World Infection Add-on (v1.11+)

World Infection is an add-on that uses item entities to destroy and eradicate a world. Within a minute, your world will definitely start to lag – until your device can no longer handle it. This add-on is also the sequel to the previous Snap (Function’s Pack).

created by: r4isen1920

pack version: v1.1

Add-On Usage

  • If you are playing multiplayer, make sure that you are the host of the game. 
  • Simply enable the pack into your world to start eradicating it. Apply the add-on; and the moment you enter the world, this add-on will infect it automatically.

Severity Levels

  • There are three levels of severity with this add-on. You can pick which ones best suited for you – depending on your device, the world, and in your personal opinion.
  • You can adjust these settings as shown below;

  • Comparison between three severity levels are as follows:

》 Category B

  • Infecting small chunks of blocks quite fast, speed decays over time due to lag.
  • 2×2 blocks per item destroyed every tick(s).

  • Starts lagging within 19 seconds*

》 Category A

  • Rough infection that spreads slowly, but in bigger chunks.
  • 4×4 blocks per item destroyed every tick(s).

  • Starts lagging within 14 seconds*

》 Category S

  • Huge chunks of blocks are being destroyed, game will start to respond very slowly^
  • 6×6 blocks per item destroyed every tick(s).

  • Starts lagging within 7-8 seconds^

 (*) tested on device with 2 GB RAM only

 (^) depending on device

Additional Information

  • These tests may vary Between devices. But your game should start lagging
  • I do not recommend doing this. You can avoid this add-on to work or function if you enable the Anti-Grief (Function Pack) as well!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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9 Responses

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  1. Guest-4612317298 says:

    I tried disabling tile drops, it worked.
    No lag, well, for me.

  2. Guest-9077339251 says:

    This didn’t last well…

  3. Could you give a non-adfly link? I’m curious to see how faster it will perform on my device (4gb ram, oneplus 2)

  4. MurderDanarX says:

    You can download this add-on with link by waiting until 5 seconds then Discover A Yellow Button Wrote In “Skip Ad” Then Redirects Then Wait Until Becomes Another Link Automaticly Then You Can Download

  5. RenzplaysYT says:

    This addon is good for clearing worlds. also, I have a idea. maybe can reduce lag when tile drops is off?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Download because of adfly.

  7. Alice says:

    This addon is very helpful in clearing worlds for creating games like Skyblock and or watching the world get eaten.

    Side question, where can I find that auto-aim bow addon you have in the screenshot? ^^

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