked I thought after I got MC this stuff wud be preloaded but a few years later which is too day I’m a pro n forgot all about it AND NOW I CAN PLAY IT YAAAAAAAY

  7. Anonymous says:

    Because it’s a secret

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cool but why is there random sponge everywhere?


    How do u get it on apple iPad

  10. Jasper says:

    AWESOME!! Soo cool I loved it it’s so intriguing and hard and my favorite was the library maze. U should add more bottles though

    • Breadling says:

      I got there but then for the parkour it said get to the obsidian and the parkour ended I went in hmm and nothing was in the obsidian I’m confused

  11. Joshtrollol says:

    Make it for 16.0

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